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RVezy is one of the most popular RV rental marketplaces, especially in Canada. However, it has been growing rapidly in the US for both owners and renters. It offers all kinds of RVs and trailers that you can rent based on your preference.  But is RVezy actually legit and safe?

RVezy is legit and safe. Aside from it being used by many RV owners and renters, you will see many verified reviews about this platform with a 94% approval rating. 

RVezy was first launched in 2016 in Canada by Michael McNaught. In 2020, only after perfecting the business model, he decided to introduce it in the US. He launched it for those who love traveling but don’t want to buy or still haven’t decided which RV to buy. It is perfect for families who do not want to get trouble maintaining a rig so they prefer to rent instead of buying one. 

Why Choose RVezy?

A laptop on an RV dining room –

In the past, I have talked about how my family has rented RVs for our vacations and how we actually have our own RV listed on peer-to-peer networks like Outdoorsy. In fact, I have written a showdown of the two. You can read it here: Outdoorsy vs RVshare for Renting an RV (Who You Should Rent From)

RVezy, on the other hand, is a newer addition to the lineup. Recently, RVezy actually reached out to me, knowing that I was renting on the other platforms and writing about it. I had a full video call with Matt and he spent over an hour just explaining how RVezy works.

So I have to stop right there. Did you see that? Something is definitely different here. He spent an hour personally answering all my questions. Try calling and getting a real person on the line at most customer service, much less spending an hour on a video call!

So I’d like to dedicate a whole post to it. I am using my experience in renting RVs and renting out my RV to write this review. I’ll spill what I think about it first, and then you can dig in deeper.

Barely two years since it was introduced to the US. RVezy is growing rapidly. Although it is nowhere near RVshare who has over 60,000 listings and 25,000 on Outdoorsy it will be approaching that level soon. In Canada, RVezy is the king, and from the looks of it, the US branch is determined to imitate or dethrone its Canadian counterpart. Current reviews show how they have successfully carried over their exemptional customer service that makes it popular in Canada.

Now let’s take a deeper look at what you can expect with RVezy. Hint…. the level of service that I just gave you is a sneak peek at the heart of why you should trust RVezy!

What are the Benefits of Using RVezy?

When looking to rent an RV, you will probably come across owners, like us, that have their RVs listed on different platforms. I can tell you by using RVezy at the same time as other websites, you get to know the differences very quickly! Here are the benefits of RVezy’s platform.

Full insurance coverage

As with other companies, RV owners and renters are covered with insurance once they use RVezy. This is for the occasion where any damage or accident may happen. Along with that is a $1M third-party liability coverage.  

A screenshot of RVezy's insurance info
RVezy screenshot of insurance page

RVezy really shines here. The insurance is in-house and covers many uses including while you are delivering your own RV. So if you need to make a claim, you call RVezy and only deal with them. (yup the same people who spent an hour on a video call with me)

This is completely and totally unique to the peer to peer marketplace.

Reliable Roadside assistance

The next one is when you book an RV using RVezy, you will be given a number once your booking has been confirmed. This is a number to contact in case you experience a problem with the rig while on the road or during your trip. That number can be contacted 24/7 for roadside assistance.  

This roadside assistance covers, fridge failure, towing service, removal of the septic blockage, battery assistance, locksmith, and more.

It has an EZYMatch feature

The EZYMatch is unique to RVezy. This feature helps RV owners to promote their listing and helps RV renters to meet owners that have the type of rig they are looking for. 

This will send the owner a notification about the RV renters who are looking for a rig that they have. With this, owners can discuss what they can offer to the renters.

Tips on How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Renting RVs

An engine start button labeled as Rent/Start
Olivier Le Moal –

We agree that sometimes, we are skeptical of using a different platform to rent or promote RVs. We know that scammers and fraudsters are everywhere, that’s why we don’t want to take risks by trying something new. However, even if you use the most secure and safest platform you may still get scammed if you will not follow these tips that we have.  

  1. Use trustworthy RV rental companies. There are lots of rental companies that you will see online but you have to make sure that you are going to use legit platforms like RVezy.

  2. Stay on the platform. When the RV owner or renter sends you a private message and asks you to make an arrangement or payment outside the website, there is a chance that it is a scam. The best thing to do to avoid it is to never, ever make unsecured transactions outside the platform that you used.

  3. Some owners will ask you to make full payment upfront. This can also be a scam. What will happen is on the day of your booking, no RV will show up and you will no longer be able to contact the owner. RVezy only allows verified owners and renters to use the platform so they have all the contact information.

  4. Some owners asked for damage claims or compensation even though the damage is already there before the booking. And vice versa renters will claim the damage was existing before the rental. To make sure that this will not happen to you, check first the interior and exterior of the rig for any existing damage. Make a list of any damage, take pictures and document it with the owner.

  5. Some renters will try to negotiate with the owner and will not make any down payment. Then, after the booking, you will not receive any payment at all. If you keep all transactions on the RVezy platform, they will release the payment through the renter’s credit card.  

Which is Better,  Outdoorsy or RVezy?

Both Outdoorsy and RVezy are good and have almost the same features and benefits. They are also one of the most trusted platforms to rent an RV. And we are actually using both platforms to have our RV rented so I can attest to it.

However, if we look into the number of users, Outdoorsy has more users than RVezy. However, we can attribute it to the fact that RVezy is fairly new to the market but is growing rapidly.

The customer service on RVezy can’t be beaten! I have waited on line and sent multiple emails to Outdoorsy for an issue with my VIN. Another time, a renter needed to cancel for COVID and RVShare. RVEzy answers the phone every time with a live person sitting at a desk in Canada ( complete with a Canadian accent).

My advice is if you are an owner, list on both RVezy and Outdoorsy. I make it easy to help you set up both accounts with this swipe file. Just download it, follow the instructions and fill in the blanks. You will have a complete listing created in a few minutes (seconds if you type fast.). Get your own copy of my free swipe file “Guide for Owners to Make Money Renting Out Your RV”

If you are looking to rent an RV- check RVezy first! If your desired rig is available, message The owner to reserve it right away. If not, or you want to comparison shop, check out Outdoorsy.

Related questions about RV travel

Is renting or buying an RV for you? I’ve come up with answers to the most common questions that I can find about RVs in general.

What is the most rented RV?

For the past years, travel trailers are the most rented RV especially those that are small and easy to tow. RVers find it more easy and convenient to tow a trailer with their trucks. The next one is the Class C RV. Aside from the luxuries and amenities included in it, it is spacious and can accommodate up to 12 adults.

Is it cheaper to rent an RV or stay in a hotel?

The cost of staying in an RV and staying in a hotel varies depending on how long you are going to travel and if you are a big or a small group or family. Therefore, both can either be cheap or expensive. However, thinking about our situation and now that we are in the middle of the pandemic, staying in an RV is much safer than staying in a hotel. In an RV, you don’t have to worry about being with other people or share elevators or common areas with them.

What is the most popular type of RV?

Just like with the most rented RVs, travel trailers and Class C motorhomes are also the most popular type of RV. Aside from they are both big, they got a lower price but offer the same comfort as the class A motorhome.

Further reading: 11 RV Rental Types Explained (+ Rental Cost and Length)

Should I buy a new or used RV?

Buying a used RV is better than buying a new one. Simply because you will just spend a lot of money on something that you can also get from a used RV. What you just need is to have a good eye and do research about the seller and the RV that you would like to buy.

Is it cheaper to live in an RV?

Living in an RV is cheaper because you will only have to spend money on those things that you essentially need. Plus, some campsites offer affordable parking fees. But in case you are not aware, there are lots of free campsites and campgrounds that you can go to.  Additionally, You will also spend less on eating out because you will already experience eating in different places all the time while cooking at a very low price.

RVezy is it legit and safe a trailer parked in the woods
RVezy is it legit and safe?

Final thoughts about using RVezy

When you are renting an RV, you have the benefit of being able to experience all kinds of RVs in the market. Plus, if you are planning to buy one in the future, it helps you make a better decision on which kind of RV is perfect for you.

As an RV owner, if you are not using your rig regularly, it is practical to have it rented instead of letting it sit in storage. Plus, you are not just earning money, you are also sharing the experience that you get to aspiring RVers out there. I actually love getting to know renters and many of them are even locals just out for a weekend!

But other than those things we have mentioned, using a legit and safe platform, like RVezy, is really important since our experience as a renter and RV owner will also depend on it.

RVezy is such a great platform to start your RVing experience and now that you know that it is 100% legit, we think this can now be added to the platforms you use. It is always great to have a lot of options right? More renters for RV owners and better.

Are you looking to rent or rent out an RV? Here are some resources to help you:

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