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Tips and Tricks for Traveling With a Family. Stories From Our Adventures.

Hi, I’m Shauna.  Welcome to our blog.  We are a family of 6, sharing our adventures and stories of traveling together.

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9 Fun, Free Things to do in Colorado this Winter

Ideas for fun, free things to do in Colorado in winter, besides skiing and snowboarding. Colorado is full of unique and exciting, cheap wintertime activities. Don’t limit yourself to a vacation of downhill skiing, because free things to do in Colorado in winter include: sledding, sightseeing, ice skating, winter hiking, snowshoeing, undeveloped hot springs, winter celebrations, wildlife viewing

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The Adventurers behind Family Travel Fever

We are an a family of 6 – infected with wanderlust.   We love to travel together and aim to inspire your family to spend time exploring the world together.

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