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The internet is a magical place where instead of competing against each other, working together we can grow faster

The problem with working with celebrities and macro-influencers is that they are not directly connected with their audience.  Plus, they are busy and charge massive fees.  

Micro-Influencers, like us, are different.  Micro-influencers have a highly engaged, niche audience between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. 

We work with our partners on a personal level, interacting with you directly instead of through layers of employees. 

About the Blog:

Family travel fever is contagious!  We inspire others to explore the world together, discovering the coolest places to play near and far from home.


We are a large family that was bitten by the travel bug!  Our focus is on outdoor recreation and adventure travel with kids and sometimes the grandparents too.


We inspire and encourage our readers by sharing adventures, mishaps, and tips we have learned from traveling together. 


You can learn more about us here.


With Teamwork We Can Give Each Other a Boost!

Pinterest Boards that we Accept Contributors:

  • Save Money On Travel
  • Money Saving Tips
  • Family Destinations

Prior to requesting please follow these steps:

Follow us (not just 1 board) on Pinterest  at https://www.pinterest.com/familytravelfever/

Read the Guidelines: 

  • Please post relevant, VERTICAL pins 
  • Limit to 3 pins per day (No spamming)
  • And most importantly re-pin 1:1 (or more)
  • Then, fill out the form below and your request will be reviewed as soon as possible. 
  • If approved, you will be added to the group board and may start posting right away. 

By completing this form, you will be added to my email list.   Bloggers on this list will only receive occasional emails with relevant information regarding Pinterest or Blogging.

Disclaimer – To maintain a reputable relationship with our audience, we will always give our honest opinions. Therefore, we cannot guarantee positive reviews. Family Travel Fever will not accept any responsibility for loss or damages.

Guest Post Guidelines for Family Travel Fever:

If you would like to submit a guest post to this blog, follow the instructions below for consideration.  Only guest posts that meet these criteria will be considered for publishing. Make sure to join our website for quicker response.

First, see our homepage and read through a couple of blog articles on the Blog to become familiar with the type of content we publish. 

We accept content related to the following categories: 

  • Family travel – (hopefully you got this from the name already)
  • Multigenerational travel 
  • Family friendly destinations
  • “How to” and tips on traveling as a family with kids
  • RV life and camping with kids
  • Optimal wellness and traveling
  • Saving money and making money 
  • Photography

Second, contact us and submit at lease (2) writing samples. You are welcome to submit links to specific posts on your blog as writing samples.

Email me a list of 1-3  ideas for your guest post, title, and a draft outline.  

Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all submissions.  

Third: Once your idea has been approved:

 you may submit your completed post as a Word Doc or Google Doc file.  Image files in a separate folder.

when writing the article follow these rules:

  • The post must be useful to the readers of this blog, well-written and at least 1,000 words.   Make sure it is written specifically for our audience. 
  • The post must not include marketing-related (i.e. affiliate) links and must not be entirely self-promotional.
  • The post may include 2 links to your website and blog in a brief author’s bio (approximately 3 sentences), which will be published at the end of the guest post. 
  • Guest posts must be original and may not have been published elsewhere online already.  All submissions will be verified for originality using a tool such as Copyscape.com or plagium.com 
  • We cannot allow you to republish your guest post to your own blog, LinkedIn, Medium, or Inbound.org afterward.   Feel free to share, share, share though.  Share links on email, social media, on your blog.  Reference or quote up to 50 words in your own blog or content. Attribute to Family Travel Fever as the source. 
  • The Family Travel Fever team reserves the right to edit at our discretion, including changes in the text, subheadings, and headline, optimize the images for the blog, and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Guest posts that are approved for publishing will be published without notice. Please check the blog periodically to see if your post has been published.  Because we are a small but growing blog, messages following up on the status of a guest post submission might not be responded to.

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