The Zebra How to Make a DIY Travel Binder for Kids

How to Make a DIY Travel Binder for Kids (+Free Printables)

Today’s Guest Post is from Amanda Tallent at She is sharing this great resource to make a travel binder for a road trip with kids.

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Thinking back on your own childhood travel memories, what do you remember most? It might be that you left your favorite toy at the airport or playing the licence plate game on a road trip.

Whatever memory you carry along, you can aim to create those same experiences for your kids. 

DIY Travel BinderY

Family trips are fun and adventurous but also challenging.

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First, make sure you are prepared before you get in the car. Get your gear packed, have your car ready (especially if you are headed out for winter driving), and by all means have plenty of activities for the kids.

Throwing your family out of their routine means that kids can be less than cooperative. Keeping them occupied while in the car or on a plane can also test your patience. Luckily, with some preparation and practice, you can raise some great travelers. 

A travel binder is a great way to encourage a love for travel at any age. You can fully customize them with games and activities your kids love.

If you have little ones that like to color, add plenty of coloring pages. If your kid enjoys puzzles, add mazes and word scrambles.

Credit: The Zebra

With special travel-themed printables, your kids can even track the details of their trip and record their memories. 

To start a travel binder, you’ll need:

  • 1 binder (at least a ½ inch)
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or markers
  • Gel pens (glitter or metallic)
  • Road Trip stickers
  • Pencil holder or container for the crayons
  • Sheet Protectors
  • Printable activities


Gather all the printables before the trip and decorate the binders. Decorate the front by creating a front page and slipping it in the clear sleave on the outside.

You could print a map of your destination, print a photo of something you will see on your road trip or by color a piece of paper for the front.

Before heading out on the road gather all the printables and punch holes in each. You can pre-load the binders with some for the kids to start right away. Additional activities can be kept in a separate folder to hand out as the kids finish their pages.

Keep some art supplies in their backpack or the backseat of your car.

Credit: The Zebra

Once your child finishes all the activities, you can print more and replace or refill their binder so there’s always something new to do. 

Check out these travel-themed activities (from The Zebra) to start your collection of printables.

They created printables for kids preschool–fifth grade and included 24 other printables for you to use. They include pages of tic-tac-toe squares, car coupons, a coloring map, and loads of activities for your kids.

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