How to choose between Glenwood Hot Springs vs Iron Mountain Hot Springs when visiting Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Hot Springs Vs Iron Mountain Hot Springs

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If you visit in Glenwood Springs and have to choose which hot springs to go to, you’re probably wondering the difference between the two. This comparison of Glenwood Hot Springs Pool versus iron Mountain hot Springs will help you decide.

Both are worthy of a visit but have different amenities. I have created the table below to help you decide which pool to visit.

TL;DR The quick answer to Glenwood Hot Springs Vs Iron Mountain Hot Springs is:

  • Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is best for families with children; exercising and swimming laps; fun and adventure on the water slides and those who enjoy large pools.
  • Iron Mountain Hot Springs is best for adults and couples who want a beautiful, intimate setting; Families with older kids; People who enjoy luxury items at the pool and in the locker rooms. 

I tried to fit all the information that I would in the table below. In order to get the most out of our comparison Glenwood Hot Springs Pool vs Iron Mountain Hot Springs, I suggest you turn your phone to landscape.

Glenwood Hot Springs PoolIron Mountain Hot Springs
Features:2 large pools, kiddie pool, water slides and splash pad16 large pools with different temperatures
HighlightsSopris Splash Zone & Shoshone ChutesQuietly, relaxing in a variety of pools along the Colorado River
Temperature of Pools:90° and 102°98° F to 108° F.  
Locker RoomCoin-operated lockers, private dressing rooms, and showerslodge-style bathhouse with free keyless lockers, luxury shower products
AmenitiesHealth Club and Spa  Luxury products in the bathhouse
FoodPoolside Grill or bring your own cooler and picnicpoolside Sopris Café (no outside food allowed)
Beveragesnon-alcoholic drinks onlyThe Sand Bar has alcoholic beverages
Price High SeasonTeens and adults $29, children (3-12) $19Adults $25 / Children $17
Price Off-SeasonTeens and adults $22, children (3-12) $15Weekdays Adults $20 / Children $14  — Weekends  Adults $25 / Children $17
Combo PackagesSki Swim Stay Package, Winter Caverns Adventure, Romance PackageSoak & Stay package, Glenwood Caverns & Hot Springs Combo Pass
Hours9:00am – 10:00pm9:00am – 10:00pm
Location401 N River St281 Centennial St
Website Link Link

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool view from above of the worlds largest hot springs swimming pool
View of Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool has a long-running continuous history. The location is in the same place that Native Ute people have visited and started to develop. 

It was bought and established as a hot spring pool 1888 by the first European developer, Walter Devereux. 

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is the largest natural springs in the world with 3.5 million gallons of naturally hot mineral water.   It features two different large pools and a splash zone and a water slide.

The main pools are a hot soaking pool that’s 102°F and the larger but cooler 90°F pool. The larger pool number gallons of water that is a continuous flow-through pool.  

You will see children swimming and splashing and playing in the pool all season.

Even babies and toddlers can be found swimming in the snow with winter hats on. 

Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Pool - Kids playing in the worlds largest hot springs pool.  You can splash and have fun in the warm water.
Kids playing in the Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Pool

In fact, when I take my children I take a couple of winter snow hats for the baby. If the hat gets wet I just switch it out for the next one.

In the summer a small kiddie pool, splash pad and the adventure waterslides are open for family fun. 

The Sopris Splash Zone & Shoshone Chutes are the latest updates to that Glenwood Hot Springs.   These are a whitewater river open-air tube ride, children’s mini water slides, and the Grand Fountain Splash Pad.

The Glenwood Hot Springs Pool has a poolside grill serving cheeseburgers, grilled chicken, sandwiches fries and more.  You can sit inside the grill or outside to eat.  Alcoholic beverages are not served and not allowed at this pool. 

Outside food is welcome, so your other choice is to bring a cooler with your own food and snacks.  In the summer you will see many families picnicking.  Just remember no glass or alcohol. 

Glenwood Hot Springs has a shop at the main entrance.  You can buy swimming attire, toys or souvenirs. 

Glenwood Hot Springs pool has the Spa of the Rockies for adults
Glenwood Hot Springs Spa of the Rockies

The last thing to know about is the Glenwood Hot Springs Athletic Club and Spa of the Rockies that are both right onsite. At the spa you can purchase body treatments, facials and massages to enjoy after swimming in the pool are exercising at the athletic club.   Kid and Teen spa treatments are the latest addition to the menu. 

The Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is best for people who want a large pool to stretch out in, lap swimmers and people who want to exercise and families with kids who want to play.  In the summer, teens and toddlers alike will enjoy the water slides and splash pad.  

Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Iron Mountain Hot Springs entrance in Glenwood Springs Colorado
Entrance to the Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Iron Mountain Hot Springs is the newest hot spot in Glenwood Springs. Although, Iron Mountain hot Springs just open for business a few years ago, the site has a long history due to the natural Hot Springs that flow from the hill. 

Iron Mountain Hot Springs offers a relaxing intimate atmosphere along the Colorado River.  In fact, the pools are all located in a designated “Quiet Zone.” 

There are 16 different soaking pools with temperatures ranging from 98° F to 108° F.  Each are filled with a hundred percent mineral water.  The pools are connected by heated walkways for your comfort (so you are not hopping on freezing feet from pool to pool.)

A Cooling Corner rains cool water on you to cool you between pools when you get too hot. 

A family pool Is filled with 86,000 gallons of freshwater to 93°F.  The nearby Jarod spa is Heated to 103°F.  Parents can watch their children swim in the family pool while They soak in the jetted spa.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs Colorado has a variety of pools for soaking along the Colorado River
Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs Colorado has a variety of pools for soaking along the Colorado River

You can dine poolside from the Sopris Café. In cold weather, they have a covered patio and fireplace for warmth.  The menu includes snacks, salads, wraps, flatbread pizza, smoothies, coffee, soft drinks, beer, wine, and pre-mixed cocktails. 

At the Iron Mountain Hot Springs, outside food and coolers are not allowed. 

The Sand Bar is located next to the soaking pools for cocktails and refreshments.   You are welcome to enjoy alcoholic beverages from the bar. 

Toddler swimming in the hot springs
Swimming in the autumn fog at the hot springs

The gift shop at Iron Mountain Hot Springs offers swimwear, essentials, and keepsakes. You can even buy the private label shampoo conditioner and body wash after trying it for free in the locker rooms. 

Iron Mountain Hot Springs is ideal for families with older children, adults, and couples who want a beautiful, intimate setting. Families with young kids can enjoy the family pool to keep them busy. This pool is also good for anyone who expects high-quality service and a spa environment instead of the basic locker rooms.

Final Thoughts Glenwood Hot Springs Pool Vs Iron Mountain Hot Springs

When planning a trip to Glenwood Springs, I hope you are considering visiting one of the hot springs.  The town is famous for the healing waters that flow from the mountainside. 

Both Iron Mountain Hot Springs and Glenwood Hot Springs Pool are worth a visit.  Each is different with different amenities so you can choose which is best for you.

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  1. You might want to do another review for Iron Mountain Hot Springs their garbage raise rates lowered amenities

  2. Iron Mountain Hot Springs has increased their prices ranging from $30 to $34 and due to COVID-19, guests are only allowed no more than 2.5 hours (may not be good for everyone).

    1. They’ve both increased their prices. It’s almost $50 for iron mountain and $42 for Glenwood. They’ve made it not affordable for the average family.

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