The questions to ask to reserve the perfect RV campsite.

RV Rentals Delivered and Setup at Your Campsite (Cost and Expert Tips)

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Do you want to go glamping in an RV but want the experience to be as stress-free as possible?   An RV offers the comfort of home but driving and setting it up can be a steep learning curve. Plus, towing a travel trailer can be tricky and it’s easy to damage your own vehicle and the camper.  If you don’t want to drive an RV or tow a travel trailer, having an RV delivered and set up at your campsite is an excellent option! 

We rent out our travel trailer and have delivered it for our renters.  In addition, we are part of groups with thousands of RV owners who rent out their rigs.  I’ll tell you about how much it will cost to have an RV delivered.  Then, make sure to read the list of questions you must ask before having a camper delivered.   After helping my own renters and reading through all the issues of other RV owners, I want to help you avoid any expensive problems that could ruin your vacation. 

Can you have an RV delivered to a campsite?

An RV can be delivered and set up at a campsite for $50 to $200.  The delivery fee generally includes a flat fee plus an additional per-mile cost. For example, RV delivery may cost between $50 to  $150 for the first 50 to 100 miles. Some companies will deliver for an additional $1 to $3 per mile after the flat fee. 

Why Have an RV Delivered and Setup at a Campsite

I80 Lakeside Campground North Platte Nebraska campsite on the lake
I80 Lakeside Campground North Platte Nebraska

When you arrive at your campsite you can enjoy camping right away without all the work of setting up the RV.  If you have a camper delivered, the owner will set everything up for camping. They will hook up the connections to electricity, water, and sewer. You will not have to make any electrical box connections or deal with the yucky sewer hoses. 

In addition, the camper will be level and stable for you. The owner will lower the stabilizing jacks and make sure the camper is completely level. To a newbie, this may not seem like a big deal, but if your camper is not level many accessories might not work properly.

You will still need to learn to run all of the necessary equipment in the camper. But don’t worry any owner who delivers already has this in the arrangement.  (More about this in the FAQ section below)

You will likely meet the owner at the campsite, with your new home already set up for you. They will then walk you through a tour and give you in-depth training on how to work all of the accessories and appliances that make having an RV so comfy. You will learn things like how to start the gas propane stove, turn on the TV, convert the dinette into a bed for extra sleeping, and work the toilet.

Some campgrounds may already have travel trailers set up on site.  You can simply call and reserve a camper. When you arrive everything will be set up and you’ll be glamping in no time.

Cost of Having an RV Delivered and Set-Up

An RV can be delivered and set up at a campsite for a flat fee plus an additional per-mile cost. For example, RV delivery may cost between $50 to  $150 for the first 50 to 100 miles. Some companies will deliver for an additional $1 to $3 per mile after the flat fee. 

The cost to have an RV delivered and set up for you at your campsite will be between $50 and $300.

Here are examples of RVs that you can have delivered to a campground, the distance and the cost.

Example RV type Delivery Fee
Yellowstone National ParkForest River Bunkhouse Travel Trailer (sleeps 9)Free
Yosemite National Park Jayco 25 ft. Travel Trailer (sleeps 7)$100
Rocky Mountain National ParkNuCamp TearDrop trailer (sleeps 2) $100
Fort Myers Beach, FloridaFleetwood Class A Motorhome (Sleeps 4)$150
Shenandoah National Park, Virginia2020 Forest River NOBO Travel Trailer (sleeps 6)$90
Delivery and Set Up Fees for Outdoorsy RV rentals

Have an RV delivered to Yosemite National Park

For example, you can have a Travel Trailer delivered and set up at Yosemite National Park for $100. This 25 foot Jayco travel trailer sleeps 7 and is only 25 feet long. With its short length, it can fit in the National Park campgrounds. The rental rate is only $115 a night plus fees and insurance. This is less than many hotels near the entrance of the park.

How to Have an RV Delivered to Your Campsite

Having an RV delivered to your campsite requires finding an RV near your destination that is deliverable. Many popular locations may have companies that deliver RVs. Our best recommendation is to find an RV on Outdoorsy that can be delivered.

Head over to the Outdoorsy website and you enter your destination. This will bring up a page with all the RVs available near your destination.

Then you can filter by RVs that you can have delivered. Choosing the “deliverable” filter will narrow down your search.

You can read through the different options and click on one that you are interested in. Once you click, you will see the option to deliver and you will get the cost of delivery.

Before jumping in and reserving an RV to be delivered at a campsite you will want to know some information from the owner. In addition to everything you should ask before renting an RV, It is important that you ask these questions before having a travel trailer delivered.

Additional resources- Read 11 Important Questions to Ask before Renting a Travel Trailer.

RVezy also offers delivery services. You can check the delivery filter to see which RVs can be delivered to your desired camp.

A screenshot of RVezy filter to see which RV's are available to be delivered
RVezy screenshot

Important Questions to Ask Before Having an RV Delivered

What is the Total Camper Delivery and Set-up Fee?

In general, owners will charge a base delivery and set up fee for up to a certain distance. For example, an owner may charge you $100 to deliver to a campsite within 50 miles. The fee should include both delivery and pick up. (Remember this is 2 round trips for the owner).  In addition, some owners will be willing to deliver even further for a per-mile fee. This fee ranges from $.50 per mile to $3 or more per mile.

Is Setting-up the RV Included in the Fee?

The whole point of having a travel trailer delivered and set up is so that you can be glamping in minutes. I suggest double-checking that the delivery fee also includes setting up the travel trailer.  The owner should level the rig, open up the slides, hook up the electrical, water, and sewer before you arrive.

Does the Delivery Fee Include Dumping and Flushing the Tanks?

After using a camper, the black and gray water tanks need to be dumped and cleaned.  You clean the black water tank by flushing it with clean water. If the camper is at a full hookup site, the tanks can be cleaned with a separate hose at the same water spigot. Otherwise, the trailer will need to be taken to the dump station and the tanks flushed.

I have seen some owners charge an additional fee for flushing the tanks even when they are picking up the trailer. Just make sure to ask if the fee includes this service or if this service is an additional cost.

Does the Campground Allow Rental RVs to be Delivered?

Due to insurance purposes, some campgrounds do not allow rental RVs to be delivered without the renter onsite. Don’t worry, the owner will frequently know the rules about local campgrounds. In order to have your rental RV at the campsite, you will need to meet the owner outside and be with the owner at check-in.  They will still park the RV and get everything set up for you. You will also get full training on operating and enjoying your rental.

Final Thoughts on Making Your Vacation Easier with an RV Delivery

Having an RV delivered and set up at a campsite is an excellent idea.   Many RVs are located within a delivery distance from some of the best national parks. You will not have to worry about driving, parking, or hooking everything up. In fact, some owners require that they deliver their rigs.

If you don’t want to worry about towing a trailer and setting up,  you can have a travel trailer delivered to a campsite. 

Before renting an RV make sure to ask lots of questions. Some important questions, like insurance coverage or using the awning, could save you thousands of dollars and headaches. Read through all the resources we have for you

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