RV Water Fill Station in Moab. Filling water in our travel trailer at the Shell gas station for free in Moab

RV Water Fill Stations in Moab

Water is one necessity when camping in the desert in Moab.  When we arrived in Moab with our travel trailer, the first question for us was – where can we fill our RV water tank?  I created this list to help you know your options for RV water fill stations in Moab.  

We love traveling to the Moab area, especially in the fall.  After a couple of trips and one with the RV, I wrote a series on the Moab Area. 

This is just one article in the series.  You might enjoy the some of the other articles for planning your trip.

When arriving in Moab (or anywhere) and filling your fresh water tanks or dumping there are a few tips to follow:

Make sure to bring your own hoses – and different ones for freshwater and flushing the tanks.  Bring a small spray bottle of sanitizer for the nozzle on the spigot and the end of your fresh water hose. 

When you arrive locate the spigot or the dump station so you can navigate easily.  If you are at a gas station or store make sure to check inside and ask any questions you have.  

If you are filling or dumping for free at a store or gas station, be considerate and fill up your gas tank or buy something you need in the store. 

Free Water Fill Station for RVs in Moab

RV Water Fill Station at the Shell Station in Moab. Filling water in our travel trailer at the gas station in Moab
RV Water Fill Station at the Shell Station in Moab.

Shell Gas Station

You will need to drive to the south end of town to this aghast station.  We filled up our water tanks at this location when we arrived.  There is a spigot on the west side of the property. 

  • Location: 2420 Spanish Trail Rd, Moab
  • Phone: 435-259-3939
  • Water: Potable water spigot between the gas islands and one on the side
  • Dump: No
  • Propane: available for purchase

Maverick Gas Station #341

You can get diesel or gas, fill your water tanks with a spigot or dump at this gas station.

Keep in mind that there are two Maverik gas stations in the Moab area, but only one serves RVs, so be sure you get to the right one! It is located at 985 S. U.S. 191, south of town.

  • Location: 985 S. U.S. 191
  • Phone: 435-259-0775
  • Water: Potable water its on the gas station building but you may need to bring your own hose. 
  • Dump: Free – north side by the diesel pumps

Other Options for Water in Moab

Farm & City Feed and RV Supply  

You can pick up extra RV supplies and purchase propane as well as fill and dump at this store.  Many reviews say this was the only place they could find the right parts for their RV. 

  • Website: https://moabrvandfeed.business.site
  • Location: 850 South Main Street. Moab, UT 84532
  • Phone: (435) 259-0169
  • Water: Potable water $5 
  • Dump: $5 fee

RV parks with water and dump station for a fee

You might choose to pay small fee to fill your water tanks and dump at an RV park.  Another option is to stay your first or last night at an RV resort, to have one night of comforts and fill and empty your tanks.

I suggest that you stay a night at an RV park after a long road trip to arrive at Moab or a days out boondocking.  We do this and enjoy a nice hot shower, cleaning up the travel trailer, emptying the tanks and filling new water. 

See our article on tips for RV camping and where to stay.  We reviewed many different options for RV camping including private RV Parks (with lots of comforts), state and national parks, BLM and Forest Service campgrounds, and free camping near Moab.  Read more here for complete list of tips on RV Camping in Moab and Where to Stay.

OK RV Campground 

  • Location: 3310 Spanish Valley Dr, Moab, UT 84532 
  • Phone: 435-259-1400 
  • Water: Potable Water Available fee $5
  • Dump:  fee $5.00 

Canyonlands RV Resort and Campground

  • Location: 555 S Main St, Moab, UT 84532
  • Phone: (435) 259-6848
  • Water available 
  • dump station available

Moab KOA 

  • Location: 3225 S Hwy 191
  • Phone: 435-241-7890
  • Water Available for a fee
  • Dump: $15.00 

Moab Rim RV Campark

  • Location:1900 South Hwy 191, Moab, UT
  • Phone 435-259-5002
  • Water available for $10
  • Dump: Fee $10 

Moab Valley RV Resort and Campground

  • Location:1773 N Hwy 191, Moab, UT 
  • Phone 435-259-4469
  • Water available 
  • dump station available

Thoughts about RV Water Fill Stations in Moab

This is actually part of a series that I wrote on the Moab Area based on our visits. I think you will find the articles that we have very useful.

Additional Resources:

View of Delicate Arch from the Lower Viewpoint

I hope you enjoy your RV trip to the Moab Area as much as we have. 

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