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We are currently doing road trips from home in our new camper.  Check out our stories!

Can You Rent Your RV on Your Property?

Can You Rent Your RV on Your Property?

Are you planning to rent out your recreational vehicle on your property but not sure if it's possible? Perhaps you're not using your rig that often and it's such a waste to just let it stock in your garage or driveway. So, why not do something and have extra cash out...

Taking on the World, One Playground at time

Welcome to Family Travel Fever.  We are a large unconventional family who loves to travel together, discovering the coolest places to play near home all over the world.   We share our adventures and learn from mishaps traveling together.  You can find new ideas for traveling with a crew and different creative ideas for fun near and far from home.


Tips and Tricks for Traveling with a Family

Traveling with a family is different than alone or business travel. I have itchy feet and I am either planning trip, on a trip, or returning from trip.   In the destinations section you will find encouragement and creative solutions for traveling with your family.  From family road trips, RV fun and international adventures. Check it out!

Hi, I'm Shauna.  Welcome to our blog.  We are a large unconventional family, sharing our adventures and stories of traveling together.  

We know modern families are frequently unconventional -  blended, multigenerational, single, large or small.  We believe all families should travel together.  It's just that simple.

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Enjoy some of our favorite scenes from our travels.  Traveling with kids can be funny, messy, loud and exciting.  Oh yeah, there is never a dull moment and yes, we have our hands full.

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