Conquer Fear: How to Overcome Travel Anxiety


Be bold, take control of your mind and silence your travel anxiety. This guide will help you overcome your fear of traveling so you can experience exciting trips together. 

I admit I still get anxious before a family trip and have an increasing fear of flying.  I don’t want that to stop my family from experiencing travel together.  And I definitely don’t want to pass that anxiety on to my children.  

Experts agree on two things. First that focusing on fears and trauma can actually heighten anxiety.

And second, that a good way to overcome any fear is through repeated exposure in successful situations. This is known as desensitization and conditioning. 

So focusing on the feeling of anxiety and avoiding travel can actually heighten the fear of traveling.

So I say, travel with your family more! Use these tools to increase your strength and confidence in traveling together.

Anxiety management


You can successfully used tools to manage anxiety in the different fears associated with traveling.  Practice and become successful at these methods before you leave home. Overtime these habits Will be Life changing on the road and at home.


Counteract shallow fast breast during anxious times with deep breathing. Deep breath increase the oxygen flow in your body which and Intern functions better and thinks more clearly.

Confront irrational thoughts and correct them

Let’s have our fears are actually associated with your rational thoughts that become a runaway train inside our own brain. We need to stop that train and recognize it’s running away. Then those thoughts must be corrected through education and logical thinking. Nuts

Practice relaxing

Spend time listening to music, enjoying beautiful scenery, and thinking calming thoughts. Relaxation benefits you in that moment and also in the future you will be able to become relaxed more quickly

Visualize success

Dwelling on disastrous results and anxious thoughts only increases our fears and can lead to phobias.  Counteract this cycle buy creating mental scenes of calm and positive situations.


Celebrate bravery

Take small brave actions ending knowledge those successes through these small steps you have more confidence in your own strength and courage.

Focus on the positive

Experts say that we experience trauma even when thinking about are seeing events such as watching a upsetting news coverage.  Even reading this article with all the discussion of travel anxiety could increase your fears. So make sure to counteract every negative word or thought with the positive equivalent.  The positive such as strength courage and bravery are the antidote.


Fear of Flying


This is the most common and most irrational fear.  The following steps will help you in feel more safe and comfortable on an airplane while flying with your family.


Learn about the physics of how airplanes work.  NASA is a great resource for learning the dynamics of flight.  Know that airplanes are the safest mode of transportation  and that turbulence is normal.  

Excitement and curiosity

Flying with kids can help you by joining in their excitement. In our family we talk about how funny it is to take off and we countdown the plane has down the runway..


Get control of your wondering mind by front focusing on something enjoyable. Listen to music, Play game, I talk to your kids about what they look forward to during the trip.

Get comfortable.

Transform your environment feel safe and comfortable.  You can use blankets, pillows, headphones, and touch like holding your kids hands.


Fear of the Unknown


Acknowledge that the fear of the unknown is totally normal.  Research shows that hit stay be a fundamental fear that underlies many anxieties.  Because you do not know the outcome of our next travel adventure,  you will likely feel some anxiety.    

The antidote here is to confident in your travel preparations and commit to a positive attitude no matter the outcome.

Set yourself up for success



Spend time planning your vacation to make it as smooth as possible. You can use the ultimate travel planning guide to help

Travel at optimal times for your family rhythm

Build a realistic itinerary for kids.  Make sure to leave plenty of down time to head off tired overstimulated parents and kids.  

Plan for changes and delays by packing extra food snacks activities.  You will be so thankful if you’re stuck in a car in traffic or a tarmac in an airplane.

Practice at home. Behaviors that are essential during travel should be practiced at home ahead a time. When I want my kids to stop I call out freeze.   Instead of stop because they totally ignore stop.  We play freeze games such as freeze dancing Home to practice.

Use a secret unique sound to get their attention.  As you know, talking or saying there name doesn’t always work very well. You were you I watch TV well go find the remote either find a remoteCharles uses a little whisper sound that stops the kids int heir tracks even in a crowd.  

Practice being quiet. Play games with whispers, quiet voices, tiptoeing, and sitting still. We are still working this Area so we don’t sound like a herd of elephants in a hotel.

Hold hands and use the buddy system you’re out and about at home. Kids will be ready to visit busy airports and cities

Dress the kids in matching bright colors. We look like a school group of florescent yellow when we travel. It has been so useful to spot my kids in a big group. One time to describe a lost child.

Head off fears around unexpected travel costs by saving a little extra money.  The average family vacation costs about $5,000 but if you save little extra you will feel more comfortable with a buffer.  You can use this power saving plan overflow your travel fund.   We slashed $10k from our budget, twice as much as the average vacation.  Here are about 100 ideas of places to trim your budget and save a little ..or a lot more. 

Fear of Disappointment


The ironic part of planning exciting Family vacation is the fear of disappointment. After all the planning and preparing for a perfect trip you maybe worried that you might be disappointed.

Commit to being positive and living in the moment.


Don’t over plan. I know I said previously to do your research and plan to head off anxiety. I find that when I have over planned I feel unsatisfied.  I have research all the good and bad aspects and worked hard to pick everything perfect. If things aren’t as I expected I may feel more disappointed. So leave space in your plans and in your mind for changes and some spontaneity. Focus on the thrill of discovering new things.

I carefully planned the best places to visit on the Oregon coast based on characteristics of those beaches. I picked agate Beach because it was known for agate hunting. There were no advocates to be found. Although we didn’t discover the small rolling sand dunes we’re so much fun to play in!


Fear of Failure

Fear of your own weakness can manifest in questions of competence and strength.  

Can I do this with my kids? Can I discipline properly? Am I a good enough parent? What if I lose a kid?

These questions to be taken head-on with strength and courage. 

You may be anxious about public humiliation. Will the kids act up in front of at everyone this is a matter of preparation and managing your own discomfort.

To prepare for situations that might arise you should practice at home first. Discuss situations that might arise with your children. 

There will be people that are put off by your family in even when they are well behaved. This is a funny posts from Dan at points with the crew about this when a passenger told him they shouldn’t have kids. 

I had a storekeeper in Ireland School me for the kids running around. He said to me “mam please your kids under control”

Get past these people and focus on the positive people. Kids are grandparent magnets I try to catch a grandma smiling at the baby an engage with her. She will lighten right up.

For every negative person there are so many more people that are kind and generous with help and grateful to interact with the kids. You might even find businessperson in suit looking weary but will brain up seeing the family because they miss their own family.

Focus on the excitement and joy of traveling together as a family.  Kids supply an unending source of curiosity and thrill of discovery. 

The good news is that drawing on your inner strength and courage builds more strength.  Travel is a growing experience. 

You will become stronger as a person and a family. Your children will become stronger and more resilient.

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