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If you want or need to live in an RV full time but you don’t want to purchase one, you can rent one instead. You can rent an RV monthly or long-term. You just have to know how and where you can do it.  I’ll help you find campers for rent to live in near you.

In disaster areas or where many people need accommodations frequently, people come up with a solution of RVs for temporary housing. Other times, I have had friends live in an RV for a year on their own property while building a house.

Whatever your reason is for looking at renting an RV to live in, I’ll help you do it.

Note: Many RV owners on a peer-to-peer platform such as RVEzy, Outdoorsy and RVshare offer a long-term rental. You can get the same benefit as insurance and road assistance depending on your contract.

You should know a few things before you decide to rent and live in it.

Can You Rent an RV to Live In?

An RVs may be a good (or only) option for temporary housing. So naturally, you may be curious if you can rent an RV to live in.

You can rent an RV to live in either monthly or by a long-term rental. The best place to find a long-term RV rental is on Outdoorsy, RVShare, or RVEzy. RV dealerships do not rent RVs long-term.

It may be challenging to find long-term RV rentals, but it is possible.

Renting an RV for temporary housing if you were displaced by a natural disaster such as a hurricane or flood, is possible through large RV rental companies and peer-to-peer networks.

Where Can You Rent an Rv to Live In

A travel trailer permanently set up on an RV campsite

Finding an RV to live in depends on the reason that you need temporary housing. If you have been displaced by a natural disaster, many companies have relief set up and will rent out a camper to live in. If you want to rent for another reason, you will have less choice of where to rent an RV to live in.

Some companies have special programs for people that have been displaced by a natural disaster. RVs are also used for relief efforts and setting up offices. RVs have been used for temporary housing during the pandemic for frontline workers.

The usual places to find long-term RV rentals are on peer-to-peer RV rental companies like Outdoorsy and RVezy.

If you want to know about Outdoorsy and RVshare to better decide on where to rent for the long term, here’s one of our articles to guide you with that – The Showdown: Outdoorsy vs RVshare for Renting an RV (Who You Should Rent From).

Renting an RV from your peers is similar to renting from Airbnb where you can talk to the RV’s private owner to settle on the terms and length of your rental.  With this, you can talk directly to the owner about the extended rental period.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in an RV?

Rental prices of an RV depend on a variety of factors like the type of RV, age of RV, location, season, competition, and even your negotiation skill.

The biggest factor to the cost is really the type and age of an RV, so here’s a breakdown of the possible cost of renting an RV to live in.

Monthly RV Rental Cost

Class A Motorhome$175 to $275$5,250 to $8,250$63,000 to $99,000
Class B Motorhome$100 to $200$3,000 to $6,000$36,000 to $72,000
Class C Motorhome$150 to $200$4,500 to $6,000$54,000 to $72,000
Toy Hauler$100 to $200$3,000 to $6,000$36,000 to $72,000
Fifth Wheel$60 to $150$1,800 to $4,500$21,600 to $54,000
Travel Trailer$50 to $125$1,300 to $3,750$15,600 to $45,000
Pop-up Camper$50 to $150$1,300 to $4,500$15,600 to $54,000
The cost of renting an RV Long Term based on Outdoorsy

You can see that renting a camper long-term for more than a couple of months could become expensive and approach the cost of buying an RV. However, buying an RV can be stressful and full of hidden problems. And you still have to deal with seeling it at the end of the rental period.

Read What I think here: 17 Undeniable Reasons not to Buy an RV

Or you may find that RVs are not available to buy at the time you need one.

Negotiation skill is probably something to keep in mind.  Since you are talking to a peer, how you negotiate the price can really be a big factor.  Learn to talk to the owner properly to have the chance of getting a better price.

If you want to learn more about ways to get cheaper rent for an RV, you can read our article about it – 9 Foolproof Ways to Rent a Cheap RV in 2021 (+Coupons).

Aside from the rental fees, it’s important to remember that there may be other more fees if you are going to travel or stay on campsites. For example campsite fees, electricity, and wifi.

What about Insurance for Living in an RV?

If you will be renting from Outdoorsy or RVezy, both have rental insurance coverage.

You’ll automatically get up to $1 million in insurance protection when you rent through these peer-to-peer rental companies.

It is important that you read through these when you plan on renting from them.  Knowing their claims will help you know your rights whenever certain accidents happen during your rent duration.

Benefits of Long Term RV Rental

There are quite a number of benefits of long-term RV rental and choosing to live in an RV.  Here are some of these:

Lower Rent Cost – Since you will be renting the RV for a longer-term, RV owners usually give a lower cost per night.

Lower Travel Cost – Renting an RV for the long term and traveling with it will also cost you lower since you already have your transportation and accommodation covered.  You no longer have to think of booking a travel agency and room accommodation.

Less Home Maintenance Work – Since the floor space of an RV is relatively smaller than that of a usual home, home maintenance work needed is also less.  Even if you are just renting, maintaining the RV is still very important, and good for you, there’s just a little space to clean up.

Bring your home while you travel – You can bring your home along with you as you travel.  Since you are renting for a long term, you can go on adventures while bringing the comfort of your home and without the worry of having extra baggage.
Enjoy the outdoors more – Since the space on an RV is limited, this will make you want to spend more time outdoors.  Since you can also travel, you can visit different places and enjoy the outdoors more.

Things That You Need to Consider Before Renting an RV to Live In

Living Space

It is important to consider how much RV space you need.  Are you traveling alone, with your partner, or with your family?

This will dictate the type and size of RV that you would want to rent.  You would of course want to be accommodated in the RV you will be living in as comfortable as possible making this very important.

How You Like to Travel

If you are renting an RV for the long term because you will be traveling, your traveling preference is an important consideration.

If you want to travel light, you might want to rent a smaller RV, but if traveling in a bigger vehicle is not a problem, you can get those that are bigger.


Your budget is also an important consideration when choosing an RV to rent.  The amount of RV differs greatly, so knowing your budget is important.

You can see from the chart above the rental rate can vary from $1,300 a month to $9,000 a month.

Luxury Level

You should also consider the level of luxury that you want before renting an RV to live in.  This is essential for you to be comfortable with the RV you will be living in.

Very luxurious RVs can offer you so many amenities such as Class A motorhomes.  If you do not want nor need luxurious RVs, you can opt to rent a Class B or Class C motorhome.

How much you have for a deposit

Like many other rental companies, security deposits may also be required when renting an RV.  It is important that you ask about how much and when you will be able to get back the security deposit after your rental duration.

Available Power Source

The power source is an important consideration for this will give life to your RV.  It is important to know if you will be relying only on batteries and shore power, or a generator will be provided for you.

When you will be traveling, it is also important to check whether your destination or campground will be able to provide shore power so you can be more prepared.

Rules on Pets

If you have a pet and want to live and travel with it, it is important to consider whether the RV you will be renting allows pets.   There are some RV owners who do not allow pets on RV, so it’s important to ask about this if you want to bring your pet with you.

If you still have some questions in mind that you want to answer before renting an RV, you can read my list of must-ask questions:

You need to read these Q&A before renting and avoid a nightmare situation – 17 Key Questions to Ask Before Renting an RV for Your Family Vacation.

Tips for Living in an RV

Know your priorities

Living in an RV sometimes means living in a smaller space that’s why knowing your priorities is necessary.  Bringing with you unnecessary things will only occupy space in your RV, which will not be helpful.

Staying organized

It is important to have things organized especially if you’re living in a small space.  Having a place for everything is nice and if you can have multipurpose stuff in your RV, then it would be better.

Plan ahead

This is most important if you are going to travel and go on an adventure.  Having a plan for location, date, meals and the like is very essential.  Traveling without any plan can really be exhausting and can destroy the vibes.  Instead of enjoying the adventure, it may cause problems if you do not plan ahead.

Final Thoughts

Living in an RV can really feel so intimidating and challenging at first that’s why it is important to research more about it before diving into it.

Look into your needs and the things you want to consider to feel comfortable in your new RV home.  When you already get everything settled and prepared, you may proceed to find an RV you can rent to live in.

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