3 Best Road Trip Routes from Texas to Colorado

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If you’re planning to drive from Texas to Colorado and want to make the most out of it, you can turn your trek into a spectacular road trip.

You may be wondering what is the best route to drive from Texas to Colorado, as there are many options available. Whether you’re looking for the safest, most scenic, or most family-friendly road trip between Colorado and Texas, we are here to answer all of your questions.

Time to saddle up, as this guide will detail not just one, but the 3 best road trip routes to take when driving from Texas to Colorado. 

  • Route 1 (safest):
    -Dallas, Texas to Pueblo, CO via Hwy 287, 385 and CO 50
    -Goes through Dallas, Wichita Falls, Amarillo, Springfield, Pueblo
  • Route 2 (most family-friendly):
    -Dallas Texas to Colorado Springs, CO via I-20, Hwy 84, Hwy 27, Hwy 87, and I-25
    -Goes through Dallas, Canyon, Abilene, Raton, Colorado Springs
  • Route 3 (most scenic):
    -Houston, Texas to Buena Vista, CO via I-45, I-30/I-20, Hwy 84, I-27, Hwy 385, Hwy 87, I-25 and then your choice of Hwy 69, 50 or 24
    -Goes through Houston, Lubbock, Canyon, Dalhart, Trinidad, Buena Vista (+ an option to continue on to Denver via Aspen)

Depending on which of these routes you take, driving can take up to 17 hours without traffic. If you’re taking a Texas to Colorado road trip, it may take a while regardless of the route you choose – but the many views and amazing stops along the way are well worth it.

If you’re planning a fall road trip to Colorado, make sure to hit some mountain roads to view the changing colors.

If you’re not familiar with any of these areas and can’t decide which route to take, keep reading. I’ll tell you what to expect to see along the way as well as the best places to stop and things to do to get the most out of your trip.

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Route 1: Driving from Dallas, TX to Pueblo, CO

Road trip route from Dallas, Texas to Pueblo, Colorado

Travel time: 11 hours and 4 minutes drive (with no traffic or stops)

Distance: 702 miles

What you’ll see: This road trip route from Dallas to Pueblo will take you through some interesting parts of northernmost Texas as well as the Southeastern Plains of Colorado. This is the safest road trip route from Colorado to Texas as it avoids mountain roads.

You will follow highway 287 northwest from Dallas to Amarillo, where you will then head directly north towards the Colorado border. While the “final stop” for this itinerary is Pueblo, I suggest using Pueblo as a jumping-off point to visit more amazing areas throughout southcentral Colorado.

For example, the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve are only 2 hours from Pueblo. Canyon City and the Royal Gorge are less than an hour west of Pueblo. Colorado Springs and Garden of the Gods are an hour further north on I-25.

Taking this route will see these waypoints:

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Wichita Falls, Texas
  • Amarillo, Texas
  • Springfield, Colorado
  • Pueblo, Colorado

Route 1, First Stop: Wichita Falls, Texas

A garden shot of the Witchita Falls Waterfall
Man-made waterfalls in Wichita Falls, Texas
Image source: dszc via canva.com

Wichita Falls is located in northern Texas between Dallas and Oklahoma City. It was named for its natural waterfalls. However, the falls were destroyed in teh 1800s due to extreme flooding.

However, the locals did their best to preserve their identity, re-creating falls themselves in 1987. They did an incredible job, and the beautifully landscaped area serves as a backdrop for many photo sessions and weddings every year.

This city is also known for having the “World’s Littlest Skyscraper”. This red brick building is 40 feet tall and encompasses a whopping 118 square feet…hence its name. While this may not look like much compared to many skyscrapers we see today, this little guy has been standing in Wichita Falls since 1919.

The World’s Littlest Skyscraper has survived many storms, tornadoes, and fires. So, while it may have earned it’s name as the “littlest” there’s no denying it may also be one of the “strongest.” 

What to do in Wichita Falls

You’ll have a 2.5 hour drive from Dallas to Wichita Falls, so use that time to look up what live shows will be playing at the Wichita Theater or the Backdoor Theater while you’re there. You can also see which exhibits are on display at the various museums that Wichita Falls houses.

In the summer, be sure to check out Castaway Cove Waterpark in Wichita Falls. With its kid zone, lazy river, and five awesome waterslides, there’s fun to be had for every member of the family.

Although there are lots of other great places to visit while there, we definitely recommend the River Bend Nature Center.

Location: 2200 3rd St, Wichita Falls, TX 76301, United States

Opening Hours: 

  • Saturday – 10am–4pm
  • Sunday – 12–4pm
  • Monday to Friday – 10am–6pm 

The River Bend Nature Center offers various attractions like Peyton’s Place, the Bryant Edwards Learning Center, the River Bottom Forest Trail, the United Children’s Garden, and the Ruby N. Priddy Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. 

Whether you’re a nature lover or just looking for a place to relax with your family, River Bend should be on your to-do list. Enjoy a picnic lunch at the open-air pavilion, or take a peaceful stroll surrounded by birds, butterflies, and the lush landscape of northern Texas. 

Where to Eat in Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls is surrounded by many fantastic restaurants that make it hard to choose where to stop to eat. But if you’re looking for something new, Hibiscus Cafe is going to give you a taste of the Greek islands. 

Location: 1616 Pearlie Dr, Wichita Falls, TX 76306-2210

Rating: 4.5

Serving: Mediterranean, Greek, Vegetarian Friendly 

Hibiscus Cafe is the top-rated in Wichita Falls. It is a “must stop to eat” restaurant by every tourist. They are open for lunch and dinner, and serve authentic Greek food and tasty desserts. 

Also, Hibiscus Cafe is just a 7-minute drive from the River Bend Nature Center. There’s no better way to end a great day of relaxing and sightseeing than with a short drive to an amazing meal.

Where to Camp or Park an RV in Wichita Falls, Texas

The most daunting park of driving an RV on a road trip is figuring out where to park, right? Lucky for you, this guide is one step ahead of you.

When you arrive to Wichita Falls, you can easily park your rig at Wichita Falls RV Park – this is just a 5-minute drive from the River Bend Nature Center. 

Then, after an afternoon exploring all that Wichita Falls has to offer, you can have more fun at Wichita Falls RV Park and enjoy their swimming pools, picnic area, and pond. 

Location: 2944 Seymour Hwy, Wichita Falls, TX 76301, United States

Price: 1-2 guest stays. Additional guests are $3 per person, per night. (subject to change without notice)

  • $50 for Back-in sites
  • $60 for Pull-thru sites


  • Free parking   
  • Laundry service   
  • Dog area
  • Showers
  • Family Friendly   
  • Kitchens (in selected rooms)
  • Smoke-free
  • Have Wi-Fi connectivity

Rent an RV:

Route 1, Second Stop: Amarillo, Texas

Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas @Saddako via Canva.com RV camping
Palo Duro Canyon State Park outside of Abilene, Texas

From Wichita Falls to Amarillo, Texas, you’ll have an easy drive of about 3.5 hours. Amarillo has many popular tourist spots, so be sure you’re well rested to enjoy some of them.

Located in what is known as the “Texas Panhandle,” Amarillo is famous for having the second-largest canyon in the United States.

On top of that, it is a “go-to” for meat lovers from all over due to its famous Steak Challenge. This city also has rustic-themed parks, historical and musical theaters, nature parks, zoos, and space theatres. 

What to Do in Amarillo, Texas

The top-rated thing to do in Amarillo, Texas is visit Palo Duro Canyon State Park. This is where you will find the second largest canyon in the United States (hopefully you can guess the first largest). 

Palo Duro Canyon State Park is the perfect place to enjoy many exciting outdoor activities. You can go horseback riding, biking, and hiking along its more than 30 miles of trails. And, if you need an adrenaline boost after your drive, you can zipline across the canyon with Palo Duro Zipline

Then, calm things down with a drink at the local Honey Buzz Winery or cruise through the unusual and famous Cadillac Ranch.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park Location: 11450 Park Rd 5, Canyon, TX 79015, United States

Gate Hours

  • Open Daily – 7am – 9pm

Where to Eat in Amarillo, TX

After a busy day exploring, a good dinner is a must. Well, your visit to Amarillo won’t be complete without doing (or at least watching someone else try) the famous 72oz steak challenge at The Big Texan Steak Ranch & Brewery. Although it’s a 26 minute drive from the Palo Duro Canyon State Park, this should give your stomach some time to prepare for a feast. 

People from all over visit The Big Texan for their famous 72oz Steak Dinner Challenge. To do this, you don’t need any reservation or registration. Just let the staff know that you’re up for the Challenge. 

This steak challenge includes eating Shrimp Cocktail, Baked Potato, Salad, with Roll, Butter, and of course the 72oz Steak. If you manage to eat the entire thing and follow their specific rules, your meal is free.

However, if you’re not feeling quite up for this, you can still enjoy a great steak with the family.

Location: 7701 I-40 East, Amarillo, TX 79118, United States

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 10:00am-10:30pm

Where to Camp or Park an RV in Amarillo

As common with many state parks, you can park your RV inside Palo Duro Canyon Park, at one of their many accessible campsites. Park your RV and relax, enjoying your favorite camp activities with breathtaking views.

Or, if you’re planning to partake in the Steak Challenge, you can conveniently park your rig at the Big Texan RV Ranch – a convenient 3-minute drive away from their restaurant.

Location: Palo Duro Canyon State Park


  • $26 per night with an additional daily entrance fee
  • $5 excess vehicle fee

Accommodation: Maximum of 8 people including children


  • A picnic table and tent pad
  • Water hookup
  • 30 and 50 amp hookup

Rent an Rv:

Route 1, Final Stop: Pueblo, Colorado

Downtown Pueblo, Colorado
Downtown Pueblo, Colorado
Image source: Jacob Boomsma via Canva.com

Pueblo, Colorado is also known as the “Steel City” since it’s historically been one of the largest steel-producing cities in the US.  This multi-cultural town is a perfect place to call basecamp for your south-eastern Colorado adventures.

What to Do in Pueblo, CO

As a local growing up in Colorado, I can understand that it’s hard to choose which tourist spot to visit, especially in Pueblo. This city has a lot of interesting places that you’d want to visit if you can. 

One of those places is at The Historic Arkansas Riverwalk.

It is a great place to visit with your family. You can walk along the Arkansas River while enjoying the amazing views all around you.

Location: 101 N Union Ave, Pueblo, CO 81003, United States

To read more about what you can do in Pueblo, here’s a post about 17 Fun Things to do in Pueblo, CO (7 are Free).

Where to Eat in Pueblo, CO

If you’re looking for something different to eat in Pueblo, you should try La Forchetta da Massi. They serve authentic Italian food and the place has a great ambiance. It is a perfect place to eat with your loved ones and it is just around the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk.

Location: 126 S Union Ave, Pueblo, CO 81003, United States

Opening Hours: 

  • Tuesday to Thursday – 4:30pm-9:00pm
  • Friday to Saturday – 4:30pm-9:30pm

Where to Camp or Park an RV in Pueblo, CO

There are a few RV parks and campgrounds in Pueblo, Colorado, but the best is Lake Pueblo State Park. This stunning lake is actually a reservoir along the Arkansas River. You can enjoy lots of fun activities here, like fishing, hiking, and picnicking with your family.

Location: Lake Pueblo State Park, 640 Pueblo Reservoir Road, Pueblo CO 81005

Price: A one-day pass for a vehicle is $10; you can also buy an annual pass for $80 that is good for all Colorado State Parks. Camping and other fees can be found here.


  • ADA Restroom Facilities
  • Amphitheater
  • Dump Station
  • Electricity: 30 and 50 AMP 
  • Fire Pit, Grills 
  • Handicapped Parking
  • Laundry Area
  • Pet and Family Friendly
  • Swimming pool and beach

Rent an Rv:

Route 2: Driving From Dallas, Texas to Colorado Springs, CO

Road trip route from Dallas, Texas to Colorado Springs, Colorado

This is the best route for a family road trip from Texas to Colorado. It will allow you to see some of the most beautiful sights of each state, but is also safer as it avoids most of the high mountain roads.

This road trip route takes you from Dallas to Colorado Springs. From Dallas you’ll head west towards Abilene, Texas. From there, you’ll run northwest through Lubbock, stopping just outside of Amarillo in Canyon, Texas.

After this, you can pass through New Mexico and should stop in Raton, NM. This small town in the Rocky Mountains is the highest point along the historic Santa Fe Trail and is known for outdoor recreation. This is also where you join I-25 to head north into Colorado.

This route takes you to Colorado Springs, but you don’t have to stop there! You can head west into the mountains or north another hour to Denver.

Travel time: 12 hours and 26 minutes drive (with no traffic or stops)

Distance: 819 miles

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Canyon, Texas
  • Abilene, Texas
  • Raton, NM
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

Route Two, First Stop: Abilene, Texas

An old fashioned road sign in Abilene, Kansas saying to check all guns.
Welcome to Abilene, Texas
Image source: BrookePierce via canva.com

Abilene, Texas is about a 3 hour drive west from Dallas, Texas. It has many historic buildings such as the Wooten Hotel built in 1930 and the First Baptist Church built in 1954.

What to Do in Abilene, Texas

After a long drive from Dallas to Abilene, strolling through a museum is a great way to stretch your legs and relax. There are a lot of museums that you can visit in Abilene and one of the best is Frontier Texas

 Location: 625 N 1st Street, Abilene, TX, 79601, United States

Open Hours:

  • Monday to Saturday – 9:00am-6:00pm
  • Sunday – 1:00pm-5:00pm


  • $10 for adults
  • $5 for children 3-12
  • Children under 3 are free

Frontier is a great place to visit in Abilene as it will give you an extraordinary experience. They have life-sized holograms of those who lived and died on the Texas frontier.

The museum has 9 different exhibits and theaters, as well as a general store. You won’t run out of interesting opportunities to learn about the important history of this area.

Best Place to Eat in Abilene, Texas

While you’re in Abilene, satisfy your cravings at Belle’s Chicken Dinner House

Location: 2002 N, Clack St, Abilene, TX 79603, United States

Open Hours

  • Thursday/Friday: 11am – 2pm; 5pm – 9pm
  • Saturday: 11am – 9pm
  • Sunday: 11am – 3pm
  • CLOSED Monday – Wednesday

Belle’s Chicken is the top-rated restaurant in Abilene Texas. It serves lunch and dinner American Cuisine and sees many returning customers coming back to enjoy the great food and staff.

Where to Camp or Park an RV in Abilene, TX

Although there are a few RV parks available here, Whistle Stop RV Resort is the top-rated one in Abilene. Plus, it is less than a 10 minute drive from Frontier Texas so it’s very accessible. Aside from that, if you wish to stay longer here, you can rent a site daily, weekly, or even monthly.

Location: 695 E Stamford St, Abilene, TX 79601, United States

Prices (including tax):

  • Pull-in
    Daily: $45
    Weekly: $250
    Monthly: $600+ Electric
  • Back in
    Daily: $45
    Weekly: $275
    Monthly: $650+ electric
  • Pull-Thru
    Daily: $55
    Weekly: $300
    Monthly: $650+ Electric
  • Premium Pull-Thru
    Daily: $60
    Weekly: $325
    Monthly: $750+ Electric


  • Free parking   
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fitness Gym   
  • An outdoor pool and Hot Tub
  • Laundry service   
  • Family Friendly   
  • Kitchens (selected rooms)   
  • Smoke-free

Rent an Rv:

Route Two, Second Stop: Canyon, Texas

After leaving Abilene, you’ll begin to head northwest and pass through Lubbock, Texas after 2.5 hours. You can stop in Lubbock and check out the Buddy Holly Center or the National Ranching Heritage Center. Or, continue on to arrive at Canyon, just outside of Amarillo, Texas (for a total drive time of 4 hours from Abilene).

Lighthouse Peak in Palo Duro Canyon
Image Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife

In Canyon, you can see the second largest canyon in the nation (read more on Palo Duro Canyon State Park under Route 1 details above). But it’s also known as the home of the West Texas and A&M University and the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum.

Moreover, this city is where you can see the world-famous outdoor musical drama “Texas“.

What to Do in Canyon, TX

There are a lot of indoor and outdoor activities you can do in Canyon, Texas. You can have a tour at the Panhandle Museum, cool off at the Canyon Aqua Park, or take a Bee Tour at Creek House Honey Farm.

Or, if you’d prefer to get your blood pumping a bit more, you can enjoy a moderate walking trail along the Lighthouse Trail at Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

Location: 11450 State Hwy Park Rd 5, Canyon, TX 79015, United States

Opening Hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 7am-9pm

As you walk along this trail, you’ll be able to enjoy great views and beautiful wildflowers. Make sure you have plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated while walking. 

Where to Eat in Canyon, Texas

After all this excitement you’re going to start getting hungry. Save the hassle of searching for the best place: Feldman’s Wrong Way Diner is one of the top-rated restaurants in Canyon, Texas. This family-friendly diner has delicious food, friendly staff, and lots of fun décor, like the a train that runs around the building.

Location: 2100 N 2nd Ave, Canyon, TX 79015, United States

Opening Hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 11:00am – 9:00pm

Where to camp or park an RV in Canyon, TX

There are many campsites and RV parks right inside the Palo Duro Canyon State Park, where the Lighthouse trail is also located. Therefore camping or parking isn’t going to be a problem. You can park your RV in Juniper Camp Area or several others.

Rent an Rv:

After leaving Canyon, you’ll pass through Amarillo (if you have time, take a quick detour through the Cadillac Ranch). Then, if you’re following our suggested route, you’ll pass through Raton, New Mexico – the highest point of the historic Santa Fe Trail.

You’ll be able to enjoy breathtaking views along this portion of the drive, so take your time and soak it all in as you cross over to Colorado.

Route Two, Final Stop: Colorado Springs, Colorado

This last stretch from Canyon to Colorado Springs will take about 6 hours, but the views will make the drive seem effortless.

Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak Colorado Springs Colorado
Photograph of Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is also known as “Little London” (learn about the origin of this nickname here). 

To learn more about what you can do in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area, check out our other blogs in this series:

What to Do in Colorado Springs

Your visit to Colorado Springs would not be complete without seeing the Garden of the Gods. Whether you are an experienced hiker or just looking for a great view, this scenic area is a breathtaking experience. 

Location: 1805 N 30th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, United States

Opening Hours:

  • November 1 – April 30: Open 5am to 9pm daily
  • May 1 – October 31: Open 5am to 10pm daily

Where to Eat in Colorado Springs

After a long (or short) hike in the Garden of the Gods, sit down for a cold drink and authentic Mexican meal at the nearby Crystal Park Cantina

Location: 178 Crystal Park Rd, Manitou Springs, CO 80829, United States

Opening Hours: 

  • Tuesday through Sunday – 11:00am-9:00pm (closed Mondays)

Where to Camp or Park an RV in Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods Kissing Camels with Cloudy skies
Garden of the Gods – “Kissing Camels” formation

If you haven’t yet gotten your fill at the Garden of the Gods, you can stay and relax in their RV park at Garden of the Gods RV resort

Location: 3704 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, United States

Price: Prices vary; visit their website or call them at 719-475-9450 to get a detailed quote


  • Pool table (with additional charge)
  • Hiking off the site
  • Bathhouse
  • Free WiFi and Parking
  • Vending Machine for snacks
  • Concierge
  • Electric 30/50 Amp

Route 3: Houston, Texas to Buena Vista, Colorado

Road trip route from Houston, Texas to Buena Vista, Colorado

This last – and longest – road trip route goes from Houston, Texas to Buena Vista, Colorado. Personally, I think this is the best route for a road trip from Texas to Colorado as you get to see some of the most beautiful areas in each state.

After traveling from Houston to Dallas, you’ll follow a similar path as earlier (through Lubbock, Canyon, and Raton). However, once entering Colorado you can head northwest from Pueblo or straight west from Colorado Springs to the lovely little town of Buena Vista.

At this point, you’ll have been driving for about 17 hours. Buena Vista is a great final destination, with countless opportunities to get out and explore.

However, if you’d like to continue on from Buena Vista, keep reading to the end of this route to learn more about where you can go from there.

Travel time from Houston to Buena Vista: 16 hours and 38 minutes drive (with no traffic or stops)

Distance: 1,033 miles

  • Houston, Texas
  • Dallas, Texas,
  • Lubbock, Texas 
  • Canyon, Texas
  • Dalhart, Texas
  • Trinidad, Colorado 
  • Buena Vista, Colorado
  • Optional: Continue on Hwy 82 to travel through:
    Independence Pass to Aspen
    Glenwood Springs, Colorado
    Denver, Colorado

Route Three, First Stop: Lubbock, Texas

Buildings and lake view, with cars parked at the side of the lake downtown city park skyline Lubbock, Texas
City skyline in Lubbock, Texas.
Image source: ChrisBoswell via canva.com

The first stretch from Houston to Lubbock is a long one, at a little over 8 hours of drive time. Located in Northwest Texas, Lubbock is known to be a destination for wine lovers – if this is right up your alley, you can enjoy a wine tour with Winery Wanderlust. It is also the home of the rock ‘n roll legend Buddy Holly.

While in Lubbock, you can also visit the Moody Planetarium inside the Museum of Texas Tech University.

What to Do in Lubbock, Texas

If you’re a fan of Rock music, then the Buddy Holly Center is perfect for you. It’s a performance and visual arts center that was created to honor the legendary singer and songwriter, Buddy Holly.

Location: 1801 Crickets Ave, Lubbock, TX 79401, United States

Opening Hours:

  • Tuesday to Saturday: 10am – 5pm
  • Sunday: – 1pm – 5pm
  • Closed Mondays and holidays

Where to Eat in Lubbock

Since we’re already into rock, why not try eating at Caprock Cafe? You can have a cold beer and a burger here while listening to live music – and it’s only an 8 minute drive from Buddy Holly Center.

Location: 3405 34th St, Lubbock, TX 79410, United States

Opening Hours:

  • Sunday thru Thursday – 11am – 10pm
  • Friday and Saturday – 11am – 11pm

This top-rated sports bar offers way more than beer and burgers – their large menu has something for everyone.

Where to Camp or Park an RV in Lubbock TX

After a long drive and spending some time exploring Lubbock, you can rest easy at the Lubbock RV Park. This nice, quiet park is close to town and has 88 RV sites. Aside from that, it’s just a few minutes away from the Buddy Holly Center.

Location: 4811 North, I-27, Lubbock, TX 79403, United States

RV Site Price: $44/night 

(call for Weekly and Monthly stay rates)


  • Full Hookups
  • 30 and 50 Amp
  • Both Back-in and Pull-through Sites
  • Swimming Pool and Shower
  • Pets are allowed
  • With Wi-Fi connection

Rent an RV:

Route Three, Second Stop: Dalhart, Texas

A little over 3 hours’ drive from Lubbock will get you to Dalhart in the northwestern part of Texas. (On the way, be sure to check out Palo Duro Canyon State Park – see more details under Route 1 above). Famous for the XIT Ranch Reunion and Rodeo, Dalhart is also known for agricultural commodities such as farming, ranching, and dairy products. 

What to Do in Dalhart

After a long drive from Houston to Lubbock, this shorter leg of your trip will have you well-rested for an informational tour at the XIT Museum. This is the most recommended tourist spot in Dalhart as it gives non-locals a view of how people there lived in the past. 

Location: 108 E 5th St, Dalhart, TX 79022, United States

Opening Hours: 

  • Tuesday to Saturday – 9am – 5pm

You’ll see various exhibits here that are well-displayed and can be enjoyed by everyone in your family. 

Where to Eat in Dalhart, TX

Learning about the history of north Texas is fun – and you’ll have more fun eating at X10 Woodfire Grill. This steakhouse is clean and inviting, with a large menu of mouth-watering steaks, BBQ and other fare. However, note that this is a dry county. In order to purchase an alcoholic drink, you have to get a membership to their bar – but it’s quick and easy to sign up.

Location: 119 Cypress Dr, Dalhart, TX 79022, United States

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Saturday – 11:00am-9:00pm

Where to Camp or Park an RV in Dalhart, Texas

The Corral RV Park is one of the best in Dalhart, Texas. RVers are impressed with how clean and how well-maintained the grounds are. 

Location: 1202 Liberal St, Dalhart, TX 79022, United States 

Price: $34/night for 2 people at a site; extra $1.50 for each additional occupant


  • Have 20/30/50 Amp    
  • With Pull Thurs and Full Hook-ups  
  • With Wi-Fi
  • Pet friendly
  • Showers
  • Playground
  • Self Service Laundry    

Rent an Rv:

Route Three, Final Stop: Buena Vista, Colorado

Morning view from just north of Buena Vista, looking southwest

From Dalhart, you can take Hwy. 87 to Raton, New Mexico – the highest point on the historic Santa Fe Trail. Once you pass through here, you have a few options to get to Buena Vista – you can take I-25 north to Pueblo then head west on Hwy 50 to 285; or take I-25 further north to Colorado Springs then go west from Hwy 24 to Hwy 285.

Another option – which I would recommend most – would be to just take I-25 from Trinidad to Walsenburg, then take Hwy 160 west a short way to Hwy 150. Then you can take this north, right into Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

If you haven’t been to the Great Sand Dunes, it’s absolutely a must-see.

Once you’ve got your fill, you can easily jump back on Hwy 285 and head north for just under 2 hours to arrive in Buena Vista.

Located in South-Central Colorado between the Arkansas River and the Collegiate Peaks, Buena Vista is known for its various hot springs that you can soak and relax in.  This is one of my favorite areas of Colorado.

What to do in Buena Vista, Colorado

There are countless fun things to do in Buena Vista. Right downtown you can paddle in the whitewater park, sample cheese at the Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy, or explore the various trails for hiking and biking. Raft and fish the river, then head downtown to visit one of the many distilleries and restaurants.

River Park and Boulder Garden in Buena Vista, Colorado- the best fun free thing to donor Denver Colorado. Free activity for kids in Colorado
River Park and Boulder Garden in Buena Vista, Colorado- the best fun free thing to donor Denver Colorado

But of course, the most famous thing to do here is to soak in the hot springs.

The top-rated hot spring in the area is at Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn & Spa or you can visit the nearby Mt. Princeton Hot Springs.

Where to Eat in Buena Vista, Colorado

The most recommended place to eat in Buena Vista, Colorado is Simple Eatery. They have a fresh, made-from-scratch menu as well as a frozen yogurt bar.

Where to Stay or Park an RV in Buena Vista, Colorado

Hopefully you plan to treat yourself to a good soak at Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn & Spa – because another perk of this spot is that it also offers campsites and RV Parking. Therefore, you can plan to stay here and use it as base camp for your many adventures in and around Buena Vista.

Please note, though, that RV sites are limited to 18-foot rigs. Another option for larger rigs would be to check out Snowy Peaks RV Park in Buena Vista.

Cottonwood RV Park Location: 18999 Co Rd 306, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

Price: Prices vary; requires a reservation 

Amenities and Features: 

  • Tent Sites, RV Sites, and cabins
  • ADA Access
  • Accessible Trash
  • Picnic Table
  • Phone Service
  • Showers
  • Drinking-Water
  • Toilets
  • Alcohol
  • Pets-friendly
  • Family-friendly 
  • Fires
  • Max length of 18 ft for vehicles
  • Drive-in Parks

Optional: Drive from Buena Vista to Denver

Buena Vista is an amazing final destination for your road trip. If, however, you’re planning to take a road trip all the way to Denver – or just want to see more of Colorado – here are some additional breathtaking routes.

From Buena Vista, you can take Hwy. 24 north through Leadville until you hit I-70; this can run west to Grand Junction or east to Denver.

Or, if you are really up for an adventure, you can take Highway 82 (from just north of Buena Vista) over the famous Independence Pass and head into Aspen. Please note that Independence Pass is a very narrow, steep mountain road and is closed to all vehicle traffic during the winter. It is not for the faint of heart, or those with a fear of heights.

If you decide to head over Independence Pass to Aspen, the total length of your rig must be under 35 feet. This route will drop you right into the heart of the famous Aspen, Colorado where you can enjoy popular tourist spots like the beautiful Maroon Bells.

Waterfalls at Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon

For a longer, and even more scenic trip, you can head north from Aspen to Glenwood Springs and then follow I-70 east through the scenic Glenwood Canyon. Keep your eyes open – you may spot some bighorn sheep. Plan ahead and stop for a hike to see the incredible waterfalls at Hanging Lake (note that a permit is required – get one in advance).

For the whole Colorado experience, you can continue to wind your way along I-70 through the small mountain towns of Summit County (like Vail and Breckenridge) and on into the heart of Denver.

Article for the best road trip routes from Texas to Colorado
3 Best Road Trip Routes from Texas to Colorado

Final Thoughts on the 3 Best Road Trip Routes from Texas to Colorado

When going on a road trip – especially a long one spanning multiple states – you should always plan your route ahead of time. Although a spontaneous trip can sound exciting, you’ll be glad you took the time to do your research. This way you can avoid road closures, construction, or areas prone to high traffic and make sure to hit roads with good views and fun side-stops.

By planning out your itinerary ahead of time, you won’t have to make hasty decisions on where to eat or stay.

If you’re planning a family road trip from Texas to Colorado, I hope this guide helped you decide which route to take and made your trip the best it could be.

If you happen to try any of my recommendations – or find another spot you think is worth mentioning – I hope you come back and let me know your thoughts!

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