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Earn Money Renting Out an RV on Your Property (Read This First!)

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Owning an RV can be expensive! Did you know that you can rent it out on your property to help alleviate some of the expenses? That’s actually why I decided to rent out my travel trailer a couple of years ago. However, say you don’t want someone else driving or towing it, but you have plenty of space on your own property:

Can you rent out your RV on your own property?

In general, you can rent out your RV on your own property if your local laws and neighborhood allow it. The local zoning laws must allow multi-purpose uses or secondary dwellings. Also, you may not be allowed to if your subdivision has an HOA.

Check your local laws about renting an RV on your property!  You may need a permit depending on which city and county your property is in. Some areas have strict housing and residential ordinances which do not allow secondary dwellings or rental units. So make sure to coordinate with the right people before doing anything. 

You’ll also want to be considerate of your neighbors. Some may not think it’s appropriate – especially those who don’t have much knowledge of how RVs work. Try talking to them first and hear their concerns.

Want to know more about renting your RV on your property? Keep on reading! This article will give you more information on how to rent out your rig on your property. It will help you decide whether it’s worth going for or not.

After reading this article, you’ll want to get set up and start leasing to renters right away. Make sure to check out our free download fill in the blank to help set up your rental profile in the post “How to Make money renting out Your RV (the easy way)”

Can I Rent Out an RV on My Property (Is It Legal)?

RV trailer parked at backyard, view from inside garage
Depending on your local laws (and HOA rules), you could make money renting out your RV on your own property.
Image source: TrongNguyen via

In many places, it is legal to rent out an RV on your property. However, you will need to make sure it is allowed by both your local laws and your HOA, if you live in one.

Although renting out your RV on your property can be a great way to earn some extra income, there are still some factors you have to consider. Think about these things before you start doing it to make sure that it’s going to be a success.

To help you decide whether renting out your RV on your property is the right fit for you and your situation, keep reading to learn more about some big questions you may have such as whether or not it will be worth it financially.

How Much Money Can I Make By Renting Out My RV On My Property?

July Income Renting out my RV on Outdoorsy
July 2020 Income Renting out my RV on Outdoorsy

Depending on what type of RV you have and the amenities included, you can rent out your RV from anywhere between $50 to $500 a night. Add that it is on your property, and you can upcharge for the campsite.

The image above is real screenshot of my earnings on Outdoorsy.

This varies depending on the type of RV you offer – such as a pop-up or a fifth wheel – and the amenities your rental includes.

Does your travel trailer offer a full kitchen, master bedroom, and large generator in the rental fee?

If you have the perfect location and have all the amenities needed by the renters, then it will go well.

However, keep in mind that you may earn less renting out your rig on your own property as this can be a less popular destination than, say, a National Park.

On the other hand, of you have a special location, you may be able to charge more!

For a more in-depth answer on how much money you can make by renting out your RV off of your property, read more in the post Is Renting Out Your RV Profitable?

Things to Consider Before Renting Our Your RV: Hookups and Amenities

You need to consider the campsite location, access, water, electricity, privacy and other amenities. Can you supply water and electricity from your home to your RV? Additionally, you must be able to dispose of waste properly. 

To keep track of what you should be able to offer when renting your RV out on your own property, here are a few things to check:

Can You Connect Your RV Rental to Fresh and/or Potable Water?

Water is important, especially for renters that may be depending on your to make their stay comfortable. They will want water to shower, do dishes, and flush the toilet, so you could offer a freshwater supply. This is easy to do if your RV is close enough to your home.

You can connect to the water from your house at the outside spigot and run this to the RV using a white-colored portable hose. We recommend this hose to use because it is safe for drinking.

Alternatively, you could fill the water storage tanks and supply the guests with fresh water. That would be good for washing and cooking.

I personally prefer not to drink the water from the holding tanks because it sits without chlorination.

A great option for drinking water is to simply add a couple of bottles of water to the fridge for that extra gesture of courtesy to your guests.

Can You Connect Your RV Rental to Your Home Sewer or Septic System?

For your wastewater, you may be able to use your sewer cleanout for waste disposal.

If your home is on a city sewer system, you can find the cleanout near the front of your house. This will generally be a 2-inch plastic pipe sticking out of the ground.

If your house is on a septic tank, you will find it between the house and the vault or leach field. Check that you your septic can handle the extra volume from RV renters. (It would be better to send them to the nearest dump station than overfill your septic).

However, depending on the location of your renting space, an alternative option to the sewer or septic system would be to install a macerator unit. 

A macerator unit is a device that is used as a pumping station. It uses a blade to shred and grind solid materials. This would be a big investment, though, and not recommended unless you plan on renting out your RV enough to cover the installation expenses.

Can You Connect Your RV Rental to Shore Power From Your Home?

If your renters are close to your residence, you might offere electricity. For an electricity hookup, you can connect an extension cord to your house if all you need is lights and some appliances.

However, if you will need air conditioning, a heavier-duty electrical system is necessary. 

Most of the time, a 30 amp line can power your RV’s AC.

But if you need a higher amp, you can have 50 amp electrical hookups installed. You can hire an electrician to install it for you if need be. Just make sure that you show the electrician your shore power cord or plug so he knows what type of receptacle to put in and which way to orient it.

To understand exactly what you are getting into with the electrical portion read our article on RV Electrical System Basics

However, if you are not planning on using the air conditioner, don’t waste money on an electrician. Make sure that your electricity is plugged into a dedicated 110-volt 15 amp circuit if you use an electrical cord.

You will need to have the correct electrical connection if you plan to use a regular extension cord to connect a 30-amp to the house. I recommend this electric connection.

Autumn RV Camping
While you can make money renting your RV out on your own property, you may have better luck targeting RVers who want to experience the Great Outdoors away from the barking of your neighbor’s dogs.
Image source: Brent_1 via

Another option is to supply a generator with the camper. Many times owners will upcharge for the use of the generator. The generator has a run time meter on it and you can keep the allowance low.

There are other things you’ll need to keep in mind before deciding to rent out your RV on your property. For instance, just because you may own property doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for potential renters.

The next section will discuss things to keep in mind when determining whether or not your land is a good place to rent out an RV on.

Can I Just Rent Out an RV Space on my Own Property?

Simply owning a large parcel of land doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good place to rent out an RV on. There are a few things that you have to check beforehand, such as accessibility, topography, privacy, and entertainment factors.

I suggest browsing around and seeing other listings to see what people offer. You can check out listings on Outdoorsy here.

First, make sure that your land is easy to access, flat, and partially open. If you have an area that quickly gets muddy and swampy during bad weather, then it’s probably not an ideal spot to rent your RV. 

If your proposed campsite is covered in thorny thistles or dense brush, it might not make the best place to recreate. Make sure there are some open areas that are easy to walk around and explore in, for adults, kids, and even pets – if you plan to allow them.

Another thing to keep in mind is the distance of your home to your RV renting space. This is for you and your renter’s privacy. Nobody wants to be in direct view of you or your neighbors.

Finally, does your RV spot have access to nature or other tourist spots? Are guests able to walk to a pond to go fishing, or take a short drive into town for groceries? This is very important to increase your odds of finding renters, as you want to provide some incentives to them for choosing your rental over others.

How to Advertise Your RV Rental and Where to Find Renters

Peer-to-peer rental platforms like Outdoorsy are by far the easiest way to get started renting out your RV. Setting up your profile is easy when you use our free swipe file. Find this free guide and other helpful cheats sheet to help you get started on our post Renting Out Your RV the Smart Way.

Find RV Renters on Peer-to-Peer Platforms Like Outdoorsy and RVezy

The best place to start renting out your RV is on Outdoorsy. I have found that to be the easiest platform to start working with. You should also consider adding RVezy because they are amazingly helpful and growing quickly in the US.

Wondering how much you could make renting out your own RV? Check for the estimated earnings from your RV here.

Find RV Renters on Airbnb

Another great peer-to-peer rental platform is Airbnb. Airbnb allows RV owners to list their rigs as rental properties, just like condos and cabins.

Since it is a large online marketplace for renters who are looking for lodging or a place to stay while on vacation, it’s a good platform to use and meet other RVers.

Here, you have a lot of options as you can rent all types of RVs such as campers and motorhomes. So whether you need a big or small RV to rent, Airbnb has it.

A couple and their dog stand outside their camper next to a river at dusk.
By renting through a peer-to-peer source, you can find the perfect camper suited for your needs.

More Tips for Renting Out Your RV on Your Own Property

Be a Good Neighbor

To avoid any issues in your neighborhood while renting your RV on your property, make sure to brief your renters about any local rules and regulations they should be aware of. Furthermore, some cities have strict health department regulations and there is a state that requires a separate septic system for an RV – know what applies to your specific situation in your area.

Know How Renting An RV on Your Property Will Impact Your Insurance

Before you start renting out your RV on your property, make sure to contact your insurance agency. In case an accident or injury happened to the renters while staying in your RV, then you might be held liable.

Address All Possibilities in Your Rental Terms and Conditions

When writing the contract for the renters, make sure that you include all the terms and conditions you have as an owner. It’s best to consult with your lawyer and get expert legal advice to ensure you’re are protected in any situation. 

Can I Use My Property as an RV Parking Space?

Using your property as an RV parking space is possible if your local laws and HOA (if you have one) will allow it. Make sure that you have all the hookups available such as water, electricity, and sewer that renters can use. 

Can I Rent My RV on My Property Year-Round?

If your RV is capable of handling all kinds of weather, then you can rent out your RV all year round – again, as long as local laws allow it.

This means you can use propane for heating during winter and use air conditioning during summer. You also need to make sure that your land is flat and cemented, or near a good gradient, so it will drain properly and not get swamped by heavy rain or melting snow.

Final Thoughts On Renting Out Your RV On Your Property

To sum things up, renting out your RV on your property is another way to earn extra cash out of your rig. You can even do it to pay off a rig that hasn’t been fully paid for yet. This is a great idea if you’re not using it that often, or if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of letting someone else drive or pull it anywhere.

Moreover, be sure to research any local laws or health regulations of your state or municipality that could pertain to renting out your travel trailer on your property. You want to be sure to avoid any legal issues that may come up. 

Finally, joining the rental marketplace is a great way to meet different kinds of people, especially other RVers, who can share their knowledge and experiences in RVing. You can use these relationships to your benefit to get the most out of your RV.

On a side note, I encourage you to take an RV Planner and Journal with you from our Etsy Store and write about the sights, experiences, and people that you’ve encountered during camping trips.

To learn more about renting out your RV, read these:

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