A class C motorhome parked by the side of the road with a beautiful lake and aspen trees and ice capped mountain view.

The Best Way to Rent an RV from a Private Owner (Airbnb of RVs)

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In case you haven’t noticed the surge of campers along the highways, RVing is taking the United States by storm. Since owning an RV is not always a practical option, many folks are now exploring the option of renting RVs through private owners. RVs offer flexibility and adventure that you may not get staying in a hotel.

Renting an RV from a private owner can be done on peer-to-peer rental sites similar to Airbnb. Rental sites include Outdoorsy, RVShare, RVEzy, and more. Other ways to find owners are Facebook and the newspaper.

Renting an RV is perfect for a memorable experience or figuring out if you really want to buy one.

If done correctly, renting an RV can be cheaper than a hotel room. It generally offers more amenities such as a full kitchen, bathroom, and enough beds to sleep up to eight people (depending on the RV model).

If you want to jump right in you can search for RV rentals at these sites:

Lakes surrounded by mountains, trees, and wildflowers
Rving can lead you to some of the most incredible escapes.

Owning your own RV can offer affordable and spontaneous adventures. But really, it is not necessary for you to buy one – especially if you don’t plan on using it frequently. If you don’t think owning is right for you, or want to test out some models before making any big financial decisions, renting an RV could be a great option.

If you’d like some insight as to whether or not you should consider buying an RV, check out “15 Undeniable Reasons to NOT Buy an RV”.

However, if you do think that renting is right for you, here are some other blog posts that include helpful tips:

Average Cost of Renting an RV From Private Owner

A row of rv's at a dealership.
Class A RVs are typically larger, more luxurious drivable motorhomes. Image source: MCCAIG via Canva.com

How much does it cost to rent an RV?

You can generally expect to pay between $100 – $250 USD/night to rent an RV. Rental costs vary widely depending on multiple factors: the company, the RV type, the rental location, the age of the RV, amenities, and so on.

Rental rates will also vary depending on whether the RV is in a fixed location or if you will be driving it. If you’ll be towing or of the rental agreement has a mileage limit.

Also consider if you’ll need to supply fuel for a generator, any water for kitchen or bathroom use, and if you need to buy additional items such as linens, cooking or cleaning supplies, etc.

Most RV rentals will have a full kitchen, so you’ll be able to save money by cooking your own meals instead of paying to eat at a restaurant. However, grocery costs do still need to be considered.

Make sure to plan ahead and get only the groceries you’ll need and be able to eat during your trip. Use our Camping Meal Planner to help!

Again, there are many other factors to consider when determining the overall cost of renting an RV. For a general idea of pricing, though, here are the average RV rental prices in the United States:

RV Type*Average Rent Cost Per Night
Pop Up Camper$50 to $100 per night
Travel Trailer$50 to $125 per night
Campervan $75 to $150 per night
Fifth Wheel $60 to $150 per night
Toy Hauler $100 to $200 per night
Class A $175 to $275 per night
Class B $100 to $200 per night
Class C$150 to $200 per night
The cost per night to rent an RV from a private owner

*If you need help figuring out which type of rental is best for you, read our “11 RV Rental Types Explained (+ Rental Cost and Length)”

On the other hand, if you have an RV you’re thinking of renting out to make money, read these posts to learn more:

How to Avoid RV Rental Schemes or Fraud

RV's parked in a park
Class C RVs are what most people think of when they hear the word “motorhome”.
Image source: stockstudioX via Canva.com

The internet is abundant with scams, and renting an RV from private owners can be risky.

Due diligence is necessary to ensure you’re renting through a trustworthy source. While some owners will list their RV rentals on sites such as Craigslist, these are not always credible listings and the potential for getting scammed is likely.

Even if it is a legitimate rental, it will most likely lack the amenities that you would get from renting through a peer-to-peer marketplace.

Trusted RV Rental Websites and Peer-to-Peer RV Rental Marketplaces

When looking for a legitimate online RV rental source, we recommend using a trusted peer-to-peer marketplace such as RVezy, and Outdoorsy. If you’re traveling abroad, Yescapa is a trusted European peer-to-peer site that also focuses on RV rentals.

Similar to home rentals on VRBO and Airbnb, these peer-to-peer RV rental sites include verified reviews by other users. These user reviews can give you detailed, objective opinions of their experience with both the owner and the specific RV, as well as any other positive or negative experiences they’ve had.

Can I Rent an RV on Airbnb?  

You can rent an RV through Airbnb. However, Airbnb is for stationary rentals, whether on someone’s land or at a campsite.

If you’ve used Airbnb before, you’re familiar with the easy-to-use navigation and booking features.

Additionally, there’s no anxiety of having to make hotel reservations months in advance or confusion about what amenities are included.

In a traditional hotel setting, you never know what kind of noisy neighbors you may be sleeping next to. However, Airbnb descriptions and reviews will give you peace of mind that you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Screenshot of the camper rental page from Airbnb website
Airbnb has hundreds of different camper rentals waiting to be browsed through.

If you’re interested to see what RV owners have to offer, check out Airbnb’s “Camper” rental page here.

Other RV Rental Sites

RVEzy and Outdoorsy are other peer-to-peer websites that focus on rentals of just RVs. You can rent drivable or towable RVs depending on your skill level and comfort.

In addition, there is a “Destination Delivery” option where you will meet the owner in your desired location (this may cost an additional fee). They will drop the RV for you there and you won’t have to worry about moving it.

RVshare and Outdoorsy work with RV owners throughout North America and help connect them with potential renters.

How Does RVEzy Work?

RV owners list their RV on the RVshare website. They are able to include all the necessary details such as pictures of the motorhome, drivable features, their rates, extra fees, amenities included, and their own rules for renting it (such as whether or not pets are allowed).

Start your search. Potential renters can browse RVshare’s nationwide RV inventory. Select your desired RV type (drivable, towable, or destination delivery), fill in your pickup location and travel dates, and hit search. You’ll be given a list of all available rentals in your area that meet your criteria.

Find what you need. As you browse through listings, you’ll see different types of RVs at a number of different price points. You’ll be able to filter the search results by price, RV type, and other criteria.

Read the fine print. Once you’ve found an RV you like, be sure to read the entire posting for all associated rates and rules. Remember: the owners set the rates themselves, so you may notice some big price differences between similar rentals.

Book and pay your deposit. Once you’ve made up your mind, you’ll usually be required to pay roughly half of the entire rental cost upon booking. In addition, a security deposit will be placed on your credit for 48 hours before your reservation begins until after the RV is returned.

Also keep in mind that when you make a reservation request, the RV owner has a day or two to run a background check before approving your rental. If you have a cloudy background, they may deny your request.

Enjoy! When you pick up the RV, the owner will give you a walkthrough and show you how to use everything. This is the time to ask all of your questions! Make sure you take notes and have the owner’s contact information, as well as any contact information for roadside services that may be included.

A couple and their dog stand outside their camper next to a river at dusk.
By renting through a peer-to-peer source, you can find the perfect camper suited for your needs.

Does RVEzy and Outdoorsy Cover Insurance and Roadside Assistance?

With RVEzy and Outdoorsy, liability coverage and roadside assistance are included with your rental.

If there was a damage deposit, you’ll get it back within a week after returning the RV, provided you didn’t cause damage or break any rules.

Benefits of Renting a Camper or RV

Successful vacations require thorough planning and research. Poorly planned trips – especially RV trips – can be a recipe for disaster. However, with the right amount of research and coordination your RV trip can easily become unforgettable – and for all the right reasons.

We’ve already discussed the best avenues to go through when deciding to rent an RV for your upcoming trip. We highly suggest using safe and convenient options like the Airbnb-style peer-to-peer marketplaces including Outdoorsy or RVEzy.

Truck on highway pulling a boat and rv camper
Roadside assistance and insurance are always good to have when taking your rig out…

In addition to the safety and convenience of these services, here are some other benefits:

  • Easily find the right RV for you and your budget. No matter what your budget is, you’ll be able to find an RV that will fit your needs.
  • RV owners make their own rules. If you’re concerned about what type of environment you’ll be living and sleeping in, RV owners make and post their own rules such as “No Smoking” or “No Pets”. This helps determining whether or not the RV will be best suited to your needs.
  • Insurance and Roadside Assistance. Most marketplaces like RVEzy and Outdoorsy provide insurance to protect both owners and renters. RVshare also provides 24/7 emergency roadside assistance and customer service available with every booking. They also provide additional guidance with helpful planning features such as maps and itineraries, leaving you with time to worry about more important things like where to stop and sightsee.
  • Delivery options. You can opt to have the RV itself delivered to you if you’re unable – or simply don’t want – to travel all the way to the meet-up point. Talk about the ultimate level of convenience.
  • The vetting process is rigorous for RV drivers. Outdoorsy, one of the largest and most trusted peer-to-peer RV rental companies performs a DMV check on all drivers to protect hosts and provide insurance coverage (up to $1 million).
  • Helpful inclusions. Many owners provide the RV fully stocked with the basic necessities, such as linens, cooking and cleaning supplies, and even lawn chairs. This is a huge help in reducing both the load on your budget and pit stops along the way.
  • No third-party communications. You can speak directly with the owner on what is or is not included in the rental. They may have helpful driving tips, suggestions on places to hike, or the best spot for an afternoon ice cream.
  • Big rewards. For frequent campers, some services like Outdoorsy provide loyalty programs that reward their returning customers with cashback to use for their next trip. They also offer referral rewards such as discount coupons.

Why Should I Rent an RV From a Private Owner?

If you’re considering renting an RV for your next trip but are concerned about your own lack of experience, knowledge, or funds, rest assured. You can both safely and conveniently rent an RV from a private owner through an Airbnb style peer-to-peer marketplace.

The added security provides ease of mind, allowing you to find the perfect RV rental for you so that you can enjoy every minute of your trip. You have full control over choosing your ideal location, camper type, and budget.

Now comes the fun part…getting everything ready. Seriously!

Planning your trip doesn’t have to be a hassle. In my Etsy store I have numerous printable planners and journals to help in every aspect of your trip.

Use the Trailer Travel Checklist for day-to-day reminders and upkeep. There are also fun ways to stay entertained on gloomy days with our Camping Scavenger Hunt and Camping Charades printables.

Visit our store to see other useful tools to help make your trip hassle-free.

If you’re looking for your next RV destination, here are some helpful blogs for you:

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