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Comfort, convenience, affordability, and capacity are just some of the many things we keep in mind when renting an RV. But an equally important issue is the mileage. Are our camper rentals with unlimited mileage even a thing?

RV rentals with unlimited mileage can be found with either free unlimited miles or with an upcharge. The flat rate charge for motorhomes with unlimited mileage varies between $20 to $100 per day. Rental companies such as Outdoorsy, RVezy, and RVShare with free unlimited miles have the cost built into the rental price.

When renting an RV, mileage is one of the most significant factors to consider for a long road trip. You need to know if your RV rental includes free miles or if there is a charge for mileage. It’s difficult to estimate the absolute number of miles you’ll be going during your travel because many unexpected things may come your way.  

Keep reading as I tell you more information that you need to know when you’re renting an RV with unlimited mileage.

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Can You Rent an RV with Unlimited Miles?

An SUV pulling a fifth wheel
An SUV pulling a Fifth-Wheel

RVs can be rented with unlimited miles and generally cost between $20 to $85 a night more than limited mileage rentals. Travel trailers generally include unlimited miles. Some motorhomes and campervans include unlimited mileage in the cost or as an added fee.

RV renters usually appreciate the unlimited miles feature. You can plan your travels while not being bothered by the distance you are going to travel daily.

You should keep in mind that renting RVs with unlimited miles can be more expensive than rentals with limited mileage. Renting RVs for a long time will cause more maintenance and repairs when returned to the owner, so they need to keep up with those costs.

Where to Find RV Rentals with Unlimited Mileage

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If you already did a Google search for RV rental unlimited miles, you will know it is difficult to find the companies that offer this. I have contacted companies and created a list of rental companies that offer RVs with unlimited miles.

These are companies that you can rent a camper with unlimited miles:

  • Outdoorsy
  • RVShare
  • RVezy
  • RVnGo
  • Blacksford
  • Lil’RV
  • Lost Campers
  • KuKu campervan rentals
  • Mountain West RV Rentals

Each company is based in different locations across the US and either has free or a flat rate for unlimited miles. Outdoorsy, RVezy, and RVShare are peer-to-peer rental networks. You rent your RV from an individual owner anywhere in the US.

This chart will help you understand more about which company to choose to rent an RV.

Where to Rent an RV near me with unlimited miles

RV Rental CompanyAdditional cost for unlimited milesLocations
OutdoorsyFree to $30US – nationwide
RVShareFree to $30US – nationwide
RVezyFree to $30US and Canada
RVnGoFree to $30US – nationwide
BlacksfordFreeMontana, Colorado, Nevada
KuKu campervan rentalsFreeColorado
Lil’RV$25Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco
Lost campersFreeLos Angeles and San Francisco
Travelers Autobarn FreeCalifornia, Colorado, Nevada
Mountain West RV rentalsFreeColorado

The easiest way to find camper rentals with unlimited miles is from owners on Outdoorsy, RVezy, and RVShare

No specific motorhome or campervan comes with unlimited mileage because it is not usually included in rentals. It is entirely up to the RV rental’s owner whether or not an RV rental includes unlimited miles. However, you do not need to worry because you can still find many owners who offer unlimited mileage when renting their RV units.

Do You Get a Mileage Charge When You Rent an RV?

Travel trailers generally include unlimited miles or more flexible mileage plans. Motorhomes and campervans, on the other hand, will have a set number of miles included and charge for additional miles per day.

This pricing approach enables businesses to account for vehicle maintenance while also providing distinct benefits to renters. Rentals usually include a fixed set of miles between 50 and 150 miles a day included in the price. Additional miles are charged between 25-60 cents a mile.

The word “unlimited miles” may appear to be a good offer, but let’s take a closer look. When you book an RV with unlimited miles, you pay a single flat cost for the amount of time you use it. 

You don’t receive a clear breakdown of expenses because the price is fixed together in one amount. You will not have the ability to calculate alternative travel expenses depending on various itineraries.

Per mileage charges, on the other hand, is considered by a lot of travelers because you can usually travel 50 to 100 miles a day using it. This may cause less than the unlimited miles which you need to pay whether or not you were able to use the whole allowance.

In addition, the price will always vary based on where you will decide to rent your RV.

Tips for looking for an unlimited miles deal

Now that you know something about unlimited mileage in an RV rental, you plan your next step finding a good deal.

When researching costs for RV rentals online, make sure you obtain a complete breakdown of their offer. This way you can see how much goes to everything.

At some point, you will come across some RV owners that demand exorbitant preparation costs yet do not charge for mileage.  On the other hand, some will boost the rent to accommodate the free miles.

So keep in mind that it may be cheaper for you to pay for the extra miles in addition to your package. 

When looking at the rentals on Outdoorsy or the other peer-to-peer networks communication with the owner is the key to success. Ask the owner lots of questions to avoid confusion and additional costs.

Do You Need Insurance with Your Unlimited Mileage RV Rental?

Every one of us wants hassle-free and safe travel, right? This means that you need insurance!

An RV rental may be covered under your existing vehicle insurance policy, although this is rare. Always remember that before deciding to rent an RV, call your insurance company. Ask the details on what are certain things that your insurance can cover.

The safest route is to purchase the insurance with the rental to cover and issues that occur on your trip.

Most unlimited mileage rentals include insurance because many companies include it in the rental or as an added fee. On rare occasions, a company or owner may have insurance that requires the renter to obtain it.

The majority of RV owners do not mention in their listings if the insurance is already included. As a result, if you want to know more about your unlimited RV mileage insurance, you have to talk to the rental owner. You can perhaps try Outdoorsy, RVezy, and RVshare owners they might be able to help you with your questions.

Benefits of Renting a Camper with Unlimited Miles

There Will Be Fewer Unexpected Costs

You can enjoy traveling wherever you want without the worry of incurring additional costs. Unlimited mileage rentals ensure that your journey is cost-effective.

The main advantage of renting an RV with unlimited miles is that you may save more money over the long term. Owners that do not provide unlimited mileage for RV rentals generally charge $0.25 or $0.45 per mile over and above the free daily miles they provide.  

You know to expect the unexpected, like your possible stopovers, change of plans, or even other problems that you may have to encounter.

Moreover, when you choose to get unlimited mileage, the cost of it is already concrete rather than choosing a per mile. This will make budgeting for your trip easier.

There Is No Need to Worry about Your Destination

The beauty of renting an RV is you are free to roam wherever your wheels can take you. This is a great deal if you do not want to keep to a strict trip itinerary.

Unlimited mileage will help you have more freedom and you can go on a spontaneous trip without any worries.

You Will Have More Time Enjoying Your Trip

Having a limited mileage makes you feel conscious about your mileage allowance. Since you do not want to have extra fees and charges, you will probably spend most of your time calculating it instead of having fun.

That’s why renting a campervan with unlimited miles is always a better option. It gives you more time to relax and collect memories.

You Can Easily Budget The Money For Your Trip

Your budget for your much-awaited vacation is really important. If you are the kind of person who makes sure that everything is well-planned, then you might want to consider renting a camper with unlimited miles.

With this, you will not have to worry about how much money you have to keep in case you reach your mileage allowance.

Final Thoughts on RV rentals with Unlimited Mileage

When you choose to take on a venture with an RV, many great experiences are waiting for you. If not properly planned, those experiences might turn unpleasant. 

Let me just break it here, renting an unlimited mileage RV is not a great choice for everyone. For example, if you are on a tight budget and plans to take on short trips.

But hey! if you want to travel on an RV wherever the road takes you; renting with unlimited miles might save you a lot of money. 

Consider renting an RV with unlimited miles if you can and enjoy your trip without the need of grabbing your calculator from time to time! 

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