Best RV destinations in December for a winter RV camping trip. Warm destinations to escape the cold, or unique winter wonderlands, holiday season in RV

11 Breathtaking RV Destinations for December ( for Winter camping)

RVing in winter is not just for full-time snowbirds.  A unique time of the year to travel and experience some of the country’s best attractions in December. If you want a break from sub-zero temperatures and immense snowfall, packing up the RV and heading south is a great option. We included some unique cold-weather locations too! Here are the best RV camping destinations that you should visit in December! 

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This is part of our series on RV destinations in every month. Check out more winter destinations:

Note: Make sure you are prepared with our best tips for winter driving. If you don’t want to brave driving an RV in the winter you can rent one when you arrive. You could fly or drive your car to your destination and rent one on arrival.  Even better you might catch a relocation deal or winter discount!  Read more about our best tips to rent a cheap RV. 

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, Oregon

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park Oregon. Umpqua Lighthouse prism on Canva  by johnbowm
Umpqua Lighthouse prism by johnbowm

The lighthouse stands in the same location as the first lighthouse in Oregon dating to 1857.  Today the lighthouse has a 65-foot tower and emits red and white beams to signal the Oregon coast ships. 

You can explore the  Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area on hiking trails or off-road vehicles. With its vicinity to the Winchester Bay and the mouth of the Umpqua River, this is a great base camp area. 

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park—offers full hookup RV sites and deluxe yurts. From the campground you can hike the 1-mile loop around Lake Marie.

The temperatures on the Oregon Coast do not vary much over the year. Late summers see days in the upper 60s (F) while winter days are in the 40s and 50s (F).  Even during our summer trip along the Oregon coast, the weather can be chilly and breezy, so bundle up for this winter adventure. 

TAOS, New Mexico

TAOS, New Mexico RV winter destination  Taos Valley Skiing photo credit from Canva by Alexandra D. Urban
Taos Valley Skiing photo credit from Canva by Alexandra D. Urban

Who would have thought that RVing and skiing could mix?  Taos is a spectacular destination in any season, but winter is particularly unique. You can stay near Taos and enjoy the culture of the town and still be within 20 miles of the ski area. 

Full hookup camping is a must in the cold, snowy winter.  When we are hooked up to electric we use safe electric space heaters and electric blankets to keep cozy in the camper. 

  • Where to Stay: Monte Bello & Taos Valley are both RV parks that are open in the winter.  
  • Rent an RV in Taos (you may need to dry camp) – check prices here

Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Colorado

State Park Colorado Springs for winter RV photo credit SWKrullklmaging
Cheyenne Mountain State Park Colorado Springs in winter photo credit SWKrullklmaging

Cheyenne Mountain State Park situated just 15 minutes south of Colorado Springs.

This spectacular 2,701 acre open space area boasts plenty of trails for winter hiking and wildlife viewing.  

This would be a perfect basecamp to explore Colorado Springs, its warmer neighbor Pueblo, or head into the mountains to Buena Vista and a day at the hot springs. Plus with nearby Muller State park has sledding, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing you have endless winter activities to choose from. 

Cheyenne Mountain State Park Campground offers full-service RV sites to keep you warm in the winter. They do however ask that you fill your tanks and then unhook from the faucet at your campsite, so no outdoor plumbing is exposed and frozen.

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    Scottsdale, Arizona

    Arizona RV camping by By Shane Cotee
    Arizona RV camping by By Shane Cotee

    Migrate with the RV snowbirds to one of the tourism hotspots of the southwest in Scottsdale, Arizona. Littered with beautiful golf courses (over 300 of them!) and ample opportunity for hiking, horseback riding, cultural events and shopping.  Don’t forget to stop by Old Town Scottsdale! 

    The various city tours are quite popular among yearly travelers. Whether it be exploring the museums, taking the whole family on a Jeep excursion through the desert, or doing a Scottsdale food tour, there are truly options for the whole family. 

    The many RV parks will keep you in close driving distance to all of these attractions. This is also a great place to watch the sunset over the horizon while relaxing with your family!

    Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina

    Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina birds at Canva By UWMadison
    Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina by UWMadison

    Another warm, but very different, camping experience is waiting at Huntington Beach State Park. This South Carolina haven is home to pristine beaches accompanied by natural forests. Although it may be not warm enough for swimming, wading in the ocean or taking a long stroll on the white sand during a cool evening is fabulous.

    Along with the beachfront, Huntington Beach State Park is home to an astounding 300 bird species. Serious bird watchers and casual nature lovers alike will truly enjoy this unique feature of the area.

    Pro tip: To take in the warm water to its full extent, visit over spring break. This is why Huntington Beach State Park also made our list of the best RV spots for spring break! 

    Death Valley National Park

    Death Valley National Park - winter RV camping view  - by jflorencejr
    Death Valley National Park – winter view – by jflorencejr

    Because of insanely high temperatures and life-threatening conditions in the summer, Death Valley National Park is almost exclusively a winter RV destination. Although there are visitors in the summer, average temperatures that can climb to 120 degrees Fahrenheit is a pretty good deterrent for travelers. However, the average high temperature in Death Valley for December is a comfortable 65 degrees.  This makes December one of the few times in a year where it is very enjoyable to be in.

    The best-selling point is the truly unique landscape and piece of nature that can’t be found anywhere else in the country. As the hottest and driest point in America, the natural scenery is very special. Furnace Creek is the main campground in the National Park, but there are eight sub campgrounds at varying elevations. This is a cool factor that allows you to experience very different parts of Death Valley. One night you could be 100 feet below sea level and 9,000 feet above that the next day. 

    Everglades National Park, Florida

    Everglades National Park, Florida by Circle Eyes
    Everglades National Park, Florida by Circle Eyes

    If you want to escape the cold and move as far south as possible, consider Everglades National Park.  This southern part of Florida is very popular in the winter for families looking to escape the snow.  Be sure to pack sunscreen because you will want to soak up the sun and do outdoor activities all day. 

    Hiking, boating, fishing, and watching wildlife are among some great family-friendly activities that are super popular. With over 2,400 square miles to explore, there is something for anyone who visits.

    Two of the biggest camping locations in the Everglades are Long Pine Key Campground and Flamingo Campground. Both of these options put you close to all the activities with the best resources available to ensure your comfort. 

    Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California

    Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California Canva by Trekandshoot
    Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California Canva by Trekandshoot

    If you aren’t necessarily chasing a warm, beach experience but still want nice weather and plenty to do for the whole family, Golden Gate National Recreation Area is an awesome spot. In San Francisco, the temperatures drop into the upper 50s and 60s allowing you to take in a lot of experiences with perfect weather.  The evenings could be very cool so you will appreciate an RV at night. 

    Plan your visit to Golden Gate State Park on the NPS website here.

    Some popular activities include exploring Muir Woods National Monument, touring Alcatraz Island, taking the natural beauty of the area, and discovering all that San Francisco has to offer. There is a reason why San Francisco is a cultural leader in this country. There is so much to do in this area that you may never want to leave!

    Henderson Beach State Park, Florida

    Henderson Beach State Park, Florida by Nicole Gilbo
    Henderson Beach State Park, Florida by Nicole Gilbo

    Another great location in Florida is Henderson Beach State Park. Enjoy the 30 foot white sand dunes and warm gulf waters.  Enjoy this protected strip of the Emerald Coast with beautiful beachfront as you kiss the cold winter weather goodbye. 

    You and your family can explore over 6,000 feet of shoreline while swimming, picnicking, and fishing.  You may even see tropical fish, dolphins, and turtles in the clear waters.

    You can stay in the actual state park property, or you can stay in one of the many RV parks in the area. Either way, you will be right in the action in beautiful Destin. Destin is a bustling Spring Break location, so going in December will help you avoid some of that rush. 

    San Diego, California 

    San Diego, California by LPETTET
    San Diego, California by LPETTET

    The final great RV location for you to visit this December is San Diego. The winter is a special time in San Diego because the Pacific Gray Whales migrate through the area in December.  You can take a whale-watching boat to see them as they make their annual journey from Alaska to give birth in Mexico’s Baja.  

    We loved this area in the winter with a toddler! There are tons of RV parks in San Diego, but Campland on the Bay is among the highest rated in the entire area. 

    You can jump out of bed and walk right to the beach from a waterfront RV campsite. It is located on the shores of Mission Bay and is a short drive away from Old Town San Diego, California’s first settlement. The vibrant southern culture provides excellent food and shopping opportunities.

    Pro Tip:  Look for Old Town Jerkey and Root Beer right in the old town square.  We had so much fun picking a different flavor bottle of root beer for the kids. 

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      Final Thoughts on RV Destinations for a December Camping Trip

      One of the best things about RV camping is staying nice and warm and comfy at night. Whether you are headed for a warm RV campsite to leave the cold behind or enjoying a snowy campsite, winter RV camping is a unique experience. If you don’t want to brave the winter road conditions you can rent a camper when you arrive at your site. We have a whole series to help you rent an RV for your next vacation. You should start here to find out how to get the best deal on a camper.

      Best RV destinations in December for a winter RV camping trip. Warm destinations to escape the cold, or unique winter wonderlands, holiday season in RV

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      Travel Planner
      that I personally
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