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How to Hire a Professional RV Driver for a Road Trip (+ Cost)

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Having someone to drive your RV for you during your trip is a perfect idea. This lets you have fun and talk with your family without worrying about traffic, bumps on the road, or missing out on the fun. Or, better yet, why not get a luxury RV with a driver for an unforgettable vacation?

A quick internet search won’t turn up many options so I have created this guide for you – complete with costs and where to find a driver.

After contacting many professional RV drivers and companies, I wrote this article of tips for finding an RV driver for hire. I will cover the cost of hiring a driver for your RV, how to find a professional driver, tips and more!

When looking for someone to drive your RV for you, you have a couple of different options. You can hire a professional agency that offers luxury RV rentals with drivers. Another option is to get an RV rental with a driver, or hire a driver to drive your own RV.

Hiring a driver for an RV road trip has become more common. You can enjoy the trip without worrying about driving a motorhome.

Of course, an alternative to hiring a driver for a road trip is to drive your own car or fly your family to your destination. You can then rent an RV locally and even have it delivered to a specific campground.

If you want to rent an RV, I always suggest that you start with Outdoorsy or Rvezy. I’ve had good experiences renting RVs – and renting out my own RV -through them. To read more about renting an RV, here are some resources:

Can You Hire Someone to Drive Your Motorhome?

A man on the drivers seat looking outside his window
Consider hiring a professional RV driver for your next getaway to really take advantage of your time off.
Image source: GoodLifeStudio via Canva.com

You can hire a professional RV driver to drive your motorhome for $25 to $100 per hour. Alternatively, you can find a luxury motorhome rental with a driver for an average of $1,000 to $2,000 a day.

A luxury chauffeur costs $500 – $1,500 for a 24-hour period. This cost usually includes the hourly cost for the driver, plus their accommodations and meals. Packages from companies for a road trip generally include a per-day cost.

If you are going for hourly-based pay for your chauffeur, you will have to pay for every hour of their day, not just when they are driving. You also pay for when they are breaking for lunch, when they are done setting up the RV for you at the campsite, etc.

A licensed, bonded, professional chauffeur is not going to sleep in your RV with you. They will sleep in a hotel or find other overnight accommodations nearby.

Why Hire an RV Driver?

Being on the road, away from the hustle and bustle of city life is a perfect way to unwind from the daily grind. However, what is not perfect is the fatigue you will end up having from driving all day. Especially with an RV, where the very purpose of renting it is to relax during the long commute.

Hiring a driver for an RV seems like the best practical decision as it fully enables you to relax with your family.

During the pandemic, this option has become more common with people wanting to enjoy a road trip together.

Another reason aside from convenience would be out of necessity. If you were a person of old age or a disabled person, for example, driving may be out of the question despite wanting to drive yourself. It is in these cases that hiring an RV driver becomes the best possible choice.

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    How Much Does it Cost to Hire an RV Driver?

    Hiring a driver for your RV road trip can range from $25 to $100 per hour for the driver. However, the total cost will also include hotel for the driver, parking, and the cost of renting the RV. The average cost with luxury RV rental is $1,000 to $2,000 a day. 

    The costs related to hiring a driver ultimately depend on what you would like in your trip. Many companies do not offer actual packages for this reason. They will create a personalized quote based on your specific requests.

    I requested information from one of the most well-known luxury RV rental companies, GossRV. They gave me this information about their services:

    GossRV rents 40-45’ Class A luxury RV’s with “weekly” rental rates starting from $10-15k*. We are FULL SERVICE including delivery/retrieval, industry leading 24/7 support, trip planning/concierge, and offer the largest fleet of true luxury RV’s (Prevost) in the US. Our drivers are typically only hired when clients rent RV’s through GossRV @ $695/day + accommodations + meals.

    Ben Carter, GossRV

    *Edit: As of February 2023, GossRV’s weekly rates have increased to roughly $15-20k. The daily cost is the same.

    Other companies are not “all-inclusive luxury” and charge for the driver separately. For example, the average cost of renting a driver for your RV can start at about $30 an hour and may increase from there, depending on what additional services you request. If you include the RV rental and the expenses on the road, the cost will increase from $600 to $2,000 a day.

    Here is an example of a 4-day road trip through California with a driver and motorhome:

    • Luxury Motorhome with driver for 4 days:  $5,600
    • Accommodation for driver for 3 nights:    $290
    • Campgrounds for 3 nights:  $148
    • Tip: $603
    • Total:    $6,641
    Man focused on his driving
    If you’re paying to hire someone to drive your RV, you’ll want to ensure they’re a professional.
    Image source: GoodLifeStudio via Canva.com

    Each quote you get will be personalized for your specific requests. A road trip with a driver has so many different variables, no one package could include all the options.

    Another example from the luxury rental company Private Motorhome USA was sent to me by Gary Strobel.

    I am leaving on a 19-day trip and the estimate is $20,387.00 

    Gary Strobel Private Motorhome USA

    Here are some of the different options that will affect the price of your trip:

    The Location of the Rental

    Prices vary by location. Picking your family up in Chicago versus Salt Lake City will change the price. Especially if the driver is located far away from your starting point.

    Door-to-door pickup services are frequently available for an additional cost. The driver may also pick you up from any point you request, such as the airport or mall.

    Holidays and Peak Season are More Expensive

    You may pay a premium for a driver during peak RV season or over 4th of July weekend. During the summer the prices for road trips increase. Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day are the summer holidays that are typically most popular for camping.

    Only 8-10 Hours Can Be Traveled in a Day

    Professional drivers will only drive for 8-10 hours a day and then need a full night’s rest. This is both for legal and for physical reasons.

    Driving for this whole time could increase the cost of your trip.

    Camping Fees for Your Road Trip

    For every night that you stop, you will need to pay the fee for the campground.

    Campsites cost between $30 – $75 a night depending on the campground and amenities.

    Meals and Accommodation for the Driver

    Your RV driver will not stay in the RV with you. They will sleep in a hotel nearby. So, you will be required to pay for your RV driver’s accommodations as well as all of their meals.       

    Tipping the Driver

    Tipping 5-15% is customary and may even be required by the company. Your driver is going to be with you for the entirety of the trip, focused on making sure you have the best experience you can have. A generous tip is important, especially if you truly enjoyed their company.

    How to Find RV Drivers for Hire Near Me

    Chauffeur or Professional Driver companies are the best places to look to hire a driver. You will find luxury RVs with drivers as well as just drivers themselves. Some drivers for hire advertise their services on Craigslist and Facebook.

    A simple Google search is actually a little disappointing in the number of companies that show up. Finding a luxury RV rental with a driver or a driver only is not as easy as I thought.

    After contacting many Professional Driving Services, I compiled a list of the services I have found so far. You should contact these services for both luxury RV rental and drivers for your own motorhome.

    Of the companies that I reached out to, GossRV responded immediately. They offer a full-service luxury RV vacation including luxury 40-45 foot motorhome, driver, itinerary planning, pick up and drop off.

    Tips for Hiring an RV Driver

    The first steps for hiring an RV Driver involve finding either a Chauffeur Service Package or a company that offers Professional Driver Services.

    Another option is to inquire online independently through websites like Craigslist and/or Facebook. (For example, one time I had our travel trailer and the dog was driven to Massachusetts by a driver I found on Facebook. We did not ride with him on that trip though.)

    For your safety and security, it is best to go through an agency instead of Facebook; this is simply another option.

    You will need to know the details of your trip. The company will want to know the location they will pick you up, the distance that you will drive, and the final destination. You will also need to know the number of people sleeping in the motorhome.

    What Can You Expect from Your RV Driver?

    When looking for your next RV driver there are certain characteristics that you should always be looking for. For instance, your driver should be an absolute professional. Your driver knowing everything that they need to do is one thing, but it is another for them to have done it over and over throughout the years.

    Being with an experienced professional is a must as it will put the majority of your worries at ease. Knowing that the person you have hired to drive you – and your companions – is an expert will give you much more peace of mind.

    What Is Included in a Chauffeur Service Package?

    A shot from the back of a man driving on a road in the Camper Van RV
    You can rent a luxury RV as well as private chauffer to drive you and your guests around in it.
    Image source: via Canva.com

    Chauffeur Service Packages are typically associated with renting a luxury RV. For an all-out luxury experience, this is the way to go.

    Different companies may offer different packages. Some packages enable you to truly personalize every aspect of the trip, with options for a private chef, a housekeeper, and a concierge available to attend to all your personal needs. They will personalize your experience with your favorite food and beverages during the trip.

    Concierges can also add special services such as catering, spa treatments, event tickets, and reservations, as well as further help with planning your trip. Some of these packages even allow you to opt for a security detail if you should desire extra security and privacy.

    Of course, let us not forget the very fact that the RV itself is stylized for luxury and convenience – in comparison to your more normal and budget-friendly RVs. Here it would be more akin to a traveling luxury hotel and restaurant.

    How Experienced Are the Drivers?

    Different companies and states will have different licenses and other requirements for their drivers. They all require the drivers to both possess the training prior to being hired by the company as well as prior to getting their special licenses which vary by state and vehicle class.

    When searching for drivers, these companies typically will indicate how many years they have been driving RVs and cars in general. This should give you the mental security that you need to breathe easy knowing that your driver is not only experienced but also qualified to tackle such a large vehicle.

    Final Thoughts

    When it comes down to it, hiring a driver for your RV comes with its benefits and downsides that reflect your situation and budget. While driving on your own may be budget-friendly, it can be physically and mentally draining planning the trip and driving for hours on end.

    This in turn leads to reduced time spent with your family on the trip. Hiring a driver alleviates all of this, as they can give you the peace of mind of not having to worry about the drive itself. This gives you more quality time with those you’ve brought on your trip.

    While the cost may go up as you opt for more and more luxurious options – or even go to the top end with a fully luxurious experience with a Chauffeur Service Package – the benefits will ultimately give you and your companions a massively positive and memorable experience.

    If it’s getting hard to keep track of the RV and driver rentals and the rising cost of everything, my Etsy Store has planners and journals that would help you put this ginormous list of expenses in one place.

    For more posts about renting an RV, start here:

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