Kid-Friendly Things to do in Colorado Springs with Toddlers and Babies including Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, North Pole and Great Wolf Lodge

23 Exciting Things to do in Colorado Springs with Toddlers and Babies

What can families with toddlers do in Colorado Springs? In a big family, you end up with kids of many ages, we have had a toddler in tow for over a decade. This is our list of kid-Friendly things to do in Colorado Springs with a toddler.

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Kid-Friendly Things to do in Colorado Springs with Toddlers and Babies including Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, North Pole and Great Wolf Lodge
Kid-Friendly Things to do in Colorado Springs with Toddlers and Babies

Is Colorado Springs a good place for the family vacation?

Colorado Springs is a great vacation spot for families with small children. As the second-largest city in Colorado, you will find many outdoor and indoor things to do and fun parks to play in. It’s location up against the foothills, is the perfect mix between the modern city and natural wonder.

In terms of family attractions, you’ll find enough to fill any length itinerary, with many showing off the beautiful natural scenery. Whether you are looking for a hike with your family, educational experience, indoor activity or scenic drive, you can find something to do with small children.

In addition, the area is rich in art and history. Your family will find plenty of exciting spots that will immerse you in the unique culture of Colorado. From art festivals to museums, to zoos, to awe-inspiring nature, Colorado Springs has it all.

Most activities on this list are free things to do for toddlers and babies in Colorado Springs. Not everything is free though, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo costs 75 cents for children under 2 years old. So I have included the price for each location.

This post is divided into outdoor things to do with toddlers in Colorado Springs, Indoor Activities and the Best Parks for Toddlers. At the end, you will find additional resources for planning your trip.

Activities to do in Colorado Springs with Toddlers

1. Garden of The Gods

With 1,300 acres of sandstone formations, the Garden of the Gods is one awesome city park (technically it should be in the favorite park section of this post). Surprisingly it’s free .. forever. We have visited with toddlers and big kids and can say you will not be disappointed by this must-see National Natural Landmark in Colorado Springs.  

You can take in the view for free from your car, take a short (or long) hike, scramble around on the rocks and picnic at one of the 2 areas. 

Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak Colorado Springs Colorado
Photograph of Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak Colorado Springs

Playing on the rocks was the favorite activity in our family. (Yes, unlike Arches National Park, you can climb on the rocks.)

At the visitor center, you can learn more about how the rocks were formed, and also take some time to shop for souvenirs or eat at the cafe.

This is likely the best park for toddlers in Colorado Springs.  I included it here though because it is so much more than a city park.  I wrote an in-depth review of our visit to the Garden of the Gods here.

You can’t actually camp in Garden of the Gods but you can stay close at the Garden of the Gods Club and resort, with 2 pools and family rooms. Check prices and make reservations here.

  • Website
  • Location:1805 North 30th Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
  • Hours of Operation: The Park is open 5 am-10 pm. The visitor center is open from 9 am-5 pm.
  • Price: Free entry to the park and the visitor center.

2. Rock Ledge Ranch 

Rock Ledge Ranch is a living history farm and museum with guides wearing period-appropriate costumes.  It is located on 230 acres at the Garden of the Gods. The period of history that the ranch focuses on is the Native Americans of late 1700s; 1860s Galloway Homestead; 1880s Chambers Home and Ranch; and 1907 Edwardian Country Estate.

Kids will enjoy the working blacksmith shop, horse stables, chicken coop and more. 

  • Website
  • Location: 3105 Gateway Rd, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Hours: open summers 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Price: Adults $8, Seniors $5, Youth $4, Children 5 and under Free
  • Discounts: group rates for 10 or more

3. Summit Pikes Peak

Colorado is famous for its fourteeners and many people want to make it to the top of a 14ner.  (Peak bagging is a popular activity in Colorado.) Pikes Peak is one way to take small kids up to the top of the world without a lengthy and difficult hike.  

You can drive or take the cog railway to the top of Pikes Peak.  The Cog railway is an hour and a half to the summit.  You will have fantastic views on the way up but toddlers may have a difficult time sitting still. 

Pikes Peak Colorado one of the things to do in Colorado Springs with Kids
Pikes Peak Road Sign

The option we chose is to drive to the top of Pikes Peak.  You can still view the scenery but you can have more options for stopping. Driving to the top is a good option is you are worried about your baby’s comfort or health. 

Pro Tip:  be careful of the altitude with infants and small children.  As an adult, I have felt a little dizzy at the top.  Discuss with your Pediatrician, especially if you are from a lower altitude or have any medical issues.  The City of Colorado springs recommends not taking babies under 6 months. 

All kids are different – babies are born at altitude in Leadville, Vail, and Aspen all the time.  I have had a few babies born at very high altitude (above 8,000 feet)

  • Website
  • Location: 5089 Pikes Peak Highway Cascade, CO 80809
  • Hours of Operation: 9AM -4PM Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday
  • Price: Adults $10, Children $5, or $35 our car

4. Helen Hunt Falls

Helen Hunt Falls is a 35-foot tall waterfall named after activist and poet Helen Hunt Jackson.  This short 1-mile hiking trail in North Cheyenne Cañon Park is good for toddlers (with a little help) with a beautiful waterfall a the end. 

You should know that although short there are stone stairs at the top and the altitude is 7,200 feet. 

Stop at the Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center to learn more about the area and the falls. There are exhibits, maps, videos and more. You can also get information on guided hikes and nature walks.

  • Website
  • Location: 3440 N Cheyenne Canyon Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, USA
  • Hours: Open year-round 5AM – 9PM
  • Price: Free

5.Cripple Creek Railroad

At the Cripple Creek Railroad, you will experience a forty-five minute trip on an authentic locomotive train. The ride is narrated and stops occasionally so you can get in a few photos of the breathtaking scenery.

You will also ride past important historic mining sites, and stop at a mining camp. This is another great way to learn more about the history of the area, and see some of the natural beauty offered by the city.

  • Website
  • Location: 520 East Carr Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80813
  • Hours of Operation: The site runs from 10 am till 5 pm. Trains come by every forty-five minutes.
  • Price: $15 for adults, $10 for children 3-12. Seniors pay $14. 
  • Discounts: Kids under 3 are free. Active military and vets receive $1 off

6. Manitou Cliff Dwellings

This historical site has authentic Anasazi ruins from 1,000 years ago.  The original dwellings were located in the southwest corner of Colorado near Mesa Verde.  In 1904 the dwellings were moved to the current location in Manitou Springs. 

Inside the Pueblo, you can learn more about the Anasazi way of life in the museum with a variety of dioramas, exhibits, tools, and weapons.  This museum is a great option for families who want to learn more about the southwest tribes but are not able to make the trip to Mesa Verde.

  • Website
  • Location:10 Cliff Dwelling Road, Manitou Springs, CO 80829
  • Admission: $10 adults, $7.50 for children, and Seniors $8.50.
  • Discounts: Children under three get in free.

7. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Kids and family members who love animals should definitely visit this local zoo. At Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, there are over eight-hundred species of animals.

This unique zoo also has the highest elevation of any zoo in America. It is located over 6,800 feet above sea level. So while you stop to watch the animals (and catch your breath), you’ll also have a great view of the city.

Kids who love animals will have fun interacting with the animals. We fed the giraffes and they got to touch a baby kangaroo

The whole zoo is on a hill so save energy to make it back up to the entrance. I would highly recommend taking the $2 golf cart shuttle to the top of the zoo and walking down, though.

  • Website
  • Location: 4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
  • Hours of Operation: Open seven days a week, 9 am till 3 pm.
  • Price: Costs $19.75 for adults, $14.75 for children, $17.75 for seniors.
  • Discounts: 75 cents for kids 2 and under. If you are military you can get 3 dollars off your ticket. 

8. The North Pole

If you want a taste of Christmas, this fun little theme park will be sure to enchant you and your family. Here you can take a picture with some elves, visit Santa Clause, and ride some fun Christmas-themed rides. There are plenty of fun shops, entertaining shows, and tons of amusement attractions!

In the winter, you will have to wait for Santa to visit your house at Christmas because this little theme park is closed in the winter. But you should add it to your things-to-do list for summer.

  • Website
  • Hours of Operation: 10 am to 5 pm the park is open.
  • Price: $25 dollars for each person.
  • Discounts: Military personnel gets a $5 off ticket. Those under 2 and seniors are free to enter

9. Dinosaur Resource Center

At the Dinosaur Resource Center, you can explore ancient fossils with your kids. The museum is full of fascinating creatures that populated the earth and the skies in prehistoric times. There is also a fossil lab for kids interested in the process of excavating bones.

With its detailed exhibitions, the museum is a trip well worth it. It is rated as the number two dinosaur museum in the country.

  • Website
  • Location: 201 S Fairview St, Woodland Park, CO 80863
  • Hours of Operation: Open 9 am to 6 pm 6 days a week. Sundays 10 am to 5 pm. 
  • Price: $11.50 for adults, $10.50 for seniors, and $7.50 for kids aged 5-12.
  • Discounts: $1 discount for veterans, and free admission for kids 4 and under.

10. Florrisant Fossil Beds

The Fossil Beds here are some of the oldest and richest in the known world. Bugs, plants, and many other organisms are fossilized, including giant redwood stumps. The path to the petrified stumps is paved and easy to navigate with a stroller.

Florissant Fossil Beds is a fun thing to to in Colorado Springs with toddlers
Florissant Fossil Beds

If the hiking paths are dry you might be able to do those with a jogging stroller. We didn’t have such luck, our umbrella stroller was impossible in the spring conditions.

You will pass a homestead site before the entrance to the parking lot. Make sure to stop here either before or after your stop at the visitor center and see the petrified stumps.

If you want to stay in the mountains in this area with access to Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak, I found this log cabin with views. You can see this beautiful holiday home here on Booking.

  • Website
  • Location:15807 Teller County Rd., Florrisant, CO 80816
  • Hours of Operation: From 9 am till 5 pm.
  • Price: 5$ dollars for anyone 16 years or older.
  • Discounts: Anyone under 16 can go for free.

11. Seven Falls at the Broadmoor

This family-friendly attraction, on the Broadmore property, is a magnificent series of seven cascading waterfalls of South Cheyenne Creek.

The Broadmore is more than luxury accommodation. This world-class resort, built in 1918, is known for the beautiful grounds, golf course, restaurants, and the seven falls.

Seven Falls in Colorado Springs
Seven Falls in Colorado Springs, Colorado

You can visit Seven Falls and the grounds of the Broadmore without staying at the hotel. The waterfalls are $12 for adults but the under 2 crowd is free. Making this an ideal place to see in Colorado before the kids turn 2.

The short hike is good for kids but the stairs to the top can be too difficult for little ones. Families with young children or members with limited mobility can ride the tram to the top for $2 per person.

If you love the area but want more affordable accommodation, I found this vacation home with 3 bedrooms within walking distance of the Broadmore.

  • Website
  • Location: 1045 Lower Gold Camp Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80905
  • Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 9 AM – 5 PM, Friday, Saturday: 9 AM – 8 PM
  • Price: $12 adults, $7 kids, 2 and under free

12. Air Force Academy

This Air Force Academy is one of the most distinguished facilities in the country. It is open to tourists and welcomes people of all ages to learn a little history of the American Military.

You might catch the lunch hour and see the Air Force band, presentation of colors and the cadets marching in formation

Take a stop at the visitor center, and don’t miss out on the chapel located on the grounds. It has some of the most beautiful stained glass of any church in America. 

  • Website
  • Location: U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado
  • Hours: 8 AM till 6 PM
  • Price: Free

Indoor Activities in Colorado Springs with Toddlers

So you are in Colorado Springs and you catch one of the few days it is not sunny. Or maybe you just want an indoor activity for a change.

What is there to do indoors in Colorado Springs?

Here are our suggestions for things to do in Colorado Springs on a rainy day. 

13. Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor water park resort which is a favorite destination of families from all over Colorado.  One of their newest locations is in Colorado Springs. 

The lodge has themed rooms, indoor play areas and 50,000 square feet of pools and water features.  The whole place has been created for family fun including toddlers. 

Some of the things in the water park are the  Howlin’ Tornado thrill slide, the zero-depth Cub Paw Pool, and a lazy river. 

If you are looking for fun things to do in Colorado Springs and need a place to stay with your family, you should look into Great Wolf Lodge.

Pro Tip: You should also know that staying a the lodge one night gets you two days of park access – 1:00 p.m. on day of arrival until close of the departure date. 

  • Check for prices and reservations
  • Location: 9494 Federal Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921
  • Hours of Operation: Always open
  • Price: Check for room reservations
  • Discounts: Book 60 days in advance and save up to 50%

14. Ghost Town Museum

This indoor museum is the perfect place to take your kids on a rainy day, and learn some history. Here you will be transported back in time to the wild west.

The museum is located inside a historic railway facility. Once you arrive at the location, you can walk through an old ghost town. Some of the buildings and structures are leftover from the 1800’s and housed here in perfect condition. 

You and your kids will witness life lived a hundred years ago. You can also pan for actual gold like settlers of the past. Kids can also try their hand at old arcade games and the shooting gallery. For adults, there is a large gift shop at the end of the tour where you will find great souvenirs.  (Although I don’t let the younger crew into gift shops – that’s just asking for trouble)

  • Website
  • Location: 400 South 21st Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
  • Hours of Operation: September – May (every day 10 am till 5 pm) June – August (9 AM – 6 PM)
  • Price: $7.75 adults,  $5.50 for 6-16 years
  • Discounts: Free for kids under 6. 1$ off coupon on the website

15. Focus on the Family Indoor Playground

Colorado Springs is the headquarters for the Christian organization Focus on the Family.  The Visitor Center has an indoor playground at the bottom floor, is free and open year-round.  

The play area, called the Kids Korner is full of interactive activities.   Some of the favorites for toddlers are the costume room with a stage and puppets, video room and indoor play space.  The scavenger hunt is suited for kindergarten and grade school siblings. 

On a rainy day, you can plan to play inside and have lunch at Whit’s Soda Shoppe.  Kids will enjoy the menu with PB&J sandwiches, pizza, sandwiches and more. This is on our list for our next visit to Colorado Springs but Fort Carson Mountaineer has a good review.

  • Website
  • Location: 8605 Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 
  • Hours of Operation: 9 AM – 5 PM Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday
  • Price: Free

16. Manitou Penny Arcade

This is a great location for toddlers and older siblings. Penny arcade is host to a variety of vintage arcade games. You can play on old pinball machines, or try your hand at skeeball.

The arcade also has plenty of shops around for the adults.

  • Website
  • Location: 930 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO 80829
  • Hours of Operation: It’s open from 11 am to 5 pm.
  • Price: Free to walk in, but the price of the games depends on what you play.
  • Discounts: No discounts here – its just pennies anyway

17. Pioneer Museum

The Pioneer Museum offers free tours every Sunday. They have great historical exhibits that expand on the local history of Pikes Peak. You’ll learn about the early pioneers of the area, and mining and agriculture practices.

The museum is located downtown so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. Make sure to reserve your tour though, spots can fill up.

  • Website
  • Location: 215 South Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
  • Hours of Operation: Open Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Price: Admission is free for all.

18. May Natural History Museum

So much fun for kids who love bugs!  The May Natural History Museum was founded by James May. May collected over one-hundred-thousand insects when he traveled around the world.

Kids and adults who love insects and want to see a rare collection of critters will enjoy the museum. You can even see a giant beetle that is said to be able to knock a person down. The museum holds around 7,000 unique insects in its collection.

  • Website
  • Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM the museum is open.
  • Price: $8 dollars for adults, $7 for seniors, and $6 for children.
  • Discounts: Free for kids under 5 years old. 

Best Parks in Colorado Springs For Toddlers

19. America the Beautiful Park Fantasy Playground

America the Beautiful Fantasy Park is a large park with a huge colorful playground, fields, and a water feature to splash in during the summer months.  

The outdoor air art is a unique feature of this park. There are interactive pieces of art, called Quirks. The Quirks were actually created with the help of kids at the local elementary schools.  In addition,  a contemporary water fountain sculpture is featured at its center.

The kids can splash and play in the water – so bring towels. 

The scenic view of the mountains is worth mentioning for the adults (the toddlers will be too busy playing to notice).  The park also has access to Midland Trail and Pikes Peak Greenway Trail. 

  • Website
  • Hours: 5 AM -9 PM
  • Location: 126 Cimino Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
  • Price: Free

20. Bear Creek Park

Bear Creek Park is a popular destination for tourists and locals. The park is dog and kid-friendly.  Toddlers and young children can play at a couple of different play areas or with their furry friends in the creek.  

The dog park has 25 acres of fully fenced in trails with a beautiful mountain stream for the dogs and kids to play in. 

With over three miles of land, you can enjoy a peaceful picnic and walk with your family. Bike rides on one of Bear Creek’s many trails is also a great way to spend the afternoon. In addition, there are tennis courts to play on, gardens to admire, archery ranges to use, and many other amenities. 

  • Website
  • Hours: 5 AM -11 PM
  • Location: 21st Street at Rio Grande, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
  • Price: Free

21. Deerfield Hills Park and Sprayground

The Deerfield Hills park and sprayground are located at the Deerfield Community Center, but you do not have to be a member to enjoy the playground and water features. 

The playground has equipment for small children and large grassy areas to run. 

My kids, especially the toddlers,  love splash parks.  The sprayground at Deerfield Hills is open in the summer and has 16 different water spray features.  

  • Website
  • Hours: 5 AM -11 PM
  • Location: 4290 Deerfield Hills Rd  Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916
  • Price: Free

22. Memorial Community Park

Memorial Community Park and Center are worth mentioning here as a favorite park.  The Memorial Community Recreation Center is operated by the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region. The indoor pool is a good place to spend a rainy day. 

The park is named for the outdoor firefighter’s memorial in the northwest corner.  In September they hold a IAFF Memorial Service with the Choral Ensemble and Pipes and Drums. 

The outdoor park is a favorite of families with small children too.  With playgrounds, outdoor swimming and playing in the Prospect Lake. 

There are also outdoor events to enjoy like the Labor Day Hot Air Balloon Classic. 

  • Website
  • Hours: 5 AM -11 PM
  • Location: 1605 E Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80910
  • Price: Free

Tips for Planning Your Visit to Colorado Springs

Getting There:

Colorado Springs is located one hour south of Denver on Interstate 25. The city is set at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

You can arrive by airplane into Denver International Airport (DIA) or Colorado Springs (COS) airport. DIA is a large international airport with connections to Colorado Springs, but the extra flight would hardly be worth your time. Some flights go into Colorado Springs directly on Frontier airlines.

Additional resources: Secrets to Getting Cheap Flights for the whole family

Driving to Colorado Springs is easy as it is located on I25 between Denver and Pueblo. Easy access makes it a great jumping-off point for a road trip through the mountains or a stop on your Colorado road trip.

Pro Tip: A basic 2-wheel drive rental car will be sufficient, even in the winter, if you plan to stay on the major roads and highways. If you plan to drive in the mountains in the winter Colorado enforces a traction law for good all winter tires at all times and 4X4 or chains in winter snowstorms. So you should consider a 4-wheel drive if you plan to drive in the mountains in the winter or do off-road exploring in the summer.

Even better, add Colorado Springs as a stop on an RV road trip through Colorado. The city is accessible, especially if you rent a small RV. Decide if renting an RV for your vacation is a good idea and Tips for renting an RV for Cheap

Weather Conditions:

The area has year-long mild weather. Colorado Springs sees more than three-hundred days of sunshine each year and is the perfect place to visit during any season. Summer is the best time to travel if you want warm yet pleasant weather. In the summer months, the temperature stays around 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are looking for more wintery weather, the temperature averages around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In Fall and Spring, you’ll see mild weather ranging in the 60’s and 70’s. Either way, you won’t be disappointed by the weather conditions.

Additional Resources on our Blog for Planning your Visit

Final Thoughts on Things to do in Colorado Springs with Toddlers:

Overall, Colorado Springs is a great destination for families looking to travel at an affordable rate. It has much to offer potential visitors, from the fantastic landscape to the array of activities, to the enjoyable weather.

Take some time to plan your trip to the area. There are many fun attractions for you and your family to get involved in. And come and visit the area soon! In this beautiful and exciting region, you will make memories that are guaranteed to last you and your family a lifetime.

Pin this for later to plan your Colorado Springs family vacation.

Kid-Friendly Things to do in Colorado Springs with Toddlers and Babies including Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, North Pole and Great Wolf Lodge
Kid-Friendly Things to do in Colorado Springs with Toddlers and Babies

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