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95 Fun Road Trip Trivia Questions and Answers (Family Car Ride Questions)

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Are you going on a road trip and want to make sure that there will be no dull moments on the road? You can always choose a route where you’ll see amazing places and see scenic views as you drive. But what do to kill time and keep everyone entertained on a long drive? You can enjoy an exciting road trip by having fun trivia questions and answers activities.

You can engage everyone you’re traveling with trivia! Whether with your friends or with your families and kids, here are fun and educational road trip trivia questions that I’ve collected for everyone to enjoy. 

Preparing for your trip: Before you hit the road, you can start preparing these questions and write them on a small note or piece of paper. Then, let everyone pick one question and whoever gets the correct answer will merit a score. You can check from the questions below which can be added to the easy, medium, and hard category and you can set home many points they will get from answering in each category. 

These trivia questions contain topics about school, movies, and your kid’s favorite movies and TV Shows. Plus what you’ll see at the end of this trivia is the best part where everyone in the family can enjoy. It is a no-brainer trivia and this will help you see who knows your family more. 

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This will surely be a fun and exciting road trip. So keep on reading and see what I’ve got for you. 

10 Letter Trivia Questions and Answers for the Car

Colorful magnet letters
Valeriy Bochkarev via

Have you ever wondered where the letters from the alphabet came from? Well, I got surprised to know these answers from the letter trivia questions we have. Let’s take a look. 

  1. Question: Where was the alphabet developed?

Answer: It was developed by Semitic people living in or near Egypt.

  1. Question: Is it true that the alphabet was made up of 22 letters, all of the consonants?

Answer: Yes, it’s true

  1. Question: When were the vowels added in the alphabet?

Answer: It was added n 750 B.C

  1. Question: What letter in the alphabet was originally introduced upside down?

Answer: Letter ‘A’. It was introduced in the 1800s as upside down and it looks like the head of an animal with horns or antlers.

  1. Question: What letter in the alphabet was shaped like a boomerang or hunter’s stick and called it ‘gamma’ by the Greeks?

Answer: Letter C

  1. Question: What letter in the alphabet came from the Egyptians and used as a symbol for the fence?

Answer: Letter H

  1. Question: What letter in the alphabet is also used to stand for the ‘J’ sound in ancient times?

answer: Letter I

  1. Question: What letter in the alphabet was used to be the wavy vertical lines with five peaks to symbolize water according to the Egyptians?

Answer: Letter M

  1. Question: What letter in the alphabet was called ‘eye’ in Egyptian and ‘ayin’ in Semites?

Answer: Letter O

  1. Question: What letter in the alphabet was pronounced ‘resh’ that also means ‘head.’

Answer: Letter R

10 Number Trivia Questions and Answers

Colorful magnetic numbers
200mm via

Just like with the letters from the alphabet, you’re probably curious too about the origin of the number from 0 to 9? Well, these trivia questions and answers are perfect for everyone from the family. 

  1. Question: What number symbolized unity and the origin of all things and all other numbers can be created from it?

Answer: Number 1

  1. Question: What number was written as two horizontal lines back in the Indic Brahmic script?

Answer: Number 2

  1. Question: This number was considered as the perfect number by the Greek Philosopher, Pythagoras as for them, it represents harmony, wisdom, and understanding. What number is it?

Answer: Number 3

  1. Question: What number symbolizes justice and stability that you need to keep in your life?

Answer: Number 4

  1. Question: What number is considered to be a symbol of goodness and grace of God?

Answer: Number 5

  1. Question: What number are a symbol of domestic happiness, harmony, and stability?

Answer: Number 6

  1. Question: What number is a symbol of completeness and perfection for both physical and spiritual?

Answer: Number 7

  1. Question: What number is considered the luckiest of numbers in China?

Answer: Number 8

  1. Question: Where do numbers originate

Answer: Numbers 0 to 9 originated in India in the 6th or 7th century. After that, it was introduced to Europe through the writings of Middle Eastern mathematicians in the 12th century.

  1. Question: Who are the mathematicians that introduced the numbers to Europe using Middle Easter writing?

Answer:  They are al-Khwarizmi and al-Kindi.

10 Animal Trivia Questions and Answers

A portrait shot of a giraffe
AnitaVDB via

This one is perfect for the kids and of course for adults too. Especially if you love talking about animals and you find anything about them interesting. So, here are 10 Animal trivia for you.

  1. Question: What animal can sleep for three years straight? 

Answer: A Snail

  1. Question: What insect has 12 heart chambers? 

Answer: Cockroaches 

  1. Question: What animal has the highest blood pressure. 

Answer: A Giraffe

  1. Question: What is the only animal that never sleeps. 

Answer: A Bullfrog

  1. Question: What animal does not drink water? 

Answer: Kangaroo rats 

  1. Question: Where is the shrimp’s heart situated?

Answer: Its head. 

  1. Question: What is the animal that extremely resembles human fingertips?

Answer: A Koala

  1. Question: What animal is also known as cavy?

Answer: A Guinea Pig

  1. Question: How many glasses of milk a cow produces in its lifetime? Answer:  Nearly 200,000 glasses of milk. 
  1. Question: Is it true that the Ice in the Antarctic Ocean is 3% Penguin urine? 

Answer: Yes, it’s true

10 Human Body Trivia Questions and Answers 

Human body anatomy statue
aliaksandrbarysenka via

Now, these trivia questions and answers are very educational and would also be perfect to use if you’re on a road trip with kids. 

  1. Question: What human body part is considered as a part of the skeletal system but are not counted bones?

Answer: Teeth

  1. Question: What is the largest guest human bone that is also called the femur? 

Answer: Thigh bone. 

  1. Question: Is it true that Infants are born with a total of 300 bones but they grow old with 206 bones as some of that fuse together?

Answer: Yes, it is.

  1. Question: How many new cells a human body can produce?

Answer: 25 million new cells every second. 

  1. Question: What is the smallest human bone? 

Answer: It is called a Stirrup and can be found inside the eardrum. 

  1. Question: How many times a Heart Beats a day?

Answer:  Approximately 100,000 times a day. 

  1. Question: Is it true that humans can produce enough saliva to fill up two bathtubs in a year?

Answer: Yes, it’s true.

  1. Question: How many smells can a human nose detect? 

Answer: Up to a trillion smells. 

  1. Question: How many hours can a human brain work? 

Answer: Non-stop for 24 hours. 

  1. Question: How many cells die in human bodies?

Answer: About 50 billion cells die in human bodies.

10 Science Trivia Questions and Answers

A junior scientist
esthermoreno via

Science is always an exciting topic. Every time I learn new things about it leaves me amazed. So, here are the surprising and amazing Science trivia and questions that will put excitement on your road trip.

  1. Question: Does the Eiffel Tower in Paris height change due to the summer heat? 

Answer: Yes, it can be 15 cm taller during summer. 

  1. Question: How much weight a teaspoonful of neutron stars? 

Answer: Six billion tons. 

  1. Question: Is it true that every year, Hawaii becomes 7.5cm closer to Alaska?

Answer: Yes, it’s true

  1. Question: Is it true that stainless steel could be dissolved by human stomach acid?

Answer: Yes, it’s true

  1. Question: What is the only planet that revolves clockwise?

Answer: Venus

  1. Question: How much a cloud can weigh?

Answer: It can weigh up to a million pounds.

  1. Question: Is it true that trees on Earth outnumber stars in the galaxy?

Answer: Yes it’s true

  1. Question: Which water freezes faster?  

Answer: Hot water

  1. Question: Which water heats up faster?

Answer: Coldwater

  1. Question: What is the only reason why it is impossible to burn in space?

Answer: Due to the loss of gravity

10 Math Trivia Questions and Answers

A boy with magnifying glass with black board formulas at the back
inarik via

Well, I’d say not everyone loves Mathematics, (or maybe it’s just me)  but these 10 trivias that you’ll see will surely blow your mind and wake you up.

  1. Did you know that from numbers 0 to 1,000, the only number that has “a” is 1,000?
  2. Did you know that four is the only number that has the same number of letters when spelled in English as the number itself?
  3. Did you know that every odd number has “e” in me?
  4. Did you know that zero has no Roman Numeral representation? 
  5. Did you know that “Forty” is the only number that is spelled with letters arranged alphabetically?
  6. Did you know that the word “hundred” comes from the old Norse term, “hundredth”, which means 120 and not 100?
  7. Did you know that there are 13 letters in both “eleven plus one” and “twelve plus one”?
  8. Did you know that Rubix Cube has 43 quintillion combinations?
  9. Did you know that 40 degrees are the temperature that is the same for both Celsius and Fahrenheit?
  10. Did you know that Two is the only even prime number?

10 United States Trivia Questions and Answers

United states map colored in green, yellow, blue, and orange
CT757fan via

The United States is one of the most famous countries in the world. This country always gives you something interesting to learn. Just like these trivia questions and answers you can see below.

  1. Question: What city in the US was previously known as New Amsterdam?

Answer: New York City

  1. Question: Where did the Statue of Liberty come from? 

Answer: It is a gift from the people in France in 1886.

  1. Question: True or False. Alaska was originally part of Russia before it was sold to the USA.

Answer: Yes, it’s true.

  1. Question: What bridge in San Francisco, California is being painted continuously now and then?

Answer: The Gold Gate Bridge

  1. Question: Where do the Giant Presidential heads of the USA’s presidents are located?

Answer: In Houston, Texas. 

  1. Question: True or False. Hawaii is the only Archipelago state. 

Answer: Yes, it’s true

  1. Question: What is the USA’s national flower?

Answer: The Rose

  1. Question: True or False: The USA is the third-largest country. 

Answer: Yes, it’s true

  1. Question: When was the first-ever US Dollar printed?

Answer: It was printed in 1862. 

  1. Question: True or False: President  Barack Obama installed a basketball court in the White House. 

Answer: Yes, it’s true

10 Disney/Pixar Trivia Questions and Answers

Disney logo in white with golden lining
Flory via
  1. Question: What was the first Pixar movie?

Answer: The very first Pixar movie is Toy Story in 1995. Then after 3 years, they released the second one which is A Bug’s Life in 1998. 

  1. Question: In the film, Monster Inc., what is the name of the city Mike and Sully work in?

answer: It’s in Monstropolis

  1. Question: In the movie Finding Nemo, what is Nemo’s dad’s name?

Answer: Nemo’s dad’s name is Marlin an Ocellaris clownfish.

  1. Question: What does Dory call Nemo’s dad, Marlin?

Answer: She calls him Squishy. When Dory thought at first that Marlin was a Jellyfish, she started calling him Squishy.

  1. Question: Where was the In movie Ratatouille set?

Answer: It was set in the city of Paris, France

  1. Question: In the movie, Monster Inc., what was the little girl’s name?

Answer: Her name was Marry Gibbs and this cute little girl is mostly known as Boo. 

  1. Question: In Hercules, what are the names of Hades minions?

Answer: They are Pain and Panic

  1. Question: What is the Disney song that you can hear in two Disney movies?

Answer: The song was Hakuna Matata. It was a song from the 1994 movie, Lion King and it was also played in Toy Story

  1. Question: What does Hakuna Matata mean?

Answer: The phrase Hakuna Matata is a Swahili language or from East Africa and it means “No Worries” or “No Trouble”

  1. Question: In the film, Peter Pan. What was the name of Wendy’s dog?

Answer: She is Nana, a St. Bernard and the Darling family’s nursemaid.

10 Marvel/DC Trivia Questions and Answers

Different marvel comics in a collage
pixabay via
  1. Question: Who’s Marvel superhero has Bruce Wayne as his real name?

Answer: Batman

  1. Question: Who’s Marvel Superhero has this famous tagline that says “Don’t make me angry; you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”?

Answer: He is the Incredible Hulk

  1. Question: Who’s Marvel superhero can’t transform back into the human form anymore?

Answer: The Thing

  1. Question: How did Joker get his looks?

Answer: He falls in a tank full of chemical waste and it beaches his skin so it turned white and it made his hair green and his lips red. 

  1. Question: In the 1984 movie, Wonder Woman, what is Wonder Woman’s civil job?

Answer: She’s an archaeologist

  1. Question: What is Wonder Woman’s real name?

Answer: Diana Prince

  1. Question: Where did the Fantastic Four get their superpowers

answer: In cosmic rays

  1. Question: True or false. The claws of Wolverine are made of titanium.

answer: False. Wolverine claws are made of Adamantium.

  1. Question: Which Marvel Comic does Elektra make her debut in?

answer: In Daredevil

  1. Question: What is the name of the newspaper company that Spiderman, Peter Parker works for?

answer: The Daily Bugle.

5 Family Trivia Questions and Answers

Family silhouette with a tree background
Zurijeta via

Well, this is where the most fun part will happen. You will be able to use these trivia questions and answers to know how well you know your family. 

  1. Do you know how many generations are there in our family? Just count those who are alive and well.
  2. Who is the longest living family member with us today? 
  3. Give a little flag (if you have one) to each member of the military in our family.
  4. Where and when was our first family reunion held and who are our relatives with us. 
  5. How many states did our family travel to for the past 1 year? Name each state.
a family of three in a car talking and smiling having fun
95 Fun Trivia Questions

Final Thoughts On The Family Car Ride Questions

Once you’re done with this fun trivia questions and answers activity, make sure to prepare a reward for the winner. For sure, your kids or anyone from your family will always look forward to doing it every time you’re going on a road trip. 

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You can even ask everyone from your family about the things they want to do. This will make them engage more in your activities.

Remember, these 95 trivia’s I’ve prepared for you are just an example and you can always add more. Especially on the Family trivia part. This is the part where I can say that everyone can participate and enjoy. 

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