Renting a Camper Trailer: The Ultimate Guide

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If you plan to go camping on your next family trip, exploring the country with a rented camper trailer offers a one-of-a-kind experience. My family and I have been RVing for so many years. Traveling with a camper trailer is the perfect option for us. The best thing is that the kids love it, too!

Plus, if you’re new to RVing, a towable RV can also be a better option than a large drivable RV. And a trailer can be convenient as you’ll be able to leave it at camp and enjoy your time around town.

You will be prepared to rent a camper trailer and hit the road with confidence by the end of this article.

The Price to Rent a Camper Trailer

As a guideline, the price to rent a camper trailer will vary between $30 to $250 a night. The smaller, pop-up or micro-trailers will cost between $30 to $100 a night and can be easily towed. The larger travel trailers and fifth wheels rent for $80 to more than $200 a night and require a larger tow vehicle.

Tips for your First RV Family Camping Trip with a Toddler
Tips for your First RV Family Camping Trip with a Toddler

We put together a table based on the size and type of campers. Here is a comparison of the cost to rent a camper trailer.

Type of RVOutdoorsy (per night)RVezy (per night)
Pop-Up Trailer$50 to $100$75 to $100
micro-camper$30 to $90$35 to $80
Travel Trailer$50 to $125$75 to $225
Airstream Trailer$85 to $500$100 to $225
Toy Hauler$75 to $250$105 to $150
Fifth Wheel$60 to $190$100 to $175
*Outdoorsy’s price ranges are based on Rocky Mountain National Park, CO location
*RVezy’s price ranges are based on Colorado Springs, CO

Types of Camper Trailers

If you are here you likely know a little about campers but let’s start with the basics:

What’s the difference between an RV and a camper trailer?

The term recreational vehicle (RV) is a phrase used for all campers and motorhomes. Camper trailers are RVs that are set on a trailer frame and towed behind a vehicle. This includes travel trailers, fifth wheels, pop-up campers, micro-campers and more!

A camper trailer is a camper built on a trailer frame and lacking the drivable part of a motorhome. The trailer is your sleeping space, and it can be towed by a 2WD or 4WD. But, if you plan to travel off-road on your trip, I suggest towing with a 4WD vehicle.

There are different types of camper trailers you can choose from, and each has the qualities that can be right for your next family vacation. Here are some of the types of camper trailers you can choose from for your next RV vacation.

Pop-Up Camper

A pop up camper parked in the middle of the woods
sshepard via

A pop-up camper is a type of towable RV that has canvas sides. It can be collapsed, stored, and transported. It is also lightweight and easy to pull. This is one of the cheaper types of RV you can rent with its price ranging from $40 to $100 per night.

Read more about pop-up campers here:

Travel Trailer

35-foot travel trailer by the grass
My parked travel trailer by the grass

Travel trailers come in a wide variety of sizes. They also offer more storage compared to tent or pop-up campers and include a full kitchen and bathroom. To learn more about travel trailers, check these 11 questions to ask yourself before renting one.

I personally own the 35-foot travel trailer in the photo above. Read more about travel trailers here:


A fifth wheel parked on a roadside woods with a lake view
sshepard via

Fifth-wheels are a larger type of camper trailer, thus offering more storage and living space than other types of RVs. However, a fifth-wheel requires a larger truck with a special fifth wheel hitch in the bed. Rather than a ball hitch, a U-shaped fitting hitch connects the trailer to the inside bed of your truck, making it easier to maneuver.

One great idea to enjoy renting a fifth wheel without worrying about towing is to have it delivered. Read here to learn all my best tips for having an RV rental delivered.

Toy Hauler

A toy hauler parked in the woods
gsagi via

A toy hauler comes as either a travel trailer or a fifth wheel. This type of rig has a room or garage in its rear where you can carry “toys” such as motorbikes, golf carts, and other types of cargo.

Truck Camper

Truck camper on the road

This type of trailer is different in that is does not need to be towed but it is worth mentioning here. It sits atop a truck. This type of camper trailer is ideal for more rugged terrain, so if you’re planning to go off-road, this type of rig is perfect for you.

Where to Rent a Camper Trailer

A camper trailer parked at a roadside woods
alptraum via

For camper trailer rentals, you can go through traditional RV rentals services. But the commercial places generally rent class C motorhomes. So the odds are that they’ll most likely have none or only a few camper trailers at most. For a bigger inventory of rental options, the best way to go is through a peer-to-peer rental company.

These online rental platforms have a wider variety of all types of RVs, but they also have cheaper rental prices compared to commercial rental companies. They also offer seasonal discounts and great deals to score throughout the year. Chances are there’s an Outdoorsy or RVezy business location near you!

Read more about the different RV rental platforms here:

10 Best Camper Trailers for Rent

Type of Camper TrailerModelLocation
Off-Road Camper Trailer2014 Dutchmen Aspen TrailAlpine, Wyoming
Toy Hauler2020 Sunset Park & Rv Inc. 26FCQBDenver, Colorado
Pop-Up Camper1991 Coleman Fleetwood Williamsburg EditionTurlock, California
Travel Trailer2017 Prime Time Avenger 26BHGrand Junction, Colorado
Travel Trailer2016 Starcraft Travel StarEagle Mountain, Utah
Fifth Wheel2016 Palomino ColumbusColumbia Falls, Montana
Hybrid Travel Trailer2017 Forest River ShamrockMontclair, California
Off-Road Tent Trailer2019 Smittybilt ScoutLehi, Utah
Camper Trailer2002 Keystone OutbackColorado Springs, Colorado
Airstream Travel Trailer2020 Airstream CaravelDenver, Colorado

10 Fabulous Camper Trailer Rentals by Outdoorsy

2014 Dutchmen Aspen Trail near Yellowstone National Park

This well-kept and fully stocked off-road camper trailer is the perfect trailer for any occasion. A few of its amenities include bathroom and kitchen necessities, a sound system, A/C, and more. Plus, there’s a mini Weber grill along with 4 camping chairs, perfect for an outdoor barbecue!

  • Sleeps: 3
  • Length: 21 ft
  • Rent Prices:
    • Daily: $100
    • Weekly: $100/night
    • Monthly: $75/night

2020 Sunset Park & Rv Inc. 26FCQB near Rocky Mountain National Park

This pet-friendly toy hauler is perfect for safe and sound storage of your toys like motorcycles, golf carts, and more. It has a bathroom and kitchen amenities, plus one queen-sized bed and 2 twin beds. Its cargo length is 10 feet and 10 inches.

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Length: 26 ft
  • Rent Prices:
    • Daily: $135
    • Weekly: $133.56/night
    • Monthly: $133.92/night

1991 Coleman Fleetwood Williamsburg edition near Yosemite National Park

This pop-up camper is newly remodeled and renovated with hardwood floors, new fixtures, and a fresh coat of paint. It includes king-sized and queen-sized beds, plus a pull-out-of-couch bed. It has the basic kitchen necessities and extra storage.

  • Sleeps: 7
  • Length: 15 ft
  • Rent Prices:
    • Daily: $85
    • Weekly: $76.50/night
    • Monthly: $76.50/night

2017 Prime Time Avenger 26BH in Grand Junction, Colorado

Take this camper out on the road for memorable adventures on your RV trip. It has a private queen bed, oversized bunk beds, and a pull-out-of-the-couch bed. Perfect for couples and group vacations.

  • Sleeps: 8
  • Length: 26 ft
  • Rent Prices:
    • Daily: $130
    • Weekly: $117/night
    • Monthly: $117/night

2016 Starcraft Travel Star near Arches National Park

This lightweight trailer sports a king-sized bed but only weighs 3600 lbs. It is an easy-to-tow camper with full kitchen amenities and a large double-door fridge.

  • Sleeps: 8
  • Length: 18 ft
  • Rent Prices:
    • Daily: $95
    • Weekly: $90.25/night
    • Monthly: $76/night

Fun Camper Trailer Rentals by RVezy

2016 Palomino Columbus near Yellowstone National Park

This full-winter-ready fifth-wheel trailer includes 2 flat-panel TVs, a 3-door refrigerator, a king-sized mattress, and more.

  • Sleeps: 6
  • Length: 42 ft
  • Rent Prices:
    • Daily: $150
    • Weekly: 10% Discount
    • Monthly: 20% Discount

2017 Forest River Shamrock near Yosemite National Park

This family-friendly hybrid trailer sports 3 massive queen-sized beds that fold out. It includes an inside and outside shower as well as a stove range and a refrigerator.

  • Sleeps: 8
  • Length: 23 ft
  • Rent Prices:
    • Daily: $100
    • Weekly: 10% Discount
    • Monthly: 20% Discount

2019 Smittybilt Scout near Arches National Park

This fully outfitted off-road trailer is perfect for camping in the most remote spots available. It features a full-tent annex, a water heater, kitchen necessities, extra storage, and more.

  • Sleeps: 5
  • Length: 17 ft
  • Rent Prices:
    • Daily: $85
    • Weekly: 10% Discount
    • Monthly: 15% Discount

2002 Keystone Outback near Pikes Peak RV Park

This vintage camper trailer is great for a family trip to enjoy the great outdoors. It includes bathroom and kitchen necessities, linens, an onboard generator, and more. It can also be delivered or picked up within 155 miles. 

  • Sleeps: 7
  • Length: 25 ft
  • Rent Prices:
    • Daily: $75
    • Weekly: 10% Discount
    • Monthly: 20% Discount

2020 Airstream Caravel near Dakota Ridge RV Park 

This pet-friendly and full-winter-ready airstream trailer have a wide variety of amenities to offer. From kitchen and bathroom necessities to electronics like TV and DVD, this trailer can be the perfect ride for your next outdoor adventure!

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Length: 22 ft
  • Rent Prices:
    • Daily: $22
    • Weekly: 15% Discount
    • Monthly: 20% Discount

4 Reasons Why Renting a Camper Trailer Is the Best Option for You

Cheaper Than Other Types of RVs

One of the great things about camper trailers is that they are cheaper and can accommodate more people than motorhomes. This is perfect for a family-friendly RV trip.

You can save up to $100 a night or more while enjoying the great outdoors and the luxury a large motorhome can give.

Small Trailers are Easy and Safe to Tow

One of the significant advantages of a small camper trailer over a larger motorcoach is that it is easier to tow and back up. The pivot point makes for narrower turns. You can back into tighter spaces that would be tricky with a large motorhome.

There are a lot more options for you when it comes to parking and camping.

Access to More Locations

As camper trailers are smaller compared to other types of RVs, it allows you to have access to more outdoor locations. You can easily, with precautions, pass narrow lanes that a larger rig can’t.

Plus, if you want to go sightseeing on foot or by car, you can leave your trailer behind and enjoy your time.

Better Fuel Consumption

Another good thing about taking a camper trailer on the road is that it consumes less gas or diesel than a larger rig.

Small trailers are lightweight and more aerodynamic making them more fuel-efficient.

The larger the RV, the more fuel it consumes. For example, a Class A bus-style motorhome can see about 6 to 8 miles per gallon on average. While with a small camper trailer your tow vehicle will get around 10 to 14 miles per gallon.

5 Things to Consider When Renting a Camper Trailer

Rental Prices and Your Budget

It is best to weigh and compare your options first before booking a specific rental. I suggest inquiring about at least three RVs you have in mind and see what’s the best option for you.

Budgeting doesn’t end with the camper trailer rental cost alone. Add in the campsite fee and activities. This will be an ongoing process as you research for activities and necessities during your trip. It’s best to start creating a budget early and make adjustments later on than to plan your budget in a haste.

Pro tip: Make sure to always have a budget for miscellaneous expenses. (But, please, don’t take this as an excuse to overspend!)

Additional RV Fees

Always keep possible additional RV fees when renting a camper trailer. Besides the base cost of your RV rental, there are other costs you should know about.

You should be aware of the deposit upfront you need to put down. The insurance you need for your trip will be added to the base price. The mileage covered and the additional cost per extra mile, the fee for extra amenities, and so on.

People You Invite on Your Trip

As RVs offer limited spaces, be it the biggest motorhome, RVing isn’t the type of vacation for everyone. If you’re planning to go on an RV trip anytime soon, make sure that the people you invite will feel comfortable with this way and style of vacation.

It’s best to talk with your family and friends who are interested. Make sure to tell them about what to expect at your destinations and that they understand your plans for the trip.

If anyone feels uneasy with any of the details, such as the duration of the trip, your planned activities, or the thought of traveling in a small space, they should probably skip your RV trip.

Your Route and Destination

One of the greatest perks of RVing is that you can pretty much go anywhere you want. From national parks and campgrounds to luxury RV resorts, the places you can go are endless!

Make sure to have your routes and destinations planned out well, and everyone has something to enjoy along the way. If you’re traveling with kids, it’s best to look for fun activities for them to do, and don’t forget that you and your partner should have some quality time, too.

Here is how to find the perfect campsite every time!

RV Parks and Campgrounds

I80 Lakeside Campground North Platte Nebraska campsite on the lake
I80 Lakeside Campground North Platte Nebraska

I recommend reading reviews of people who already took your planned route and destination when choosing an RV park or campground. This way you can compare your options and pick the best one out of them. It’s also ideal to look for a place with all the features and functionality you want for your stay.

Private RV parks and campgrounds are often more expensive than discount communities like KOAs. If the Grand Junction is one of your RV destinations, check out our list of the top 13 best RV parks and campgrounds around the area.

Tips For Renting a Camper Trailer

Book Ahead of Time

Avoid last-minute stress or, worst, getting your trip canceled because there are no more RVs to rent during your planned time frame. With RV trips being a popular way to travel nowadays, sometimes the demand gets bigger than the supply that you might need to book months or even up to a year in advance.

Use Peer-to-Peer RV Rentals

Rather than commercial RV rental, using peer-to-peer RV rentals is a better option. It’s like Airbnb but with RVs! You can view all the different types of camper trailers that RV owners listed for rent in your area, the nightly, weekly, and monthly rental rates, their amenities, and more.

We suggest Outdoorsy or RVezy

Save Money By Booking Off-Peak Seasons

As much as it’s great to go on an RV trip during the peak seasons like spring and summer, RVing during the cooler months also has perks to boost your camping experience.

An off-season RV camping can give you greater access to popular campsites and parks that tends to be fully booked during summer. Even better, a lot of campsites don’t require a reservation during the winter season. And, as it is less crowded, you can have a more peaceful camping experience to fully relax and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Additionally, campgrounds and RV parks usually drop their rates and provide discounts in wintertime. You can also score great deals on many RV rental companies during the off-season.

Make Sure that Your Rental is Insured

One thing you should never forget when renting a camper trailer is to make sure that your rental is insured. This will give you and the vehicle protection for possible accidents or damages during your trip.

Insurance can vary between rental companies; some will have an insurance policy already included in your rental price, while some will offer one at an additional cost.

Plan Your Meals Accordingly

One of the easiest ways to save money and to avoid overspending while renting an RV is to plan and make your meals accordingly.

Camper trailers usually have the basic kitchen necessities you need to cook and keep your food edible to eat. If you’re not much of a cook, consider stopping by the grocery store before you hit the road. Bring snacks, drinks, and meal preps for your trip, and eat out only when you must.

Book Your Campground in Advance

Especially if you plan to go RVing during the peak seasons, I would recommend booking your chosen RV park or campground ahead of time.

You should also research the possible extra fees and pricing that might occur when you arrive. Some of these extra costs include additional nightly stays, generator rental, and firewood.

Pack Your Essentials

Packing for an RV trip doesn’t need to be overly complicated.

First, you must know what are the things included in the RV, such as kitchen items, linens, and towels. Make sure to inquire in advance so you’ll know what to bring with you. Then pack your essentials and bring those that aren’t included in your RV’s amenities.

Be Careful on the Road

Finally, hit the road! Drive with caution, and enjoy the experience and every exciting thing that comes with renting a camper trailer. You may fall in love with it and make it your chosen ride for all your upcoming trips.

Final Thoughts About Camper Trailer Rentals

Renting a camper trailer offers you the chance to vacation in a different way than what you’re used to. Plus, it’s the best one to start with when you’re a beginner in driving RVs.

It’s best to rent using peer-to-peer RV rental companies for a wider range of inventory to choose from. They also offer great discounts and deals all year long, which makes the rental prices cheaper compared to commercial rental platforms.

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