Summer vacation travelers tour through Arches National Park in Utah USA. RV camping in Moab Area

Essential Guide to RV Camping in Moab (National Parks, RV Resorts, Boondocking, Tips)

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RV camping is a perfect way to experience the area in and around Moab, Utah and all it has to offer.   As you plan your trip, there are important things to know about RV camping in Moab.  With so many options for campgrounds and resorts, this article will help you decide where to stay, what to see and tips for preparing and camping in the Moab Area.  

After traveling to the area and camping near Moab in our own travel trailer, I created this essential guide to RV camping in Moab.  I found out that camping in the desert of Moab takes some preparation and things that you need to know before you arrive.  

If you have not chosen where you want to stay, this article covers the options of camping in your RV at Arches or Canyonlands National Parks, the State Parks, BLM and Forest Service Campgrounds, private RV resorts, and free camping spots. 

We have been to Moab with a large family in a large 35-foot travel trailer in November.  After looking at all the options available we chose to stay at Dead Horse Point State Park.  We found the amenities and location to be perfect for a last-minute, late November trip.  

Of course what you choose to do in Moab and where you choose to stay will depend on the size of your rig, time of year (electric is nice in the winter), what you want to do and the comforts that you like to have. 

What you Need to Know About RV Camping in Moab

We have camped all over the west and spent a lot of time in our home state of Colorado.  RVing in Moab takes a little different preparation and planning. 

If you do not have an RV, or would like to camp in an RV for this part of a longer trip, you can rent all different sizes and types of campers. Some private campgrounds will let you rent one of their RVs right on site for a glamping option. Another option is to rent save a lot of money (and get local insider tips) renting from a private person on Outdoorsy.

Use this link for $50 off your first Outdoorsy rental

Tips for Camping in the Desert

The first thing to remember when traveling to Moab and the region is that you will be traveling and camping in a high northern desert. And while the desert is a great place for RV camping, it is important to be aware of certain conditions.

To start with, the desert is not flat terrain. Especially if you are off the paved highway, you will encounter sand, gravel, Slickrock and other obstacles.  Some dirt roads become impassable when wet. 

Since the terrain can vary and be difficult to navigate, make sure you have maps and scouted your route.  The best approach is to ask the BLM or Forest Service Office for maps, directions, and for information about current road and weather conditions.

Be Prepared for Wild Temperature Changes

Also, because the desert is a dry climate, the heat evaporates rapidly after dark. Be prepared for radical changes in the temperature. The spring and fall can have very warm days but cold nights into freezing temperatures. 

One night in November we woke to a surprising 5 inches of snow. Fortunately being from Colorado, we were more prepared for the snow than our neighbors from California.

Remember to bring plenty of fuel for a generator, lots of layers of clothes and blankets. See our article about RV camping for a full RV packing list with printable.

RV Water Fill Station in Moab. Filling water in our travel trailer at the Shell gas station for free in Moab
RV Water Fill Station in Moab.

For the summer heat, you will appreciate functioning air conditioning and properly fueled vehicles when traveling in the desert.

You may want to take an extra fan for circulation inside the camper.  Especially if you are boondocking, sometimes your generator (like ours) will run electric fans but no the air conditioning unit.

To help deal with midday heat, a fold-out awning is a great thing to have also.

Where is the Water?

And of course, remember to bring along enough water, as well as food and fuel, when RV camping in the desert.

A quick list of Fill and Dump Stations is below but we have a complete list of places to fill water in Moab in a separate article.  We have only used the free water filling at the Shell gas station.  You can find two free places to fill water on your arrival in Moab and many RV parks that charge a small fee.

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    RV Water Fill and Dump Stations

    When we arrived in Moab with empty tanks, we needed to know about water but we did not find a comprehensive resource. So we made one for you here – where to fill water in Moab, Utah.

    The two places to fill your RV water tanks for free are the Shell Gas Station and Maverick Gas Station. Farm & City Feed and RV Supply charge $5 to fill your water tanks and dump. The other option are some private RV parks in the area.

    Shell Gas Station has a free water spigot that you can use. It is located south of town at 2420 Spanish Trail Rd, Moab. This is where we have stopped in even though we had to drive to the south end of Moab.

    RV Water Fill Station at the Shell Station in Moab. Filling water in our travel trailer at the gas station in Moab
    RV Water Fill Station at the Shell Station in Moab.

    Maverick Gas Station had a free water fill and dump station that you can use.  This station is at 985 S. U.S. 191

    Farm & City Feed and RV Supply have potable water and a dump station for $5.  You can pick up supplies, fill water and dump at this location 850 South Main Street, Moab 

    You can also fill water and dump at some of the private RV parks in the area.  Sometimes when we travel we spend our first or last night in an RV park. Then after a long road trip or boondocking for multiple days, we have access to the dump station, fresh water, showers, and other amenities.

    The campgrounds listed below are also reviewed later in this article in case you are considering staying for a night or two.

    • Moab KOA
    • Moak Rim RV Campark
    • Moab Valley RV Resort
    • OK RV Campground
    • Arch View Resort 
    • Canyonlands RV Resort and Campground

    Best Places to Camp in or near Moab

    Below is a list of some recommendations for the best places to camp in or near Moab. This list includes public parks and recreation areas, as well as private campgrounds, and links for more information about each.

    Keep in mind the following tips when choosing where to camp in your RV: 

    Private campgrounds have more amenities and may be more accommodating of large RVs than public parks with large RVs. However, they are correspondingly more expensive.

    Consider your and your family’s needs and prioritize what is important to you. For instance, if being in a Canyonlands or Arches National Park is a priority, prepare to do without hookups or easily available water or dumping stations.

    Canyonlands National Park can only accommodate RVs put to 28 feet in length.  Although Arches National Park has a few spots that can accommodate a larger RV (up to 40 feet) there are only a couple and the entire park fills months in advance.  

    Make sure to check that that location will accommodate the size of your rig (and the number of toys you may have along with you). Also, check which amenities the park has and reserve as soon as you know which location you would like to stay at.

    If you are boondocking, be prepared for hot days and cold nights. 

    RV Camping at Arches National Park 

    Devils Garden Campground in Arches National Park is a very popular campground situated 18 miles from the park entrance at the end of the road.  All sites are usually reserved months in advance, especially during the peak season. 

    Camping in Arches National Park
    Camper in Arches National Park

    Make sure to reserve a campsite if you are visiting between March 1 and October 31.

    Facilities include drinking water, picnic tables, grills, and both pit-style and flush toilets.   Flush toilets and water are available except in winter. The campground is best for tent camping and small self-contained RVs. Hookups are not available.

    • Website
    • Maximum RV length – Sites range in length from 20 to 40 feet.
    • Hookups – none
    • Dump Station – none
    • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
    • Nightly Rate: $25 per night

    If you are planning on camping in Arches National Park or visiting the park while staying somewhere else, we have some resources for you:

    RV Camping at Canyonlands National Park

    Canyonlands National Park is separated into districts with the most popular for families being the Island in the Sky and The Needles. If you plan to camp here make sure you read our Guide to Exploring Canyonlands National Park.

    Willow Flat Campground is located in the Island in the Sky and Needles campground and Squaw Flat group site is located in The Needles District.  Only a few sites in each campground are large enough for a medium-sized RV or trailer.

    Willow Flat Island in the Sky Campground
    Campsite at Willow Flat Campground at Island in the Sky

    Willow Flat Campground only has 12 sites and is known for the spectacular Green River Overlook. The nightly rate is $15. No water is available at the campground and RV hookups are not available. 

    The Needles Campground has 26 individual sites, plus 3 group sites.  The nightly rate is $20.  There are toilets, picnic tables, and fire rings in the campground.

    Both campgrounds are only suitable for small RVs (maximum length 28ft). No hookups are available. 

    • Website
    • Maximum RV length – 28 feet
    • Hookups – none
    • Dump Station – none
    • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
    • Nightly Rate: $15 per night Willow Flat and $20 per night The Needles

    Dead Horse Point State Park

     This small, but impressive state park features a high bluff overlooking the canyons and Colorado River.  The famous Dead Horse Point is connected by a narrow strip of land from the rest of the mesa in the park. 

    Side Note: This State Park got its name from a story of how cowboys used it to corral wild mustangs. One time, they neglected to release the horses they didn’t want, and the horses died.  Read more about Dead Horse Point State Park here.

    The park has two campgrounds, the Kayenta and the Wingate campground.  Both have tent sites, RV accommodations, and yurts.   We have a detailed article about camping at Dead Horse Point State Park based on our stay there in November.

    What you need to know when camping in Dead Horse Point State Park. View from the famous Dead Horse Point Overlook during our last camping trip
    View from Dead Horse Point Overlook

    This state park is unusual because  RV spaces can accommodate RVs up to 56 feet long.  In addition, the RV sites have electrical hookups and a dump station is available.  

    The newer Wingate campground has 20 RV campsites with electric hookups.   The Kayenta campground also has 21 sites with electric hookups.  There is a dump station that can be used by RVs from either campground but is located in Kayenta.   

    However, water hookups for RVs are not available due to the low water tables. The nearest filling station is in Moab (see the tips above for filling water in Moab or our full guide for filling water).

    For more detailed information see our Guide to Camping at Dead Horse State Park

    • Website
    • Maximum RV length – 56 feet
    • Hookups – electric
    • Dump Station – available at Kayenta Campground
    • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
    • Nightly Rate: $40 per night 
    • Extra Vehicle Fee: $15 
    • Check-in: 3 pm
    • Check out: 12noon 

    Warner Lake Campgrounds

    Warner Lake Campground on National Forest is at a higher elevation than the other desert campgrounds.  It is set among dense aspen trees and would be a beautiful location and welcome relief from the summer heat. 

    Although La Sal National Forest has 3 developed campgrounds in the Moab Area, Warner Lake is the only campground available for small size RVs.  The maximum length is 20 feet. 

    The views of the surrounding La Sal mountain peaks are spectacular and Haystack mountain is visible from the campground. 

    You should know that Warner Lake is an hour’s drive from Moab (about 30 miles) and a 1.5-hour drive to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. 

    There is also a cabin for rent for $50 a night if you are traveling with a group that would like a mixture of accommodations.  

    • Website
    • Maximum RV length – 20 feet
    • Hookups – none
    • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
    • Nightly Rate: $10 per night 
    • Reserveable at or First-come, first-served

    Ken’s Lake Recreation Area

     Ken’s Lake is a public recreation area managed by BLM near Moab.  The campground is located just 10 miles south of Moab and about 12 miles south of Arches National Park.  

    It is distinctive for its large lake (something not that common in the desert). Depending on the season, you can enjoy swimming and boating, as well as hiking.

    The campsites at Ken’s Lake can accommodate large vehicles and RVs up to 40 feet in length.  Amenities at this campground included picnic tables, grills, and vault toilets. There is no drinking water in the park or RV hookups, so you will be completely off-grid. 

    The recreation area has 49 individual units available at $15 a night for a maximum stay. Sites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information, see [].

    • Website
    • Address: Kens Lake Campground Rd, Moab, UT 84532
    • Maximum RV length – 40 feet
    • Hookups – none
    • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
    • Nightly Rate: $15 per night 
    • First-come, first-served

    Sand Flats Recreation Area Campground

    This 9000-acre recreation area is located near the La Sal Mountains and is known for its natural wonders that include the many Slickrock formations. It is a popular camping spot that is also famous for its bike and 4×4 trails.

    The camping is available within specially marked areas. There are 120 individual campsites available, spread over nine campgrounds. The sites have basic general camping amenities, and several have RV spaces. These RV spaces, however, have no hookups, so be prepared. 

    Only 30 of the campsites can accommodate RVs over 30 feet in length, and none can accommodate those over 40 feet. So this campground is best suited to smaller RVs.

    All RV sites are available on a first-come-first-serve basis only and may not be reserved in advance. So you may have a difficult time finding a place with a larger rig in the high season.

    • Website
    • Address: Sand Flats Road
    • Maximum RV length – 40 feet
    • Hookups – none
    • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
    • Nightly Rate: $15 per night 
    • First-come, first-served

    Goose Island Campground

    This BLM campground is located along the banks of the Colorado River and has been described as one of the prettiest campgrounds around. 

    Goose Island campground is within sight of the Wingate Cliffs of Arches National Park. It is also adjacent to a bike path that leads to Moab.

    Goose Island has 17 individual and two group campsites available. The most attractive sites are located right by the Colorado River. (The sites located near the toilets are likely least attractive due to the smell)

    The sites are available first-come, first-serve but you will find campers circling for a spot. Asking whoever is about to leave if they can use their spot next.

    Amenities are very limited at Goose Island. There are no hookups, and you need to bring your own water and do your own dumping in town.  Generator use is permitted between the hours are of 8 am to 8 pm.

    • Website
    • Location: Sand Flats Road
    • Maximum RV length – 40 feet
    • Hookups – none
    • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
    • Nightly Rate: $15 per night 
    • First-come, first-served

    Horsethief Campground

    Horsethief Campground on BLM is one of the largest in the area and has plenty of space between each site. It is located in the pygmy pinyon-juniper forest on the mesas near Arches National Park and Canyonlands. 

    Plus it is only 18 minutes to Dead Horse Point State Park.  

    There are 56 sites arranged into three loops (Appaloosa, Buckskin, and Cayuse). 

    This campground is operated by the BLM and the few facilities include vault toilets, picnic tables, fire pits and tent pads.  The large flat areas are easily accessible to RVs and trailers. 

    • Website
    • Maximum RV length – 40 feet
    • Hookups – none
    • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
    • Nightly Rate: $20 per night 
    • No Reservations

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      List of RV Accessible Campgrounds on BLM Lands 

      Besides the campgrounds that I have reviewed above, BLM has more campgrounds that are suitable for RVs.  The list below is from information on the BLM website and maps.  The BLM website details each of the campgrounds here :

      You can download the BLM map here. As you can see the map is quite detailed so you will want to click on the map to take you to the BLM map on their website.

      Click to download the BLM map
      • Big Bend 
      • Dewey Bridge
      • Drinks Canyon (small RVs)
      • Goldbar
      • Goose Island
      • Hatch Point
      • Hittle Bottom (small RVs)
      • Horsethief
      • Juniper (small RVs)
      • Ken’s Lake
      • Kings Bottom (small RVs)
      • Ledge A,B
      • Lone Mesa
      • Lower Onion Creek
      • Upper Onion Creek
      • Williams Bottom (small RVs)
      • Windwhistle (small RVs)

      RV Parks and Resorts in Moab

      In addition to the public campgrounds, you can try the privately-run RV campgrounds in and near the Moab area.  Each offers more amenities than the State and National Parks, the BLM, or Forest Service campgrounds. 

      Many times the private campgrounds will accommodate larger RVs. However, they also can be more expensive than public camping areas.   

      These are the Best RV Parks in Moab to Camp

      Act Campground and Environmental Center

      This newer, small campground (just 21 sites) is located just a couple of miles from Moab. It is unique among private campgrounds because it emphasizes sustainability and offers educational programs, such as the Bio-Geology Workshops and Field Adventures. 

      In addition, Act Campground offers larger RV sites that can accommodate vehicles up to 45 feet long. Each site has 20, 30, and 50 amp electric, sewer, water hookups, and the campground has its own dump station.

      Amenities include Free Wi-Fi, as well as laundry, communal kitchen, and dining area.

      One drawback, according to reviews, is that it can be a bit hard to find. So have a map and phone number on hand.

      Tent sites, cabins, and yurts are also available if you need a variety of accommodations for a larger group. 

      If you’re looking for a less crowded (and pet-friendly) private RV camp experience, Act may be for you. 

      • Website
      • Maximum RV length – 45 feet
      • Hookups – full
      • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
      • Nightly Rate: $49- $59 per night 

      OK RV Park and Canyonland Stables

      A private RV and tent camping area within easy reach of the major parks and recreation areas. It is located only 5 miles outside Moab. 

      OK RV Park offers both traditional RV spaces and “Glamping Options” that include pre-set up luxury RVs (in case you would like to try RV camping without the hassle of driving your own!). 

      There are 36 sites with full hookups, 20/30/50 amp services are available at each.  In addition, they have laundry facilities, showers, restrooms, and fire rings. 

      Big rigs are welcome and the maximum length is 45 feet. Passport America offers up to a 50% discount on the site.

      • Website
      • Reservations for Glamping
      • Location: 3310 Spanish Valley Dr, Moab, UT 84532
      • Maximum RV length – 45 ft
      • Hookups – full 
      • Dump Station – available
      • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
      • Nightly Rate: call for rates and reservations
      • Extra Vehicle Fee: $5
      • Check-in: 12 noon
      • Check out: 12noon 

      Archview RV Resort and Campground

      This is one of the more high-end private RV campgrounds in the area that features a Western theme, complete with an old Western church on site!

      Its pull-through RV sites feature full hookups and accommodate RVs up to 50 feet in length.

      Archview offers a variety of amenities beyond the basics. There are swimming pools, splash pad, playground, and hot tubs, as well as cable TV and Wi-Fi. It also has its own gas station and laundromat.
      • For reservations
      • Location: 13701 US-191, Moab, UT
      • Maximum RV length – 45 ft
      • Hookups – full 
      • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
      • Nightly Rate: $50 -$55 
      • Discounts through Passport America and Good Sam
      • Extra Vehicle Fee: $5
      • Check-in: 12 noon
      • Check out: 12noon 

      Canyonlands RV Resort and Campground

      Not to be confused with Canyonlands National Park, this private RV site is located conveniently near the park. It Includes tent sites and cabin rentals, as well as pull-through RV sites. Keep in mind that RV sites here only accommodate vehicles up to 34 feet long.  They own other sites that accommodate larger RVs (Archview RV Resort & Campground and Moab Valley RV Resort & Campground). 

      Amenities include a general store/gas station, swimming pool, and picnic pavilion, as well as a playground for the kids.
      • For Reservations
      • Location: 555 S Main St, Moab, UT 84532
      • Maximum RV length – 34 ft
      • Hookups – full 
      • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
      • Nightly Rate: call for rates
      • Discounts through Passport America and Good Sam

      Moab KOA 

      KOAs are quite popular across the country and the Moab KOA is no exception. This is the closest KOA campground to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Dead Horse Point State Park.  It is only 15 minutes to Arches National Park. 

      True to KOAs this park has many comforts.  They offer pull-thru big rig sites, deluxe cabins with bathrooms, camping cabins, and tent sites.  You could gather with your friends and family that do not have an RV. 

      The maximum length of RV that they accommodate may be the biggest in Moab at 80 feet long.  Plus, the swimming pool is said to be the biggest in Moab.  You will see a higher rate at the KOA to go along with the bigger and better amenities

      • Reservations
      • Location: 3225 S Hwy 191
      • Maximum RV length – 80 ft
      • Hookups – full 
      • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
      • Nightly Rate: call for rates
      • Discounts through Passport America and Good Sam

      Moab Rim Campark

      The campsites at Moab Rim Campark have awesome views of the Spanish Valley and the La Sal Mountains.  This is a full-service RV campground with amenities for the whole family.  

      The facilities include grass sites, hot showers, playground, store with snacks drinks and ice cream, and more.   Who doesn’t love ice cream?

      The campground is located 2 miles south of downtown Moab and has many hiking and biking trails nearby. 

      The pull-through RV sites are available with full hookups and 30/50A power, cable TV and wifi. They can accommodate big rigs.

      Also, there are cabins for rent with various levels of amenities if you wish to invite friends along without an RV.

      • Reservations
      • Location:1900 South Hwy 191, Moab, UT
      • Maximum RV length – 70 feet
      • Hookups – full 
      • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
      • Nightly Rate: starting st $45 ($39 for power and water only)
      • Fee for additional persons 

      Moab Valley RV Resort and Campground

      The Moab Valley RV Resort and Campground are located just down from Lions Park and the walking/ biking trails.  Reviewers consistently say “this place is beautiful!”

      This campground is centrally located 2 miles north of Moab and 2 miles south of Arches National Park.

      They offer many facility activities.  When you are not exploring the Moab Area you can enjoy the outdoor pool and a hot tub, playground, life-size chess, free wifi and more.  In addition, they have an on-site store with basic staples and ice cream (I consider ice cream a staple)

      More information:
      • Reservations for cabins
      • Location:1773 N Hwy 191, Moab, UT 
      • Maximum RV length – 45 ft
      • Hookups – full 
      • Dump station – available
      • Pets: welcome and must be leashed
      • Nightly Rate: call for rates

      Pack Creek Campground & RV Park

      Pack Creek Campground is the only off-highway RV campground in the Moab Area and offers quiet, secluded camping. 

      They have level pull-through sites with full hookups including 30Aml and 20 Amp GFCI outlets, city water, and sewer.  They also have a free dump station on-site for guests. 

      This campground has many options for RV camping.  You can choose full hookups, power and water only, or dry camping.  Creekside tent sites are also available. 

      • Reservations
      • Location:1520 Murphy Ln # 6, Moab, UT 84532
      • Maximum RV length – 35 ft
      • Hookups – full or partial
      • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
      • Nightly Rate: starting at $45 ($35 for power and water only)
      • Fees for additional persons 

      Portal RV Resort and Campground

      Slated as a premier RV resort surrounded by mountain views, open space, hiking and biking trails, and off-roading.   The campground is adjacent to the Nature Conservancy’s Matheson Wetlands Preserve

      They are a full-service RV resort offering the largest RV sites in Moab and vacation home rentals.  The RV sites are available in a pull-through with full hookups including 20/30/50 amp power, water, sewer, wifi, and cable.

      You will find a general store, laundry facilities, playground, beach, and pond onsite

      • Reservations
      • Location:1261 N Hwy 191, Moab, UT 84532
      • Maximum RV length – 100 feet
      • Hookups – full 
      • Dump station – available
      • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
      • Nightly Rate: starting at $59 ($51 for power and water only)
      • Fees for additional persons 

      Slick Rock Campground

      The Slickrock Campground is family-owned and operated and the oldest in Moab. Unlike other areas in the desert, this campground has mature shade trees on the property.  People say management is friendly and has some tips for what to do in Moab. 

      Slickrock RV Resort is within walking or biking distance of the Colorado River and downtown Moab.   Arches National Park is ten miles from the campground. 

      Reviews indicate this is a basic campground where the spots are a little tight and mixed reviews of the shade trees.  Some people appreciate the trees for shade and privacy others were concerned about maneuvering their rig around the tress.   

      • Reservations
      • Location:  1301 N Hwy 191, Moab, UT 84532
      • Maximum RV length – 55 feet
      • Hookups – full 
      • Dump station – available
      • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and walked in the pet area
      • Nightly Rate: call for rates (435) 259-7660
      • Fees for additional persons 

      The Desert Moon Hotel and RV Park

      This campground in the little town of Thompson Springs has an interesting history.  They have been in the Moab area since the Coal Mining days of the early 1930s.    

      This small local campground features 10 RV hook-up sites, 10 tent camping sites, and 4 private rooms available for rent.  Shade trees, electricity, water, and sewer utilities are available at each RV parking spot. 

      • Reservations
      • Location:  75 West Highway 6-50, Thompson Springs
      • Maximum RV length – 45 feet
      • Hookups – full 
      • Pets: welcome but must be leashed and attended 
      • Nightly Rate: $40 a night ($25 tent sites)

      Free Camping near Moab on Public Lands (Primitive Camping)

      Finally, primitive camping or boondocking which is free camping on public lands is a good option if you want seam extra space and you’re willing to live with the limitations. 

      It goes without saying that when boondocking, make sure that you have a working generator and sufficient propane. The desert winters can be cold.  You don’t want to be stuck without heat. 

      Note: Free Camping is not allowed anywhere in the town of Moab.  It is against the town ordinance.  Additionally, Within 20 miles of Moab, camping is only allowed in developed campgrounds.

      So your options for free camping near Moab are on Public Lands like BLM and Forest Service 

      The Bureau of Land Management offers many places in the area where you can park your RV and dry camp for free. These sites are usually it is first-come, first-serve, and advanced reservations are not accepted.

      Call the BLM or Forest Service Office for a complete list of the area and maps for boondocking.  Here is a shortlist of the most popular locations:

      • Willow Springs 
      • Copper Ridge Dinosaur Trackways
      • Tusher Canyon – Mill Canyon Road
      • La Sal Mountain Loop Road
      • Dubinky Well Road
      • Gemini Bridges Road in Bride Canyon.
      • Cotter Mine Road 
      • Dripping Springs Area 
      • Black Ridge Area
      • Behind the Rocks 
      • Canyon Rims Recreation Area
      • Copper Ridge Dinosaur Trackways
      • Tusher Canyon – Mill Canyon Road
      • La Sal Mountain Loop Road
      • Willow Springs – US 191 to Willow Springs Road

      See our guide to Ultimate Guide to Boondocking in an RV

      Final Thoughts about RV Camping In Moab

      Moab Area is an amazing place to RV camp.  You have so many different options for places to stay in your camper – from luxury RV resorts to Arches National Park to boondocking.

      I listed all the information that we found useful in planning and enjoying our trips to the Moab Area.  And more as I found it.

      This is actually part of a series that I wrote on the Moab Area based on our visits. I think you will find the articles that we have very useful.

      Additional Resources:

      I hope you enjoy your RV trip to the Moab area as much as we have. We have created a full resource for RV camping with kids. Sign up for all the secret hacks to make your next vacation amazing!

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