Costco Wholesale perspective view with cars parked by the side. A view from across the parking lot.

Can You Rent an RV Through Costco?

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There’s not much you can’t find in Costco…but what about RVs? Some people buy anything they can from Costco because of the quality assurance that comes with the product. So that means that if Costco does sell RVs, they should be trustworthy, right?

Wait – can you really rent an RV from Costco?

No – Costco does not actually rent RVs. However, Costco can help you find and finance an RV through their Costco Auto program. They can connect you with a local dealership and get you up to a 25% discount on the price.

If you are looking to embrace the RV lifestyle, but are unsure what to buy, Costco can help you decide what RV model is right for you. Also, Costco is my secret weapon for finding RV necessities like generators and camping food.

However, you’re here because you are searching to find out if Costco rents RVs. This is probably because you want a safe, reputable company to rent an RV from.

You can not rent an RV through Costco. However, I have many other resources in this blog that might help you find a good, trustworthy RV rental company:

I always suggest renting an RV first before buying one to make sure you have the best idea of what you’re getting into.

RV's parked in a park
While you can’t rent an RV through Costco, they may be able to help you out when buying one.
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The best way to find a specific RV that you might be looking to buy is on RVezy or Outdoorsy.  These are both peer-to-peer rental programs (like AirBnB but with RVs). Individual owners rent out their own RVs, allowing you to choose from a variety of different types in different locations. I rent my own RV out through this site.

To learn more about the different types of RV that you can rent or buy, check these out:

When you are ready to buy your own RV, read more about the Costco Auto Program.

Can You Buy an RV Through Costco?

Costco Wholesale perspective view with cars parked by the side. A view from across the parking lot.
You can’t rent or buy an RV directly through Costco.
Image source: Sundry Photography –

Costco doesn’t carry or sponsor any RV sale program, nor is there an RV rental program at Costco. This means that you cannot buy or rent a camper directly from them. However, they have the Costco Auto Program which helps you buy an RV at a discount.

Costco members can enjoy low, prearranged Costco member pricing or special financing from participating national manufacturers, plus other incentives and rebates.

There are currently over 3,000 hand-selected dealerships nationwide. Buying your RV through Costco can save you about 25% compared to buying directly. What’s more, is that Costco professionals are available to help you decide what to buy depending on your needs.

How Does the Costco RV Program Work

A black Executive Member Costco membership card held by a left hand with gray blurred background
Being a Costco member has some serious perks – like up to 25% off a new RV.
Image source: MelissaMN –

Costco does not actually sell RVs. The Costco auto program connects you as a member with RV dealers to secure special rates and other incentives. They work with RV dealers and dealerships across the US to help members buy and finance RVs at a discounted price.

The prices are already pre-negotiated with Costco for you to purchase at a discount if you are a member.

As a Costco member, you go to and simply fill in the information in the registration program. You’ll receive updates for your next steps after that.

How Much Money Can You Save Buying an RV Through Costco?

By going through the Costco Auto Program, or the Costco RV Program, members can save up to 25% of the RV cost, translating to a quarter of the RV’s retail value.

How can Costco do this? Their customer base is now nearly 100 million people nationwide. This provides an enormous advertising platform for RV dealers who have less chance of reaching a market of that scale otherwise. Therefore, they have a significantly better chance of making multiple sales – even if this means they make less per sale.

This huge incentive for small dealerships allows Costco to leverage the discount and lowest prices exclusively for its auto program members.

And while the money you will save is undeniably high, the membership can also save you precious time. It can even remove the stress and hassle of having to personally negotiate with dealers for a good price.

Members are given access to the Costco Member-Only Price Sheet, wherein you can view a list of pre-arranged special prices for RVs that are not available to the public.

What Else Can Costco Help With on Your RV Road Trip?

A white RV parked and hooked into a yellow generator with an orange hose.
Need a new generator or oil change on your tow vehicle? You can get it all at once at Costco.
Image source: Jenny Thompson –

Many people choose Costco because their membership program offers great discounts on a wide variety of goods and services. Many products at Costco are available at no markup value, providing huge savings to members.  In addition, their customer service and return program are amazing.

The truth is, Costco is one of my favorite RV trip resources.

Costco is like a secret weapon that most people forget about. When preparing to go on your trip, you can buy many of the necessities right there. In fact, you can get most (if not all) of the supplies you need for your camping trip in Costco.

To give you an idea, here are some of the things I buy from Costco before any RV road trip we embark on:

  • Tires for your tow vehicleCostco is a great option to get new or spare tires for your RV tow vehicle. One of the most important things to check on your rig before starting your road trip, no matter how short or long the trip will be, is the spare tires.
  • Oil change for your tow vehicle – You should change the oil in your vehicle every 3-12 months, depending on the motor oil it needs and the mileage on it. Scheduling your oil change through Costco is super convenient and can be done while you shop inside.
  • Generator for your camper – Do you need a generator for your camper? Again, Costco is a great place to get one. Sometimes, people might think that Costco is only great for food and groceries, but in reality, it has everything you might need for a road trip.
  • Groceries and supplies for camping – Costco also carries all sorts of camping gear, such as sleeping bags, tents, outdoor fire pits, lanterns, linens, lounge chairs, and so much more.

Here are other useful tips for your trip with your kids.

There are other perks to starting your road trip off at Costco. The big parking stalls and expansive lot make it easy to maneuver in an RV. Frequently there is green space nearby for the kids or pets to run around in.

However, Costco does not allow overnight parking. So whenever you can, stop at Costco on the way or go before your trip.

One of our favorite things to do is find the nearest Costco or plan at stopping at Costco and a convenient location for lunch. The pizzas and sandwiches in the food department are perfect for a quick lunch on the road. And while you’re there you can grab almost anything you have forgotten to pack.

Can You Rent an RV through Costco showing a perspective view of Costco and an RV park at the bottom.
Can You Rent an RV through Costco

Final Thoughts about RVing and Costco

You can not buy or rent an RV or camper directly through Costco. However, they do have an Auto Program that will help you get special discounts on an RV or vehicle when you are ready to purchase. In addition, Costco sells pretty much everything else that you need for an RV road trip.

If you are planning to transition to an RV lifestyle, or maybe you just want to have one so you can travel, it is great to buy through Costco to save a huge amount of money.

However, if you’re not sure what type is perfect for you, I recommend renting first through Outdoorsy or RVezy. This way, you can try out the different types for yourself and come up with your favorite options. Then you can inquire at Costco about the specific RV you already know you want to buy.

To help you with your decisions, here are some resources for RV traveling:

While you’re looking for ways to save time and money, visit my Etsy store for printable planners and checklists to make sure your next road trip goes as smoothly as possible.

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