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If you’re thinking of how you can make your recreational vehicle’s roof more durable and flexible, putting on a metal roof is a great idea. Although aluminum roofs are hard to find in the market these days, there are still some other ways for you to do it yourself. 

Aluminum roofs are low maintenance so it is less expensive than the others. It can even last longer than other types of RV roofs in the market. It also has a strong resistance to a tree limb piercing and can’t easily get holes from friction. 

There are many ways to put a metal roof on your rigs. Plus, you won’t have much problem doing it yourself since the installation of it is pretty easy. As you go along, this guide will show you how you can install an aluminum roof on your RV and what are the things you can do to maintain it.

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3 Benefits of Using Metal Roof for Your RV

Using Rv Metal Roof Is More Cost-effective

Having a metal roof is much less expensive than the other type of RV roof. With the proper installation and maintenance, it can keep you and your rig safe for years. As it is metal, it is made to withstand any collision or friction that most RVs are getting.

RV Metal Roofs like Aluminum Are Lightweight

Aluminum roofs are the lightest and the slimmest type of metal roof you can have. Hence, using this can make the weight of your rig much lighter than it has with the other type of RV roofs.

RV Metal Roofs Are Easy to Install

Metal roofs are easy to shape and cut unlike the other RV roofs and this is the most common struggle of RV roof installers. Cutting holes, edges, and corners to fit the boxes and housing on for bends, lids, and covers. With metal roofs, everything is much easier and faster.

How to Install a Metal Roof on Your RV

A pair of hands, right hand holding a drill repairing an RV roof

Installing a metal roof on your RV is easy. You just need to have the right equipment and you won’t have any problem.

Before you start make sure you have a hammer, nails, flashing, furring strips, pry bar, drill, self-tapping screws, and of course, a ladder.

Once you have all the equipment needed you can now start installing the roof by following these steps. But be sure to keep it safe, okay?

  1. The first thing that you need to do is remove all the items and housing installed on top of your RV. It would be the roof vents, lids, covers, antennas, and air conditioner.
  2. Next, remove the old roof using a pry bar and by pulling up the screw. It will be easier if you start removing on one corner going down to the other side of your RV. 
  3. Another important thing to do is to check for any existing damage or broken plywood that may need replacement.
  4. After that, start cleaning the entire roof and check for any gap between joints. If you can see any, then you can use a good quality seam tape to put them together. 
  5. Lastly, add the metal roof on your RV by putting about 3 to 4-inch metal panels first so it overhangs the eave. Then use a drill with a self-tapping screw through the metal and into the furring strip. Then, install once every 12 inches up the strip. Continue doing it until you can cover the entire roof.

Can You Put a Metal Roof over a Rubber Roof?

If you just want to add extra protection to your RV roof, putting an aluminum roof over your rubber roof is possible. By just following the steps above and putting some holes to fit the items installed on your roof, you should be good to go. However, you just have to remember that doing this will put extra weight on your rig. 

But you can also remove the old rubber roof if you want. You can just put down nice and new insulation then installs the aluminum roof on top of it. Furthermore, this also ensures that the aluminum doesn’t come into contact with the plywood because most of the time, the glues used in the plywood have a slightly acidic level that eventually eats the aluminum. So to avoid having tiny pinholes, this is the recommended thing to do.b

However, since you are going to do all that work, it would be better not to leave anything old on there. It will be much easier and much more lightweight than putting both rubber and aluminum roofs on your RV.

5 RV Metal Roof Maintenance

Men Pressure Washing RV Camper Van Roof Equipped with Solar Pane
Tomasz Zajda

One of the main problems that your RV roof can have is getting a water leak and keeping your RV roof away from it is always better than waiting for it to happen. Imagine how much it can cost you to have it repaired. 

To help you, here are some tips to share with you that you need to know when it comes to maintaining your RV metal or aluminum roof. 

  1. Before the cold temperature hits, make sure to inspect your RV roofing material. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  2. If you see any damage on your RV roof, make sure to quickly repair it using the right sealants.
  3. When choosing the right sealant for your rig, make sure to use the one that is specially made for an RV roof and the one that can keep it cool.
  4. If a seal can no longer help due to its damage, you can use seam tape. A good quality seam tape can keep the joint on your RV roof intact for a long period.
  5. Always check the front and the rear caps of your roof to make sure that there are no seams between panels.

Important Related Question

Does Putting up a Metal Roof Will Be Loud When It Rains? 

When rain hits metal, of course, it is going to be loud. However, you can have both rubber and aluminum on your RV roof or have insulation over it. You can also add it with two coats of white Elastomeric coating, so it will not only reflect the heat of the sun but also dampen the sound of the rain on the roof.

How Often Should I Replace My Rv Metal Roof?

RV Metal or aluminum roof doesn’t need to be replaced often. Its lifespan is up to 10 years and with proper routine maintenance, it can last longer. You just have to make sure that you check it regularly and if you think something hits on it, repair it right away.

Does Flex Seal Work on Metal Roof?

Flex Seals such NovaFlex Metal Roof Sealant works perfectly on a metal roof. Unlike other metal sealants, it spreads out in joints between metal pieces. Therefore, it creates a consistent watertight gasket.

How Much Does It Cost to Reseal an Rv Roof?

Resealing a metal roof can cost about 21 cents per square foot. If there’s a small leak that you find, you may be able to increase the lifespan of your vehicle’s roof by making sure it will be fixed immediately and using a good quality sealant. I suggest you not use a house roof sealant as it contains different materials than RV roof sealant

Does Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

Anything related to maintenance is not covered by your RV insurance. Hence, roof leaks are not going to be covered. If your RV roof gets damaged from a collision, a branch of a tree falling down the roof, or by a storm, then it will be covered by your insurance. 

How Much Weight Does an Rv Roof Support to Walk On

When you need to do a repair or cleaning on your RV, of course, you may need to walk on it. Sometimes, you will need to put something on it like a Kayak you’ll use in camping. Generally, an average of 220 to 300 pounds can walk on an RV roof. You can also see your roof limit on your RV ladder or you can also look through your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts on Putting a Metal Roof on Your RV

To sum things up, if you are about to replace your RV roof and you want a less expensive, lightweight, and easy to install, having an aluminum roof might be something you want to consider. Aside from those things I mentioned, it will give you lots of benefits that you can take advantage of for years. 

If you are planning on putting one before, I hope this guide helped you in making your decision and you have found the answer that you are looking for about RV metal roofs.

Nonetheless, every RVer is different. You might think this is something that you won’t have and that’s okay. Just go with whatever makes you feel safe and comfortable since it’s still you who’s going to live in it.

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If you want other options for your RV roof, check my other post about rubber ones.

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