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Surprise New Playground in Western Colorado

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Playgrounds

New Castle, Colorado Playground Fun

A new playground has begun to appear in the tiny town of New Castle, Colorado.  We had just been to the playground a couple of weeks ago prior.  On our return we were surprised to find brand new equipment.  The kids played and played until the little one was so tired that she cried when it was time to leave.

We found plenty of climbing, and whirling, and spinning fun to be had.  The Grand Hogback of western Colorado makes a beautiful backdrop for this playground.  And the equipment is designed to complement the natural surroundings.  The climbing structures were amazing and even had hand holds and foot holds for even the little visitors.  The 4 year old was able to climb right to the top for the huge rock outcrop structure and you can see my oldest son enjoying the view.
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