Crush your New Year’s Travel Goals!

We are offering this email course as a FREE gift for the New Year.

Jump start your savings with the  7-day email course “Overflow Your Travel Fund”

“Overflow Your Travel Fund” email course

In this email course, you will 

    • Be challenged to save over $200 in a week
    • Use research-based tools to set achievable money saving goals
    • Create a winning strategy to cut spending and start saving
    • Use mind hacks to be successful in achieving your savings goals
    • Begin to implement your plan and start to see your travel fund start to grow
    • Launch into overflowing your travel fund to have extra “fun money” for your vacation

7-day Email Course

Take the 7-day money saving “Overflow Your Travel Fund” course

Dreaming of a family vacation but money is holding you back from your travels?

Serious about saving money but don’t know where to start?

Started a grand money saving plan and became overwhelmed and gave up?


Overview of the the Course

Day 1

Goal Setting

Day 2

Setting up a Savings Fund

Day 3

Ready, Set, Start Saving

Day 4

Money Saving Mind Hacks

Day 5

Your Money Saving Strategy

Day 6

Ramp Up Your Savings

Day 7

Celebrate Your Success

Crush your New Year’s Travel Goals!  Kickstart your vacation savings plan with this “Fill Your Travel Fund” email course for FREE

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