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Exploring the World
One Playground at a Time!

Welcome to Family Travel Fever.  We are a large unconventional family, that was bitten by the travel bug!  We travel with kids and sometimes grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins too.  But I don’t mind flying solo with my crew discovering the coolest places to play near and far from home.

We know modern families are frequently unconventional –  blended, multigenerational, single, large or small.  We believe all families should travel together.  It’s just that simple.

I want to share that passion with you!  That’s why I’m are here.

I am Shauna, the mom, logistics coordinator, travel guide, cook, writer, and accountant and on my off days, I am an engineer.  

When I was growing up, my Dad worked for the airlines, so my brother and I traveled all over the world.  As we got older, we had more freedom to jump on a plane and explore new places.   We traveled non-revenue standby, back before online check-in, seating charts or cell phones.

More than flying I love traveling in an RV.  It fits my family perfectly…. and being an engineer, I am always tinkering with the systems to figure out everything works. 

I decided that travel trailer sitting in the driveway should be paying for itself… so I started renting it out. And I can teach you how to. 

I have a mix of enjoyable travel guides for your family and How-to articles.

Traveling on a tight budget with a large nontraditional family requires some creativity.  

We already outgrew renting a small car, having enough beds in one hotel room and eating out every meal.  I have to continually budget our time, money and patience.  RVing is a perfect solution for getting all of us out and having fun. 

Family travel fever is contagious and we hope to inspire you too! 

I will be sharing our adventures and tips and tricks we have learned for traveling together.  You will see, I write about my errors, miscalculations and mishaps so that you can learn from my mistakes.

 I am always trying out new ideas for traveling with my crew and different creative ideas for fun near and far from home.  

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Recent Posts

We are currently traveling in our camper around the western states and planning some international travel adventures. You will find posts about our travels.

Travel with children and sometimes grandparents is loud, messy and problematic,  but oh, so exciting!  And memorable!  There is never a dull moment and I write about real life – the good, the bad and the ugly.

At Family Travel Fever we want to inspire, educate and give other families the tools and courage to travel together.  Because its contagious once you get going!