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Are you planning to give your RV’s window a makeover but don’t know whether blinds or curtains can lessen the transfer of heat? If you haven’t tried any of these two you might be thinking that they’re just the same. But the main question is, with blinds vs curtains, which one can give a better cover for your RV windows?

Curtains are better than blinds when it comes to giving a good cover for your RV. Along with that, they are budget-friendly, can help you save more energy, and it’s easier to wash. 

Moreover, curtains have many designs that give you more freedom to decorate your RV that matches your taste, personality, and makes it more feel like home. 

As we go along, we’ll tell you more about why curtains are better than blinds and the other things you need to know about using them in your RV.

Why Are Curtains Better than Blinds?

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When talking about which window treatment is better for your RV, you’re maybe torn between blinds and curtains. Perhaps you’ve been using the blinds that came with your rig when you bought it. 

Well, that’s understandable but let us tell you this information that is based on our own experience who are using both blinds and curtains. So, keep on reading. 

Curtains Are More Cost-effective

Although blinds are less expensive than curtains because of their materials, using curtains is more cost-effective than using blinds.

Why? First, there are types of fabrics that are good and affordable at the same time. If you’re also crafty and love DIYs, then creating your personalized curtains with these fabrics may be an option for you. It can even give you real satisfaction. 

Aside from that, since RV windows are small, you won’t need to have long and wide curtains and a small fabric is already enough to cover your entire window.

Curtains save You More Energy

There are insulating curtains available in the market that help you reduce the transfer of heat. Although blinds can also do it, it’s not as effective as curtains. 

With this, your aircon won’t need to work hard to keep your RV cool during hot days. The same goes for your furnace. It won’t need to exert so much effort to keep your rigs warm on cold days. 

They Are Easy to Wash

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When you think of dirty curtains, you’re already thinking of how you’re going to wash them. But, as mentioned earlier, you don’t need to have long and wide curtains for your RV. Hence, washing curtains won’t be that hard. Plus, you can just bring them to dry cleaners if you don’t have time to do it yourself.

They Can Effectively Control the Light

Using the right color of curtains plays a big role in controlling the light that’s coming into your rigs. Some curtains help to reflect away the sunlight that will hit on it and some will absorb it. 

That’s why you need to keep in mind which color of curtains you’ll use in a specific area on your RV which depends on how much light you’d like to get.

How to Install Curtains in Your Rv Windows?

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First off, you must prepare the materials that you’re going to use:

  • Curtains (non-sewed, sewed, or purchased)
  • Curtain rods 
  • Screwdriver
  • Drilling machine

Once everything is prepared, you can start with installing your curtain rods. Use the drilling machine to slowly create a hole where you’ll attach the curtain rods. Lastly, using the installed curtain rods, you can now hang your curtains. 

Easy right? Just be careful when drilling your RV walls and you don’t have to go deeper.

Do Blinds and Curtains Go Together in an RV?

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In some cases that you can’t tell which one to choose between a curtain and a blind, why not use both together? Using both won’t cause any issues at all. You can even get more benefits from doing it. Although, when it comes to styling, you have to make sure that you’ll use colors that match the two. Unless you want to ruin the looks of your rig. 

Can I Use Regular Blinds in RV?

Using regular blinds or the same one that you’re using at home for your RV isn’t going to be an issue. However, there are some drawbacks when using it. Number one is the noise it’s making and then it keeps on moving while you’re driving. 

That’s why we suggest you use one that has hold-downs. This is to avoid the blinds from moving or making too much noise while you’re on the road.

Important Related Questions

Which Color of Curtains Will Keep a Room Cool, Black or White?

Well technically, white curtains reflect thermal energy while black absorbs it. Therefore white curtains can make your room cooler. 

Although, there’s always an exception to the rule. If you’re going to use a white curtain but in a sheer fabric, then it can still allow some light energy into your room. That’s why thick white curtains would be the best. 

In addition to that, you also have to consider the color of your room. White on white or black on black can be a bit boring. But you can always be creative to achieve both. So you can make your room cool while you make it look cool. 

Do I need both blinds and curtains in my RV?

No, you’re not required to use both blinds and curtains in your RV. Either of them can do what they are supposed to do as a window cover. However, you can also use them both if you think it will be better. The only difference is how they’re going to do their role effectively as your window cover. 

How Do You Cover Valances?

Valances are probably one of the main reasons why you’d like to decorate your rig’s window since it came into a design or color that is “not so you”. It’s a good thing that changing its fabric that will perfectly match your curtains is pretty simple. You can even have it completely out of your window if that’s what you preferred. 

Anyway, here are quick steps to cover your valances:

  • First, remove the valances from your RV’s wall using a screwdriver.
  • Once it’s been out from the wall, you can now start removing its fabric. 
  • Next, lay your valances on the new fabric you’d like to use and cut it. Just make sure you leave extra inches that you’ll need for our next step. 
  • Lastly, wrap the fabric tightly around the valances and use a staple to hold and secure it.

What Can I Put on Windows to Keep the Cold Out?

There are many ways to cover your RV windows and keep the cold out. However, the most common that RVers are using is insulated curtains. You can either buy or create your own.

Another common window cover that RVers are using to prevent heat loss is what they called, Reflectix. It is made of polyethylene bubble wrap encased in reflective aluminum foil. It can be placed either on the inside or outside your window and it can be purchased online.

Do Window Blinds save Energy?

As RVer, every energy counts for us and we always look for something that could help us save energy. And using blinds is one of the most effective ways that we can see. However, as for “saving energy” using blind can do it but it’s not as effective as curtains. The good thing about blinds though is, it’s better in reducing the summer heat gain rather than winter heat loss. 

Should I Put Curtains on Every Window?

Yes, your window treatment won’t be complete if you’re not going to do it in every window of your RV. Imagine the nice and cozy feels in your living room that curtains give you then, when you go to your bedroom it’s all plain. Just nothing. What would you feel? Remember in decorating: consistency is the key.

RV with curtains blowing out of the window, and commercial blinds.
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Which is better for an RV? Curtains or Blinds?

Final Thoughts on Blinds Vs Curtains

To put it simply, curtains are better than blinds because of the many advantages that RVers like us can get from them. Furthermore, if you want your RV to be more like your home, putting curtains will give you the feels and the ambiance you’re looking for. 

Now, imagine seeing different views every time you wake up while you’re still “home”. It was such a dream come true, right?

But, we also know that every RVers is an individual and we always have a preference of our own. So while we’re saying that curtains are better than blinds for your rigs in many aspects, the decision will still depend on you.

We just want you to know that these things that we’ve shared with you will only serve as additional help so you can make a better decision to have the best window treatment for your rigs. Because at the end of the day, we still believe that it’s your rigs, so it’s your rules.

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